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Announcing: Fred Busch European 200 Hour, 3 Week Power Yoga Teacher Training (w/Video)


Become a qualified YOGA teacher and embrace the YOGA lifestyle with Yoga Healing Sequences
The Fred Busch FOOD 101 'You are what You eat'
YOGA Teacher Massage Therapy

Location Malta

Within 3+ hours from all European Centers
300 days of sunshine per y ear for indoor and outdoor YOGA
A variety of affordable accommodations in the Mediterranean setting

+356 3550 5539
The 3 week program is taught by Rae Indigo and Fred Busch

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's be Considerate of Nature

Of course Dolphins can communicate with us! It is not surprising to hear of intelligence in Dolphins... what is unfortunate is the fishing lines out there hurting dolphins and whales and turtles and killing billions of fish for sport or for a very integrity compromised 'food' source.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


“Yesterday i slipped down the stairs and landed without injury... also yesterday my foot slipped while walking indoors and I almost fell badly but managed to stay on my feet.

I learn two things from these events. One is that at any any time could be our time to die and that life is precious and not to be taken for granted.

Also reinforced is how Yoga and my Asana and meditation practices are so beneficial in my everyday life. I remember falling my foot sliding off that stair and being very relaxed and ready.

The physical dexterity and mental equanimity that Yoga gives us is invaluable in tough moments.”...Fred Busch
*Commentary on Fred’s experience...”Equanimity” (upekṣhā) is mentioned in Patañjali's Yoga Sutras (Raja Yoga - 1.33[2]), as one of the four sublime attitudes, along with “loving-kindness” (maitri), “compassion” (karuṇā), and “joy” (mudita). This list is identical to the four immeasurables in Buddhist literature. These are the qualities of true, authentic, and unconditional love. Both Patañjali, the Indian sage who compiled the Yoga Sutras in the second century BCE, and the Buddha taught the importance of cultivating these four states of mind.

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Yoga Teacher Training Calendar - Fred Busch Yoga Instructor Course USA, Europe and South America

 Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training
Fundamentals of Teaching and Advanced Practice
200 and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified

2013 Calendar

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Miami January 12th, 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Miami

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Colorado, February 23rd 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Colorado

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Malta, Europe, March 23rd 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Malta Europe

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Lima, Peru April 22, 2013
Yoga Alliance Certification Lima South America

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in North Carolina May 24th 2013
Hot Power Yoga Alliance Certification North Carolina

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Miami June 29th, 2013
Hot Power Yoga Alliance Certification Miami

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Malta, Europe, August 10th 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Malta Europe

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Miami Sept 7th 2013
Hot Power Yoga Alliance Certification Miami

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Bogota November 1st 2013
Hot Power Yoga Alliance Certification Bogota Colombia

Friday, January 18, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training Europe - Yoga Alliance 200 500 Instructor Course Malta Europe

Yoga Teacher Training Europe

Total of 200 hrs including home study, essays & curriculum materials
Mon-Sun 9.30 AM - 4.00/ 4.30 PM

International Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Malta 2013
Information Pack
Table of Contents
About Fred Busch YogaAbout Fred Busch
About the co-teacher trainers
Training Information
Date & Time
Extracurricular Activities
Curriculum Covered
Study Material
Completion Requirements
Training Costs

Pictures from Previous Trainings
Videos of Fred Busch

Training Venue
About JungleSpirit
About the Location
How to get here
Contact Information

Food Costs

Thank you  for reading our information leaflet, may you have any further questions please contact us on 00356/99991844.
About Fred Busch Yoga
Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training program provides a unique learning experience, directed by Fred Busch who has the capacity along with his staff of registered yoga teachers to answer and clarify any concern about the spiritual path, correct alignment, yoga healing sequences, running a successful yoga studio and marketing oneself as a full time professional yoga instructor.
This unique program, will enable students to complete the 200-Hour certification course in 3 weeks on the sunny island of Malta. Students who successfully complete the certification will be eligible to apply for registered yoga teacher (r.y.t.) status with the Yoga Alliance.
About Fred Busch
Fred Busch is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga and author of  “ A Clear and Definite Path- Enlightenment and Health with Yoga and Holistic Living,  and The Lower Back Bible. He is the founder and Director of Miami Yogashala in the USA, and is the Director of Teacher Training at Lima Yogashala in Peru, Natural Yoga in Bogota,  Yoga Nanda in New York, Salamadhi Ranch in Colorado and JungleSpirit Centre in Malta, Europe. Fred is a graduate of the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment. One of South Florida’s premier Yoga instructors, Fred Busch is widely known for his art in modifying the student's practice according to her/his personal needs, levels and athletic background. Dancers, Actors, Gymnasts, Artists, Yoga Teachers, Businessmen, as well as beginners are part of his regular clients. His one pointed attention, intelligent use of healing sequencing and holistic knowledge of healthy eating, are a reflection of his ability to see the
connection between a healthy planet and healthy people.

About the co-teacher trainers
Rae Indigo
Rae Indigo is a yogic athlete and instructor experienced in training military personnel, athletes, martial artists, dancers and the elderly, with special attention to healing sequences for people in recovery. She specializes in alignment and corrective techniques that allow students to advance their physical health, develop yogic focus and find inner awareness. Rae instructs students on the use of proper breathing techniques to achieve better access to illusive poses. She is a RYT 500, International Fitness Association Personal Trainer and Aerobics Certification, Instructor for American Nutrition Institute and Martial Artist with over 13 years Yoga teaching experience.

Balazs Heller
Balazs is a Certified Power Yoga Instructor, and leader in the field of Fitness Training and Personal Development. He was a professional gymnast for 13 years and National Gymnastics Champion of Hungary. He started  teaching yoga after he won the European Yoga Championship organized by Bikram in 2009. Balazs has been working as an NLP practitioner, life coach and inspirational speaker since 2008, and he has been organizing and managing the Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Malta since 2011. He is the co-founder and managing director of the JungleSpirit Yoga Center, Malta's first Mind-Body-Spirit centre where the Fred Busch's teacher training program takes place in Europe. Balazs also hosts yoga & self-empowerment retreats for yoga practitioners who want to advance their practice and reach their full potential. Balazs' official website:

Yoga Teacher Training Europe

Training Information
Total of 200 hrs including home study, essays & curriculum materials
Mon-Sun 9.30 AM - 4.00/ 4.30 PM

9.30-11 AM Yoga Class/4x/week Altenatively Self-Practice
11-1 PM Yoga Theory
1-1.30 PM Lunch Break
1.30-3.30 PM Yoga Theory
3.30-4.30 PM Teaching Practice
Sadhana Self Practice Hours
Self Practice Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Journaling
Karma Yoga Hours
Cleaning Studio, Volunteering, Working without interest in the fruit of your labor.

Group HoursYoga Theory, Teaching Practice, Yoga Classes, Class ObservationsExtracurricular ActivitiesParticipants are requested to attend Yoga Classes at JungleSpirit regularly
Curriculum Covered
- Teaching Techniques and Correct pronunciation of Asana names
- The Thepapeutic Nature of Yoga, Yoga Therapy
- Yoga and Pregnancy - Prenatal Yoga and Post Natal Yoga
- Menstural and Woman’s Issues
- How to handle injury with focus on proper Skeletal Alignment (Iyengar Based)
- How to use Props and Correct Sequences for Groups
- How to teach Privates with Props
- Teaching Restorative Yoga and Advanced Yin Practices
- Intro to Yoga and Yoga Philosophy
- Healing with Yoga
- Arm Balances and Intermediate Poses
- Inversions and Backbending
- Variations and Cues for Yoga
- Teaching Privates
- Pranayama, Meditation, Mala Beads
- Teaching Techniques
- 5 Koshas (Sheaths)
- Learning to Self Practice- Opening Sequence, Sun A, Sun B
- The 4 Paths and the 8 Limbs (Ashtanga) of Yoga
- Yoga Anatomy 1
- The Famous Fred Busch Food Talk
- Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali
- Fred Busch’s Healing Sequences for Power Yoga
- Arm Balances and Intermediate Poses
- Chakras Workshop
- Inversions and Backbending
- Sanskrit

Sanskrit An unique and detailed introduction to sanskrit, including the sacred sanskrit alphabetYoga Philosophy
1. Raja Yoga (The Royal Path):
* Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Eight Limb Path.

2. Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)
* Philosophy and Practice.

3. Bhakti Yoga (Devotional Love)
* Chanting, Dieties, Gurus, and the Hindu Scriptures and Gods.

4. Jnana Yoga (Wisdom and Knowledge)
*Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy of non-dualsim.
Asana Alignment and Posture Clinic Breakdown
Learn the do's and dont's, variations, sequencing fundamentals, verbal tips, use of props, order of instruction, body diagnostics, and visual recognition of problems for the following categories:
- Sun Salutations
- Standing Poses
- Seated Poses
- Back Bends
- Inversions
- Arm Balances
- Relaxation

Teaching Methodology and Critique
-YOU will be able to teach:
- Vinyasa Flow sequences
- Power Yoga
- Healing sequences
- Easy does it yoga
- Special needs yoga for various populations
- Private Lessons
- Corporate Yoga
- Pranayama
- Meditation
Yoga Assists and Adjustments
To include light touch assisting, grounding, intention in touch, partner yoga, aroma therapy, and yoga massage.
The Yoga Diet
Study with author and renown food expert Fred Busch. Learn the secrets about food that become the keys to Yoga and spiritual growth.
Community Building
Join a unique community that will support you physically, socially and spiritually.
The Business of Teaching Yoga
You will learn how to run a yoga studio, organize a weekly class schedule, find work in spas, condos, and gyms, cultivate private clients, create your own niche, insurance, resume building, references, and how much to charge.

Study Material
Reading List -- Add these to your library asap.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika Swami Muktibodhananda
The Heart of Yoga TKV Desikichar
The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle
The Shambala Encyclopedia of Yoga Georg Feurstein
The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga Ray Long
A Clear and Definite Path Fred Busch
The Ramayana C. Rajagopalachari
Power Vs. Force Dr. David Hawkins
Light on Yoga BKS IYENGAR
Fred Busch POWER YOGA The Basic Set (Study Book)*Fred Busch Power Yoga Series
*Healing sequences for POWER YOGA
*Yoga Philosophy and Traditions
*The Four Paths of Yoga
*The Eights Limbs of Yoga
*The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali
*Astanga Vinyasa Yoga Standing
*Energetic Anatomy
*Five Koshas
*Three Doshas
*Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
*Types of Joints found in the Human
*Lymph System
*Nervous System
*Introduction to Sanskrit
*Sanskrit, The Language of Meditation
*Sanskrit-Consonant 5 by 5 Bloc
*Sanskrit Terms
*Benefits and Contra-Indications of Yoga
*A&P Contraindications
*Chapter 8 Pranayama
*Pranayama- Safety in Practice
*Ujayi Breath Teaching and Observation
*Restorative, Pre-Natal, Special Needs
*Pre-Natal Yoga
*Sanskrit Mantras
*Ashtanga yoga opening Mantra
*Gayatri Mantra
*Teaching Techniques
*Business and Ethics
*Ethics for Yoga Teachers
*Business of Teaching Yoga

Completion Requirements
100% Attendance (unless agreed)
Practical Teaching Technique Exam
3-4 hrs Exam completion
20 Page Home Study including test questions, essays, food log, yoga journal,
Daily Karma yoga practice

Training Costs
The program tuition is 2550EUR and we have an early bird fee of 2150 euros if it is paid by the 23rd of February 2013. A deposit of 500EUR is to be paid to secure your place (this fee is non refundable and included in the tuition. The balance is to be paid by the starting date the.)
The tution fee can be paid through PayPal using Fred's email account ( or by credit card. The course can also be purchased on our website.
How to apply
Request an application form by emailing to
Once the application form is approved, you just need to pay the application fee.

Media Library
From our 3 Previous Trainings at JungleSpirit with Fred Busch

Videos of Fred Busch

Training Venue
About JungleSpirit Yoga & Fitness Centre
JungleSpirit Yoga & Fitness Center  is Malta's first Mind-Body-Spirit Centre and Malta's only Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga studio where Fitness, Self-Development and Spirituality meets. The perfect spot for group classes & personal fitness training in Malta.

About the Location
Address: Samson & Delilah, Triq Hgejjeg, San Gwann, SGN3511
See it on the map:
Nearby Shops: 1 minute walk, Vegetable Shop 9-1pm, 4-6pm, Savemart Supermarket 8-7pm
10 minutes walk: Lidl (San Gwann main square opposite the church)
Nearby Banks: 10 minutes walk, HSBC Bank, Bank of Valletta (Naxxar Road/ Mensija Road)
Mobile Shop:
Go-Mobile (next to Savemart Supermarket)Street Phone: 8 minutes walk(Naxxar RoadClosest Beach: Balluta Bay (25 minutes walk downhill)
How to get here
Buses passing nearby225 -Sliema-San Gwann-Ghain Tuffieha
32, 22 Valletta-Msida-San Gwann
35 Valletta -Hospital -San Gwann
120 Pembroke-StJulians-San Gwann-Kappara
Contact Information
Skype:  Worldcitizen19810823
+356 99991844
+356 27300569
+356 9999 9868

Sharing a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment between yoga teacher training students
Location: Triq il-Kuccard, Kappara, San Gwann (20 minutes walk) Fully equipped with lcd TV, WIFI,
Cooking Equipment and dishes.
1080eur/3 weeks
up to 8 people sharing - So if 4 share it comes to 270/p. This is the cheapest option.

Private rooms/ Apartments  with private shower around the area:
San Gwann, St Julians, Naxxar, Swieqi, Sliema, Gzira
Please do not book accommodation anywhere further than these cities as public transport is very unreliable, best if you are max. 25 minutes walking distance, not more (check it on googlemaps)

Hotels in the  area:-Kappara hotel is around 1000 euro single, 750 eur twin, and 630 eur tripple bed and breakfast..
- Gardenview hotel - (also 20 minutes walk  across the valley.
-Corner hostel in sliema
What to bring
- Please take into account that Malta although it is the sunniest country in  Europe it is very humid, so prepare to dress in layers.
-The sun can be very strong sometimes, pack extra- light- cotton- long sleeved tops.
-comfortable shoes, the streets in Malta are not suitable for high heels
-laptop, usb

Shops: Food costs in Malta are similar to those in France and Spain. They do produce local fruits and vegetables however most of the food is imported from Italy. Monthly costs depend on what you eat. As a vegetarian/vegan you will most probably spend max 200eur/month. Trying to give some approximates: Grains Milk 2.20eur, 1/5kg nuts/seeds 3eur, Bread 60c-2eur depending what you buy, 4kgs fruits and veggies 18eur.
Fast food restaurants: Well-sized Vegetarian Salad 4-5eur, Vegetarian Pizza 6eur, Lebanese Vegetarian Dish 7eur
Restaurants: Indian Main Course 7eur +side, Italian Restaurant 10eur
Fancy Restaurants: 17-25 eur/meal


Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta), is a Southern European country consisting of an archipelago situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta covers just over 316 km2 (122 sq mi) in land area, making it one of the world's smallest states. The official languages are English and Maltese, in 2008 it became part of the Euro Zone. Malta is internationally renowned as a tourist destination, with numerous recreational areas and historical monuments, including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, most prominently the Megalithic Temples which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world.
Malta Top Attractions
Valletta & The Three Cities
Described by UNESCO’s World Heritage website as "one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world", Valletta is Malta’s capital city. From the rich St. John’s Co-Cathedral, to the pristine 300 year old Manoel Theatre, restaurants, arts, monuments, traditional balconies, shops and malls, museums, forts and bastions, flea markets... Valletta has got it all.

Mdina is Malta’s medieval jewel. It’s distinctive narrow winding streets sheltered by imposing walls of nobles houses are simply beautiful and suggestive to stroll in. Hardly any signs of modern development are noticeable and the lamp-lit evenings are surreal. A number of attractions related to its history are well worth visiting and you also get the best views of Malta from here.

Sun, sand and sea
Even though Malta has a multitude of historic and cultural gems, the sunny weather, some of the cleanest sea anywhere and idyllic beaches remain a main draw for tourists. There are the obvious popular sandy beaches as well as the rugged but no less beautiful rocky coasts.
Nicest Sandy Beaches are Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, Ghain Tuffieha  Bay & Comino’s Blue Lagoon. Nicest Unique Rocky Beaches are in Sliema and St Pauls Pools close to Marsaxlokk.

4. Gozo
Gozo is a smaller rural island to the north of Malta just a half-hour ferry ride away. It is a vivid glimpse into what Malta was up to a few decades ago. A slower pace of life, welcoming locals, open countryside, raw rugged coastlines, sleepy unconverted villages and traditional crafts.
Gozo’s must-see attractions include the Citadella, Ggantija Temples, ta’ Pinu Sanctuary and the Dwejra area.

Thanks to the ideal weather, diving in Malta is an all year round sport. The Mediterranean waters surrounding the Maltese islands are some of the cleanest and clearest seas you will ever see. With dramatic underwater drop-offs, intriguing caves, a variety of natural and artificial reefs, a healthy marine life and very professional diving schools dotting the islands, diving here gets two thumbs up. 
Megalithic temples
These prehistoric monuments are megalithic complexes dating as far back as 3,600 B.C. In all, five of these temples are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the oldest known freestanding temples in the world at Ggantija and the underground wonder of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. 
Comino and the Blue Lagoon
Comino is a miniscule island half way between Malta and Gozo. In an area of just over a square mile, it packs a day’s pleasurable walk complete with a charming little chapel, picturesque castle and dramatic cliffs, a four star hotel with self catering apartments and the incredible Blue Lagoon. The latter’s turquoise waters must be the best spot for swimming and snorkelling anywhere in the Mediterranean. 

If you have any more questions kindly email us on

200 Hour Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training
Fundamentals of Teaching and Advanced Practice
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified
with  Fred Busch and Rae Indigo

About the program
Fundamentals of Teaching and Advanced Practice is the Fred Busch Power Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training conducted by Fred Busch and Rae Indigo. It is offered in both a full time Intensive Version and a part time Extended Version that meets on weekends and evenings.  

Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn
Fundamentals of Teaching and Advanced Practice is a life changing and transformational program that students and future Teachers develop their physical and meditation while exploring all the deepest and most important wisdom of Yoga  By learning how to apply the awareness of Yoga in daily life, and how to express to others the practice of Yoga, The Fundamentals of Teaching and Advanced Practice instills the knowledge and delivers the experience of becoming a Yogi. how to have a strong Sadhana, or daily practice,

What can you expect upon graduation?
Graduates of the Fundamentals of Teaching and Advanced Practice are fully qualified to teach Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama and will have a strong knowledge of Healing Sequences and Yoga Therapy and Philosophy.   Students will be able to teach private and group classes and be trained in the marketing and business of Yoga in the west.

Famous Food Talk!

All are welcome to join me, Fred Busch 101, on the famous food talk, on Saturday 19th January, 12:30 pm at Brickell Yoga Delivered at Teacher Training but open to the public.

This talk will change your relationship with food and with yourself!

For only $40, come and experience the change you just might need with your diet. 

FREE for persons under 18 years 

Did you know!!

Did you know that experts advise you to eat fish because of the good fats that they contain?

What is not understood is that what is most important is only to get the good fat... not to eat fish necessarily. The fish got those Omega 3, 6, 9 fats from eating algae species like Spirulina. We can get those fats... RAW and INTEGRAL by eating foods like Spirulina and AFA without having to harm our aquatic brethren and sistren.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make Right Choices with Your Diet

Did you know? Did you know that fast food is unbelievably bad? Yes I figured you knew that one!
Read about the dangers from the article below:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training Calendar - Miami, Colorado, Lima, Bogota, Malta, New York

Here is my basic Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training International Calendar for 2013
any questions just email me!

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Miami January 12th, 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Miami

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Colorado February 23rd 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Colorado

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Malta, Europe, March 23rd 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Malta Europe

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Lima April 22, 2013
Yoga Alliance Certification Lima South America

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in North Carolina May 14th 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Colorado

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Miami June 29th 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Miami, Florida

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Miami Sept 7th 2013
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Miami, Florida

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Bogota, Colombia November 1, 2013
Yoga Alliance Certification Bogota Colombia South America

Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in Miami January 12th 2014
Power Yoga Alliance Certification Miami

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Did you know? - Attachment and Aversion

Did you know? Did you know that attachment and aversion are both obstacles?

Yes indeed it is not only the idea of being attached to things that is not encouraged on the spiritual path... also and equally important is the idea of non-aversion...not hating things, not having a negative energy field towards things.

Known as Raga (attachment) and Dvesha or Dvesa (aversion) in Sanskrit, both are an obstacle to the experience of freedom and power found in the divine present moment. They are emotional responses that negatively affect our ability to see the world around us clearly and without projection. This negative state is called avidya (non-seeing). In this state of non-seeing, pain is mistaken for pleasure, impermanence for permanence, and the profane for the sacred.
Both Attachment ans Aversion follow this pattern
Attachments arise from imprinted memories of previous experiences of pleasure and happiness. Aversions originate from memories of previous experiences of pain and suffering. Over time, as we accumulate a long list of these likes and dislikes, our sense of self-identity is formed, and we begin defining ourselves as a collection of these ingrained emotional responses.

We tend to seek the pleasurable (perhaps even sub-consciously) and we slowly become attached, even to the point of addiction. We avoid the situations and things that remind us of our previous painful experiences and feel the need to protect ourselves from them. Aversion in the forms of fear and hatred are the results.

If we practice a form of meditative self-inquiry, and begin observing ourselves honestly and then reflecting on what we find, we can gradually increase our ability to understand ourselves. We start by becoming aware of our powerful likes and dislikes and how much we are controlled by them. Next, we become aware of the sources and triggers behind those tendencies. Over time, we are able to put a stop to the behaviors that seem to empower these obstacles, and as a result we liberate ourselves, opening ourselves up to new ways of observing and being in the world. Subsequently, we end the impulse to form our self-identity so heavily based on our emotional past. Additionally we are able to build a sense of self that radiates a deeper and more universal reflection of our indwelling spirit.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification!!

Are you interested in getting your 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification?

Join in the new program called, "Living Yoga 500 Hour" that allows you to get your 500 hours, and to specialize your studies, allowing you to develop your unique yoga path while working towards top certification.

Also on offer is a more flexible programme, either immersion style 4 week programs, or you can extend the training over a year to suit your needs. The more you know the better you do!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alzheimer's & Diet (w/Video by Dr. Neal Barnard)

Many who worry about Alzheimer's disease because a parent suffered from this disabling type of dementia are told that because it’s genetic there’s nothing to do but wait and see. Well it turns out there’s a lot they can do and it all has to do with diet – especially the elimination of saturated fats. Saturated fats are found primarily in animal foods - in meat (including chicken and other poultry), whole-milk dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream), eggs, and (although to a lesser degree) seafood.
A heavily plant-based diet will offset anyone’s chances of developing dementia, even if they are supposedly “genetically predisposed” to get the disease. Here’s what Dr. Barnard has to say...

For more on proper diet and nutrition be sure to check out this web-site, click on The American Nutritional Institute