Monday, May 18, 2009

Look at how this Micro Loan thing WORKS!!!

Hi everyone... i decided to put an email sent to me below. Reading this email just made me smile because of how much sense this model makes! It is so easy to participate in this and make a HUGE difference for people with an almost insignificant amount of money (like $25 or more). Just check out the below and see what i am talking about!

Hi Fred Busch,
We'd like to give you a repayment update on the loans you've made
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A total of $3.57 has been repaid over the past month! As of 2009-05-17,
you now have $7.14 in Kiva Credit in your account.

Click here to re-lend, withdraw or donate these funds! (The minimum
lending amount is $25, but you can easily add new funds to existing Kiva
Credit to complete a loan purchase.)

Below is the repayment update on your Kiva Portfolio:
Gladys Nimako in Ghana (Activity: Food Production/Sales)
You Loaned: $25.00
Newly Repaid: $3.57
Total Repaid So Far: $7.14 (28.56% of your loan)
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Best Wishes,
Kiva Staff

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sacred Time in the Peruvian Rainforest! Rainforest Yoga

I just spent three tremendous days exploring the Peruvian Rainforest near the border with Brazil. I flew from Lima to Puerto Maldonado which is the Jungle town on the edge of the Rainforest.

I arrived at was met at the airport by my students and friends Cata and Oscar who live there now and they took me to their wonderful eco-lodge named Capiveri. It was so nice to live at a slower pace and enjoy the small details of living quietly on the land. We did yoga each day in the "Maloca" which resembles a beautiful and spiritual Tree House and listened to sounds of the forest as we meditated. The jungle as a very special spiritual energy. Our first stop was to a piece of land that may become a Yoga Ashram and Eco-Lodge located on the Tamopata River. We hiked throuh the property and discussed the vision.

From there we stopped by Oscar's Moms Amazon Animal Shelter and Rescue center located deeper in the forest. I saw lots of Monkeys and Birds being prepared for release back into the wild.

I can pretty fairly say that one highlight of that amazing place for me was playing, petting and interacting with a 9-month old Mountain Lion (PUMA). We envision that this center will be one of the beneficiaries of the possible Yoga and Rainforest Retreat Center. I know that Yoga students are keenly interested in Nature and its preservation and conservation and i want to offer programs that offer meaningful benefits the Rain-Forest through Yoga and Enlightenment training.

We had a wonderful dinner in the town and prepared to go deep into Jungle for the next two nights. We went to the dock the next day and boarded a thin but stable river boat to take us three hours up river to the Inotowa Lodge. It was wonderfully primitive up there with only light by lantern and candles but with the basic necessities and great food. The jungle is alive all the time and making sounds that just penetrate me. I heard so many birds and monkeys just the sounds of nature that are so absorbing and clarifying.

We went on night hikes and night riverboat rides where we saw Caimans (alligator cousins) and Pirhanas. I even jumped in the lake where we were feeding the pirhanas earlier... i did get out kind of quickly i have to admit.

The rainforest recharged me as time in Nature has the ability to do. I could not resist the opportunity to see a place like the Amazon rainforest and i can't wait to return to bring Yoga students and nature lovers for the ultimate spiritual weeklong or longer retreats to benefit yourself and the earth.


Lima Yoga Teacher Training 2009 Update

I arrived directly from London to begin the training in Lima, and that was not so easy. But it was made much easier when i saw the great group of people assembled at Lima Yogashala ready to begin their training.

We have just finished the first two weeks of Full Time training and everyone is learning so much so quickly. I will post pictures as soon as i get back to Miami and recharge the camera. It is such a blessing to come to South America and meet the pioneer Power Yoga students and be able to share so much about not just Power Yoga, but also the deeper aspects of Traditional Yoga.

In a few days we will begin again for some full time days together and i cant wait to see everyone!