Saturday, June 28, 2014

Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers

Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers is a workshop only offered by Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga Teacher Trainings

The difference between a good yoga teacher and a great yoga teacher is in the quality of touch. It is easy to convince someone with words or some kind of false argument, but you can never fool somebody with your touch; it is like an instantaneous connection of intelligence.

The world of teaching yoga is a healing world, and laying on of hands means that you are a healer. Laying of hands correctly means you are aware of the totality of what is happening when you touch somebody; when you are aware of that, it creates a realization to your students that they are in the right hands.

The capacity to work with people and move joints around, to understand range emotionally and to understand touch is the difference because it is a skill that communicates everything. 
Fred Busch Yoga offers  training on massage therapy, and one has the opportunity to learn a lot more.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fred Busch Yoga - Detox

The body is constantly using a vast majority of its energy on the digestive system,  because you are eating food that you are not biologically adapted to eat.Thus the body is trying to break it down, basically absorbing a large percentage of your energy in your daily life, and a smaller percentage to function well and heal itself. You then end up living a lifestyle where most of your energy is diverted down a different stream, not really being used for your own benefit.

A detox limits the amount of calories you take and frees up a large reservoir of energy that was formally being wasted trying to digest 'the food' you eat. You need to create an environment where you are getting all the nutrients you need, and nothing that makes it difficult for your body to deal with, hence having a lot of energy to clean itself up, because all sorts of things accumulate in your cells and different pockets of your body thus keeping your vibration low and you are not stable-minded or connected to God out of having toxicity in your body.
Join in on the yoga teacher training and learn more

Hot Yoga Training

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Healing Sequencing; Lower Back Pain

It is said that the body will always heal itself, all we have to do is create a healing environment for this to take place.

Healing lower back pain with Fred Busch Yoga is simple and effective.  Fred Busch is an internationally  known expert in Back Pain and Yoga and is the author of The Lower Back Bible.

Speaking from personal experience, Fred Busch talks about injuries to the lower back, and how to go about healing the lower back, leaving surgery as the last option after taking a course with him.

Fred Busch Yoga Therapy; No more Back Pain

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cell Phone Radiation is not Good for Us! Always use the speakerphone! Did you know?

Did you know that cell phones should never be used without the speakerphone? The inner ear cannal represents the only line of access into the brain that is not protected by the bones of the skull. The brain is protected from radiation by the density of the skull bones. However, when a cell phone is placed hard into the ear, the one place where radiation is unable to be blocked, we are exposing our very highly calibrated and sensitive brain to unusual and unnatural radiation.

And did you know that when a child under the age of 12 years uses a cell phone without speaker phone, it temporarily disengages the proper functioning of the highly important 'blood brain barrier' which is responsible for filtering all pathogens so they can't enter the brain space.
It is wise to use your phones on speaker!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Benefits of Hot Power Yoga

There are many Benefits to Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga!

Yoga at its core is really about enlightenment and experiencing peace.   It also happens to be great a weight loss and other more tangible benefits!

The Fred Busch Hot power yoga sequence is a comprehensive approach to yoga, done with the heat turned up a little bit more. The program focuses on healing the body in the context of power yoga, combining great yoga sequencing, anatomy and physiology, adjustments, massage therapy as well as deep philosophical information, knowledge and experience to allow you to live the life of a yogi

Fred Busch talk about the benefits of hot power yoga and reasons why you should take up a course with him on the same