Friday, January 10, 2014

Transformers Kids Camp for Obesity and Behavioral Therapy

Tranformers Kids Camp™ for Obesity and Behavioral Therapy
with Luisafernanda Casasbuenas and CHAKFitness at Salamadhi Ranch in Colorado

Description:  Full spectrum obesity and behavioral therapy camp.  Special menu for weight loss, high intensity CHAKFitness sessions with world famous professional, Yoga,  Meditation, Hiking,  Arts and Crafts Activities, and Cooking.  Salamadhi Ranch is a 50 Acre Retreat Center located 75 Minutes from Denver International Airport in a town called Bailey, Colorado.
Check out Salamadhi Ranch's property and accommodations at:

8-14 years old
2014 Summer Schedule
2 Sessions
Session 1 -July17-July 27
Session 2 -July 28 –August 8

Tuition Schedule:Session 1 - $2250
Session 2 - $2250
Sessions 1 and 2 - $3950

Please Note: Registration is limited to 15 Children per session
For an application or to register email : or call 786.683.3386

Transformers Kids Camp Mission:
We can make a difference in  our kids  lives by  connecting or re-connecting  with them selves, with their peers and the space around them. All this is possible through games and experiences developing habits from an early age  providing the necessary tools to make  healthy and conscious choices in their life.

Requirements to enroll:
Students must pass an evaluation before being allowed to register for Transformers Kids Camp

Evaluations with the parents present
Determining if kids qualify. Physical - Body Analysis Test/  Behavioral - Behavioral Analysis Test

Each 11 Day sessions includes: Adventure,  Development of Specific Objectives, Processing, Results, Evaluation and Follow UP

Transformers Kids Camp integrates Hiking into the fitness regimen to provide children with a great way to connect to the outdoors and feel peaceful naturally.  We also use Hiking as a metaphor to teach kids that with work we can arrive at our destination (goals), but that all the while the journey is the destination.

Transformers Kids Camp utilizes proprietary CHAKFitness activities that involve developing the body as a whole.  We also focus on kids learning about their body and its anatomy utilizing psychomotor coordination and cardiovascular drills.  This special CHAKprogram uses many elements of training including fitness boot camp, martial arts, gymnastics and classical sports conditioning.

Luisafernanda's curriculum has been developed understanding that all children develop with a process and  through a multitude of small changes in their brains and develops specifically a child's  brains ability to successfully manage their bodies and mind.  By facilitating social connections with children, they learn self steem, cooperation, and self control.  This program  teaches  kids to experience love, feel their body, unify awareness with actions to evolve behavior in a positive way.

Parents will access to a live video feed of the Yoga Room and an official Transformers Kids Camp blog.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hot Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles

Hot Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles at Agni Yoga in West Hollywood
March 22nd- April 11th, 2014
For information contact: or call 305.606.2169

This is the premiere Hot Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.  Fred Busch is the internationally renown Teacher Training director with locations in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, London, Lima, Bogota and more!

Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga Teacher Trainings emphasize safety and intelligent and individual application of the yoga system to all students.  Join us in California with co-faculty Ashley Cummings, Director of Agni Yoga West Hollywood!