Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sugar and the 'Sugar Blues' - Why sugar is not healthy.

Sugar is extremely unhealthy when it has been refined and cooked...which is almost all sugar not found in fruits.

Sugar is said to be a lot like cocaine and other drugs, that there are cartels built around, and the entire thing is an industry of destruction for us.

Not all sugars are equal, and people don't realize that sugar that comes from an apple, although it is called sugar, is extremely different than sugar that comes from a piece of cake. Once you cook sugar, it is completely different.

Anything that is refined, for example these sugars, is taken out of context, so if you take sugar cane or an apple, juice it and then drink, that is good for you because it is a whole food kind of product where all the minerals, as a complete package, are in the sugar; you get good fruit sugar with all vitamins and minerals and the rest of the package, and the body assimilates all things together.

When you refine sugar, you cook it, and you take just the sucrose part, just the white refined part, it destabilizes your body intensely.

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