Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yoga Teacher Training Students Practicing Downward Dog Adjustments

i love teaching students the best and safest way to deliver adjustments in class.

this student ... Andrea... is in Lima Peru at the Lima Yoga Studio.
Fred Busch Power Yoga in South America is in Lima, Guayaquil and soon Bogota

Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers with Fred Busch

One of my favorite things to teach students in the Yoga Teacher Trainings is how to use massage skills in Yoga. Yoga teachers that understand how the quality of touch can be improved end up being better teachers. Quality of touch plays such a big role in connecting to our students.

This is in Lima Yoga for the Fred Busch Power Yoga Instructor Course in South America

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We are ready for Vegan/Vegetarian Star Chef on Food Network!

The time has come! In my little opinion, the time is way overdue to discover a chef for Food Network who teaches people how to cook delicious vegetarian and vegan foods. The country is ready for a celebrity chef who does not ignore the obvious health issues that stem from eating so much butter and meat foods.

Food Network should realize that people are changing and there is a thirst for easy to implement info on how to live a smarter lifestyle and how simple it is to cook incredible vegetarian foods.

The Celebrity Chef i hope to see one day soon will revolutionize the image of eating less animal foods and put it in line with the pop culture of Food Networks masses.

Somebody make a demo! send it to them!

Arrived in Peru for Lima Yoga Teacher Training!

Just arrived last night into Lima, Peru for the 2011 Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training.
Today i gave a small talk open to the public on 'What is Yoga' and then taught a sold out class.

This year we have at least 18 students for the Training in Lima and i am so looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow and getting started!

The Teacher Training Program in South America is very strong and Lima Yoga has three locations already!