Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Yoga is the Best form of Exercise for your Body

Yoga is an ancient science originating in India around 5,000 years ago. That is an extremely concise way to point out that there is probably something to it. A science/philosphy that has endured 5,000 years, transcending scores of generations, of governments, cultures and religions is probably worth checking out. Yoga has many ‘branches’ or disciplines all focusing on, in some capacity, ‘enlightenment’ or union with the creator/earth. Literally, Yoga means ‘yoking’ or ‘union’ with the divine. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, one of the sacred yoga texts, comes the Eight Limb Path to Enlightenment. Essentially, this path is a road map, a sure way to blissful enlightenment. The eight limbs are as follows:
Yama – ethical disciplines
Niyama – self observation
Asana – posture
Pranayama – breath control
Pratyahara – sense withdrawal
Dharana - concentration
Dhyana - mediation
Samadhi – state of joy and peace

Asana, the third limb of this eighth limb path involves physical postures designed to promote strength and flexibility to enable the body to sit peacefully in prolonged meditation. In the west, there is more focus on this Asana limb of the Hatha Yoga system. (this is the first mention of Hatha. What is it?) Ever hear the saying, ‘your body is your temple,’ the idea that your body is structure in which your spirit resides. The Asana branch of Hatha Yoga focuses on keeping a clean, healthy temple so your spirit can thrive. To do this, Asana Yoga blends focused breathing and deep concentration with physical poses. It joins breathing, moving and thinking.
The benefits of yoga are tremendous and entire books have and will be appropriately devoted to them. That why Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years and still finds itself in the mainstream of a culture across oceans away from it’s origin. I provide a lengthy list of them in the back and suggest you read as many of them as you can. Though the benefits of yoga are extensive and largely entertained, in this chapter we will focus on those physical. So we will be concerned, primarily, with this third limb and will focusing on one specific type of Asana Yoga practice: Astanga Yoga.

An Astanga Yoga practice has poses dedicated to engage every cell of your body, heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, bones, brain, nervous system. It is, beyond comparison, the epidimy of the perfect exercise, so essential to total health. Oxygenating the system is one of the great benefits of vigorous exercise and the deep, regular breathing inherent in any Yoga practice strengthens the lungs to a point where more air is drawn in with each breath.
Astanga Yoga is the best, most complete form of exercise and it is all you need. Your lungs become stronger with each practice, your body’s muscles and bone fiber become stronger as you perfect each pose.

People often ask, ‘Yoga sounds like good exercise, but I still have to go to the gym and workout and do ‘cardio’ right? If you want to you can, but the Astanga Yoga sequence is totally systematic and it strengthens every muscle in the body, including the heart. To practice a Power Yoga like Astanga for around an hour everyday is plenty of ‘cardio.’

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The BBC reported today about the necessity of Micro Flora in our intestines to be vibrant.

This is so important for all or our health, because as the article describes below, we are living in complete symbiosis with over 40 species of 'good bacteria' that produce many health factors for us as a species.

If we take anti-biotics in our life, or drink alcohol or take prescription drugs, which is mostly everybody, it is important to replenish our bacterial micro flora through the ingestion of probiotics. Probiotics are the name of the healthy bacteria that we need to make sure we are constantly re-seeding so that our body can have its symbiotic partners for health. It is kind of like an army of different species whose sole mission is to keep you healthy, since you are providing a home for them (this is the definition of Symbiosis.)

The human gut holds microbes containing millions of genes, say scientists.

In fact, there are more genes in the flora in the intestinal system than the rest of our bodies. So many that they are being dubbed our "second genome".

A study published in the journal Nature details the analysis of the genes, carried out to better understand how the gut flora is affected by disease.

"Basically, we are a walking bacterial colony," said Professor Jeroen Raes, one of the researchers involved.

"There is a huge diversity. We have about 100 times more microbial genes than human genes in the body. We also have 10 times more bacterial cells in our body than human cells," he told BBC News. Most of the microbes present in our bodies live in the gut.

We're basically living in symbiosis with these microbes
Professor Jeroen Raes
The study was led by Professor Jun Wang from the Beijing Genomics Institute-Shenzhen.

Scientists from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France and the UK also took part in the international effort, named the European MetaHIT consortium, which has been co-ordinated by Dr Stanislav Dusko Ehrlich.

"Everyone was so motivated," said Dr Dusko Ehrlich. "To have such an exciting project to run - it's a piece of cake. The work went much faster than we expected."

Professor Raes, who works at Vrike Universiteit Brussel, explained why the microbes warranted such an intensive study: "Gut flora is crucial for our health. We're basically living in symbiosis with these microbes.

"The bacteria help digest food, provide vitamins, protect us from invading pathogens. If there's a disturbance, people get all sorts of diseases such as Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis, and a link has also been made to obesity."

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Yoga Teacher Training London

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Friday, March 12, 2010

South Beach Detox in LONDON

The South Beach Detox

You can register now! Call 07958528228- limited to 15 spaces


I welcome you all with my blessings. Please read this entire sheet.

Thank you for your interest in The South Beach Detox.  The intention behind this Program is to help people realize significant benefits in their lives by employing simple but effective tools.  I will be explaining the relationship between intelligent eating, proper exercise, good rest, and awareness to create an environment for your body to feel true wellbeing. This is a 4 Day Detox, but i am more interested in using these 4 Days as a training ground to teach you some skills that can easily be employed in your daily life and with tremendous results.

Detox programs do not have to be difficult. That being said, they are not designed to be
done without some effort. I have designed this program to maximize the benefits, and
mitigate the challenging parts, but it is possible only to a degree. For it to be a real
detox, your body has to get the deep rest that it needs and this requires a specific
internal and external environment . This program is just such an environment!

General Guidelines:
Detox programs are designed to give the body the conditions necessary for it to expel
stored toxins from the cells and anywhere else it was storing them. This is
accomplished by a two fold approach consisting of reducing food intake and increasing
rest. This combination allows your body to use its vital energy in a direction other than
the attempt to digest food which is the bodyʼs number one energy drain. When the body
has access to this new found (not wasted) energy it uses it to clean its house... and this
is the DETOX.. You may feel much more energized than usual but donʼt
drain yourself in Yoga for these days. Take more childʼs pose, more rest throughout
the class because our primary intention is to conserve energy so the body can use it for cleansing itself.

Throughout these four days please take as many naps as possible. Please avoid any
unnecessary social engagements or demands on your time and attention. These five
days are for YOU! So enjoy the Delicious smoothies, the Yoga, the Meditations in the
program, and the time for yourself. Just go within for this time. Living free of patterns
and habits is very liberating so enjoy taking this opportunity to give your body and mind
a deep cleanse.

looks great... make one with the following text now... as per request by Beanata and JM:  they want  a schedule... this is it basically:

8:00-8:30am -Pick up your Daily Shakes from Olive Delicatessen. Delivery is available also for a fee.

9:00-5pm- Go about your regular day following the guidelines presented in the Welcome Letter

6:15pm-8pm- Evening Meetings at Body Gym on Dawes Rd.  Each meeting will have a different lesson covered:

April 21st- Detox Theory, Intelligent Eating for Humans, Exercise and Its Role in wellbeing

April 22nd- How to Practice Yoga at Home

April 23rd-  Meditation and Awareness in Daily Life

April 24th- Transition Back and Skills for Regular Life


Can I work during this Detox?
Yes.  This is designed to not be overly aggressive and allow you to function in your daily life.  It has been specifically created to create the Detox Environment while allowing you to work as you would in your daily life.  That being said you will instructed to rest more than usual and avoid all unnecessary social engagements.

What is a Detox and Why Does it Work? 
Detox of the Body is initiated through the limitation of caloric intake which allows the body to focus on cleansing rather than digesting.  Digestion is one of the biggest drains of our energy in our regular life.  Once energy is freed from that task the body uses it to cleanse itself.  This program is structured so that your body is receiving all nutritional factors in the context of the caloric restriction.  This combination of deep nutrition and body cleansing is a potent tool for transformation.

What is provided in this program?
All Food for the 4 Days- this includes several 'secret weapons' that Fred will introduce and lecture about in his first evenings talk.
Free Yoga Classes at Body Gym for the Four Days
Private 30 Minute Yoga Session
30 Minute Detox Bodywork Treatment designed by internationally acclaimed Beata Aleksandrowicz of PURE MASSAGE
8 DVDs on Power Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Food and Healthy Living Tips
Evening Lecture Series with Fred

 About Fred Busch
Fred Busch is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga, Nutritionist, and author of “A Clear and Definite Path- Enlightenment and Health with Yoga and Holistic Living.”  He is the founder and Director of Miami Yogashala in South Beach and Brickell Yogashala, and is the Director of Teacher Training at Fulham Yogashala in London and Lima Yogashala in Peru. Fred is a graduate of the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment.  Fred has produced several DVDs on Intelligent Eating and lectures worldwide on Yoga and Holistic Eating.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Raw Food Yogi- Aligning Nature, Spirituality and Health

“All structure is made by processes of nutrition; all repairs are accomplished by nutrition; it is through nutrition that we come to have organs in the first place; it is only through nutrition that they are constantly repaired; it is through it that we come into being and maintain life.” Dr. Herbert M. Shelton.

Meanwhile because the organic matter is now dead, the bacterial flora have ample soil with which to decompose further and create the toxic by-products sulfar-diaxide, ammonia and many others..

“As Above, So Below”
An example of a simple truth that has awe inspiring implications so below.” So simple is this truth that many may not even imagine that within that statement lay the underlying truths about all life and all universal expression.

Any situation on one plane of existence can be used as an analogy that can be taken to represent any other universal truth. A truth that speaks on every level that you wish to investigate.

The same root for Sadhana is the Sadhu in India which may have Sadhanas like holding one arm up for 9 years and stuff like that all in the name of Divine Surrender. I do not think it is important to hold one’s arm up for years, however the strength of the Faith and Love of God, which these Spiritual Men exude is to be emulated in the Faith and love we have for our Divine Nature, and then the Strength will come.

For expanded analogy you need expanded context. Expanded context is expanded experience. So use everything you see and learn as an analogy for some truth for as above, so below.

The mechanism for learning is universal and involves context. Context is also triangulation. Without analogy it is almost impossible to explain anything to anybody
All analogy demands that you have a common context which serves as the bridge between the listener and the speaker. It is the common context that allows for the mutual connection. It is also employing visualization.

The human mind always has the tendency to “picture” what is being talked about. This is the analogy, the relation, that the mind needs to understand anything. Observe in yourself how often your thoughts take the form of pictures and notice how the more experiences you have had the more and different “pictures” or contexts you have to relate to the present. Remember this is not about the past or “thinking” in the mental chatter sense, this is about the expression of pure consciousness as it navigates the present moment, surrendered and with love.

When you consider anything you know or any mechanism for understanding, it will almost always be structured as “it is like… or as this.” This simile structure is analogy and it is no coincidence that almost everything that we describe and explain in attempting to make others understand something involves analogy.

Consider a foundation. Any structure needs a foundation if it wants to endure.

Core Analogy : FOUNDATIONS
It is the inherent design of foundations that they are not to be seen. They are not supposed to collect accolades as to beauty or grandeur. In fact, foundations are solely designed to remain underground and hidden and that is how they do there job. And yet, any architect will tell you that the foundation of the structure is the most important and without a solid foundation it is better not to build on the site.
Foundations are underground. They are inside.
The foundation is the place from which one may build. Without the foundation it is futile to build because the structure will not hold.

Core Analogy:
What is your specific destination?
My answer to how to get where you want to go will always be two-fold and contradictory. Paradoxical more like it. I will first always remind you that the journey itself is the destination- the present moment is always complete and whole and perfect.

In order to go in the right direction towards your destination, you must recognize when you are lost and then change course. If you constantly assume that you are going in the right direction without ever verifying with a map or other means, you can wind up very far off course before you discover your location. When traveling the most annoying and draining feeling is being lost. When we are lost there is a feeling of anger and frustration. We consider the energy that we are wasting and the time that has been lost as we try to determine the right direction to go.

If you are under time constraints, like going to the airport and you are late for your flight, then you had better consider carefully the best way to get un-lost as there is little time to spare. You do not have to ask for directions of course, but that could make matters drastically worse

If you ask someone who is also lost which is the right way to go you may not get the best answer.

Or maybe you don’t consider yourself lost because you are following so closely behind everyone else that you know. As you follow the group you do not sense that anything can be wrong with the direction everybody is heading. But look carefully and you will see that the direction that everyone is presently headed may not be ideal.
So although you may not consider yourself totally lost, you are least open to the possibility that another path, another course may be more effective for you.

And consider the analogy as an expression of the tone of this book as well. I am of the disposition of someone on the side of the road casually giving you directions. There is no judgment or sense of wrongdoing or righteousness. I am simply here to show the way, take it leave with the seed.

Why backtrack 15 or 30 or 45 years of disastrous living styles if you don’t have to?

Miami Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training London

Detox Weight Loss Program

Miami Beach Power Yoga

Fred Busch