Tuesday, February 12, 2008

National Yoga Party Endorses Barack Obama

National Yoga Party endorses Barack Obama! www.barackobama.com

National Yoga Party Charter

National Yoga Party Charter

The National Yoga Party is an association of organized voters who practice Yoga and so share a common understanding of the world and the steps necessary to help make it a better place.
Our Charter is Simple. We seek to be organized and disciplined and ready to vote together.

1) We are loosely aligned Democrats who just want to be more clear about our positions regarding eating animals and not being conscious of our actions and how that effects the world.

2) We suggest the practice of Yoga Poses for great exercise and Yoga Meditation for peace of mind and heart, and the combination of both at the same time as a great practice. We are not affiliated with any religion at all. People of all Faiths can incorporate yoga (scientific) techniques for health and peace of mind.

3) We are environmentally oriented with a deep respect for the earth. We are interested in very concrete actions to mitigate climate change and loss of rainforest and nature everywhere.
We understand that humans try to live in balance with the earth.

4) We are opposed to the idea of biofuels as a solutions to the climate and energy situation as biofuels cause more carbon than they save to make and because they drive prices of staple foods higher where it can't be afforded.

5) We choose to when we can and prefer to not eat meat or fish because we know the multitude of reasons for limiting its intake.

6) We are supporters of the Unions and the people who organize to make a better life for themselves.

7) We believe Exercising Every Day and Eating Smart Help make us smarter and healthier.

8) We Believe that Peace is the highest state for human kind. Battles may have to be fought but peace is the jewel. Unnecessary war is to be stopped and peacekeeping forces increased to bring more peace on Earth.

9) We strongly disagree with all forms of hunting except for survival and whaling as presently practiced by the Japanese Government.

10) We believe that kindness and compassion can be a guiding principle in our dealings with our fellow human beings and have a reverence for life itself.

If you are interested in joining the National Yoga Party email us at nationalyogaparty@miamiyoga.com

Fred Busch

Jeff Metcalfe