Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot Yoga Miami - Brickell Hot Yoga

Had such an amazing class this morning! So many friends together and the class was so packed!
Brickell Hot Yoga in Miami offers Hot Power Yoga in the style of Fred Busch Power Yoga. Come and do HOT Yoga in Brickell with the best teachers who teachers Vinyasa Style Hot Yoga.

Bikram Yoga in Miami is different from Brickell Hot Yoga because our style is Vinyasa based which means we practice poses like downward dog and arm strength and core poses that are not found in the Bikram method.

Fred Busch Power Yoga in Colombia

I just returned from Bogota, Colombia! I really loved it and all the people i met there! What a great Yoga Community they have growing there and i am very grateful and excited to become part of it! Natural Yoga in Bogota is a really beautiful place and the energy of the studio is really positive and wonderful! Thanks Bogota! Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training will come to Colombia early 2012 and you can email me through facebook or my partner for South American Programs - Alex at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot Yoga Miami - Brickell Hot Yoga - Yoga Tutorials

Here are some new Yoga and Pranayama Tutorials from our new Youtube Channel for Brickell Hot Yoga, the Hot Yoga Studio in Miami that offers Hot Vinyasa Yoga! Hope you enjoy these!

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Spinal Twist

Yoga Videos on my You Tube Channel

There are many yoga videos found on Youtube that can be helpful in your yoga practice, and also many lectures of my teacher training programs that can be helpful for your daily life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cancer Prevention

This is common sense and of course the agencies are figuring out the dangers late. But better late than never i guess. The category of 'possibly carcinogenic' is as close as they may get so we better accept that for being stronger than it appears. Cell phone radiation, pickled foods, and formaldehyde are certainly dangerous and to be avoided. Please use speaker phones on your cell phones to keep the transmitting element far away from your inner ear cavity.

The article below quotes someone as saying something like, "if cell phones cause cancer than it is doing so in a way we don't understand..." ... we it is happening so clearly we don't understand. There has been an epidemic of brain tumors in the last 15 years... do the research... either way... just use a speaker phone ... because why not???

NY TIMES REPORTS: THREE recent events highlight the extraordinary task that lies ahead for cancer prevention.


First: in late May, a World Health Organization panel added cellphones to a list of things that are “possibly carcinogenic” — a category that also includes pickles and coffee.

Second: in mid-June, the National Toxicology Program, countering years of lobbying by certain industries, finally classified formaldehyde (used in plywood manufacturing and embalming) as a carcinogen.

And third: in late June, the Food and Drug Administration issued newer and moregraphic warning labels for cigarette packages. These include deliberately disturbing images of a patient with mouth cancer and of a man with tobacco smoke coming out of a tracheotomy stoma.

What connects these events? Together, they serve to remind us of three of the most potent challenges that cancer-control agencies face today. Indeed, it is essential to recognize these events as representing a progression: each corresponds to a crucial stage in the process of patrolling the borderlands of cancer. Effective cancer control depends on successful action at each of these complex stages.

The first challenge is scientific. It concerns the complexity of identifying new carcinogens, and the need for consistent standards for doing so. Take the purported link between cellphone radiation and brain cancer. This link is based largely on the so-called Interphone study. In Interphone, men and women with a variant of brain cancer (called glioma) were asked to recall their level of exposure to cellphone radiation. The results, at first glance, were provocative. Men and women who recalled moderate phone use seemed to have decreased rates of brain cancer compared to those who rarely used cellphones. In contrast, men and women with the highest usage seemed to have an increased rate of brain cancer.

But pivotal uncertainties remain. Trials like Interphone depend on the ability of subjects to recall their prior exposures. Such recollections can be surprisingly inconsistent. Indeed, when some subjects’ actual phone use was logged, there were broad discrepancies between actual and reported usage.

There are other difficulties. Despite a drastic increase in cellphone usage over the past decades, there has been no significant change in glioma cancer rates across the nation. Perhaps it is too early to judge, but the enormous increase in phone usage should have caused at least a minor blip in glioma rates over 20 years — but no such increase is apparent.

And finally, the kind of radiation emitted by cellphones — unlike the radiation emitted by X-rays or nuclear bombs — cannot directly damage DNA. X-rays and nuclear radiation possess the energy required to alter genes and thereby cause cancer. But the frequency of cellphone radiation is more than a million-fold lower. If cellphone radiation is causing cancer, it is doing so through a mechanism that defies our current understanding of carcinogenesis.

Brain cancer is a devastating illness, and it’s worth being cautious, but the current data supporting the link between phone radiation and glioma are weak. The cellphone case is a reminder of how difficult it is to identify a new carcinogen — and how important it therefore is to have standards to make such classifications possible.

Discrepancies in standards for classifying carcinogens have led to confusion and turmoil in the public realm. In contrast to the World Health Organization, many agencies, including the National Cancer Institute, remain skeptical about the link between phone radiation and cancer, and are awaiting more definitive studies to clarify the issue. In part, the problem is semantic: the W.H.O.’s definition of “possibly carcinogenic” is much looser; coffee and pickles are included, even though the evidence for their carcinogenicity remains weak. But the split between the W.H.O. and other agencies on cellphones — emblematic of the split within the scientific community — has had the unfortunate effect of confounding the public, which now does not know which faction to believe.

The second challenge facing cancer control agencies is political. The formaldehyde case illustrates this. Unlike phone radiation, formaldehyde has a well-established mechanism to cause cancer: it is a strikingly reactive chemical that can directly attack DNA. Experiments performed in the 1970s demonstrated that the chemical causes cancer in mice and rats. Following this data, sophisticated trials showed that men and women exposed to formaldehyde — morticians, for instance — had higher rates of leukemia than unexposed people.

But some of these studies were performed three decades ago. Why have 30 years elapsed between them and the National Toxicology Program announcement? In part, because of active lobbying by various industries, in particular, plywood manufacturers, who have tried to thwart this classification.

Identifying a carcinogen, in short, isn’t sufficient. Beyond the science — which, as the cellphone example shows, can be hard enough — cancer-control agencies need to bolster political support, and neutralize lobbying interests, before a culprit carcinogen can be revealed to the public.

The third challenge for the cancer community is social. The F.D.A.’s new labels on cigarette packages are a case in point. The human trials that established that tobacco smoke is a carcinogen were initially performed in the mid-1950s (some even earlier). The tobacco industry mounted an aggressive campaign to discredit the data, and continued marketing tobacco to the public. The landmark Surgeon General’s Report on smoking and cancer was released in 1964. And it took yet another decade of innovative strategies, including powerful antitobacco advertisements and tort cases against tobacco companies, to alter the trajectory of smoking behavior in America.

But young men and women in some parts of the nation are smoking again: consumption in certain regions has been rising, and cancer rates will rise concomitantly. Evidently, identifying a carcinogen or advertising the risk to the public is not enough: cancer-control agencies need to invent and reinvent strategies continuously. Old warning labels generate habitual responses, so new, more disturbing labels are needed to invigorate attention.

Patrolling the world for real carcinogens, in short, is a complex task. Scientific challenges morph into political challenges that lead to social challenges. If reducing the incidence of cancer is a national goal — as it surely must be — then it is essential to recognize the many-dimensional nature of countering carcinogens.

Siddhartha Mukherjee is an assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University and the author of “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obesity in Kids considered to be Child Abuse by State

I was reading the Miami Herald three days ago and it discussed the possibility of the State of Florida taking away custody of children who's parents let them get obese.

While i do not agree the state has such a right, i do agree with the premise that allowing a child to become obese and get diabetes essentially ruins his chances of living a wonderful and peaceful life. Obesity in Children is essentially a form of child abuse.

So what is needed is some intelligence in action. No more sugary drinks, no more fried foods, no more meat, and more fruits, more exercise, more reading. We need to all realize that a 5 year old child has no right to tell an adult what they should be eating. A 5 year old kid just does not know enough to make the correct decisions, and may simply always ask for Coca cola instead of fresh juice because the option is there. But the juice would be both better tasting and much healthier.

If anyone wants to create a scientific study on weight loss in kids with different diets i can assist in the design of such a study and it is needed. The solution to childhood obesity is literally obvious. Now let us raise awareness and start some actions.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Erectile Dysfunction is mostly caused by poor diet and no exercise

Just in case anyone is interested, the most significant reasons why the organs are not functioning perfectly is related to blood flow. Poor food equals poor stagnant blood which does not lend itself to moving where it is required. I read a book called 'Super Potency at Any Age' and it describes how virility and vitality are related and accomplished through eating mostly raw and totally vegeterian. And to exercise daily! This simple formula should work for the majority of cases of E.D.

Do yoga and eat well! and watch the results will come quick is my guess!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Florida's obese are part of a growing nation - Miami Herald Today

Obesity in Florida has increased 80% between 1995 and 2110, according to the Miami Herald today.

You know it is really amazing now nobody in charge of anything has any interest in solving this situation of obesity of kids and diabetes and all the sadness and grief and early death.

it really is amazing that nobody wants to simply do some real world experiments with obesity and different diets and exercise programs over a series of 2 years. The real issue is that few people are actually interested in health, only numbers of weight.... that is true on both sides of the story. Those who want to lose weight are obsessed with weight loss not health, those that want to gain weight and muscle mass are obsesed with that goal of looking like the guy in the magazine and don't care about health.

We must first distinguish health as our intention. Internal, External, Mental, Emotional Health and Wellbeing is my only intention in discussing this stuff. The herd is going off the cliff i read different articles every day and if anyone pieces it all together it reveals an unprecedented epidemic of health problems that almost everyone seems to be facing. the prescription medication trends and the obesity and diabetes and cancer rates, and the lack of exercise and general sedentary lifestyle is epidemic. the herd is going off the cliff. we dont have to follow is all i suggest... not to live forever, which is impossible, but to live higher quality of life in the present!

One person at a time we can all just make small changes like eat less potato chips and drink less soda and fried foods and meat... just a bit less... whatever small steps you initially take will create your momentem for the great leap that will land you across the other side of the divide. You can't cross a cross a chasm is two small jumps... it must be one giant leap! so have fun.... iuf you have questions about food just email me...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Connected Warriors - Free Yoga for Veterans and Families

We had a great workshop last night for the Connected Warriors group of amazing volunteers and prospective teachers! We all learned about teaching yoga to veterans and Judy from Yoga South led everybody through a nice sample class! It goes without saying that this may be the most worthy project any of us have ever been involved in. We take so many things for granted in our lives and the main reason why we can grow up and continue to live in a world of safety and security is because these guys have been willing to risk their lives if commanded to do so. And many have come back to a government that offers very little support and a populace that is not overly embracing. So now the time has come when we can all get together and take care of our fellow brothers in uniform and their families!

Last night was awesome. We got our nucleus of organized and capable people from Connected Warriors and we have David Witenstein who did our teacher training and is a Vietnam Veteran to spearhead our outreach to the veterans community!

If you want to support Connected Warriors by being a 1 Year Committed teacher or by assisting in fund raising or donations please contact and fred will direct you to the right person. This is a 100% Volunteer Organization which is 'Serving those who have Served'.