Thursday, December 18, 2008

Water from Thin Air! This is earth saving technology for real!

Hey! This is an incredible situation. Make sure everyone you know realizes that this is a real thing.

These are devices that generate perfect drinking water from the air itself!

This is the greatest news i have heard in a long time related to the environment and people living without clean drinking water in the world. This here is the answer, no question. Spread the word, hopefully the big charities will discover this technology for use world wide. We can use this in our homes also and get the benefit of not having to drink recycled tap water or bottled waters from mysterious sources.

check it out:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fred Busch Yoga Retret December 2008 PICS

The FRED BUSCH Rejuvenation Retreat on South Beach December 11-14th 2008!
The picture on the beach is of everyone buried in sand after clay treatments.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Press Release for London Yoga Teacher Training 2009

For Immediate Release

London’s Only
is coming to town!

Featuring Fred Busch
March 1 – May 1, 2009
At Fulham Yogashala
11-12 Lettice Street
Fulham sw6

London, England….United States’ Yoga Teacher Fred Busch will be heading a Power Yoga Teacher Training Program and leading Student Teachers through a comprehensive understanding of Yoga in all of it’s dimensions. From Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit Pronunciation, Asana Alignment principles and more, Fred Busch offers a complete foundational level Teacher’s certification.

Fred Busch has directed the Teacher’s Training Program at Miami Yogashala, his own studio, located on South Beach since 1999.

Fred Busch offers access to a direct lineage of some of the world’s greatest Yoga Masters as he has personally studied under the following trained professionals:
Sri Dharma Mitra
Gary Kraftsow (student of Sri Desikichar, son of T. Krisnamacarya himself)
Rod Stryker (tantra Yoga master in lineage of Swami Rama and Himilayan Institute)
Aadil Palkivhala (childhood student of BKS Iyengar and in spiritual tradition of Sri Aurobindo) and others.

Students will complete this training and have a full understanding of:

- A unique and detailed introduction to Sanskrit, including the sacred Sanskrit alphabet and Devanagri.

Yoga Philosophies:
Raja Yoga (the Royal Path):
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Eight Limb Path
Karma Yoga (Selfless Service):
Philosophy and Practice
Bhakti Yoga (Devotional Love):
Chanting, Dieties, Gurus, and the Hindu Scriptures and Gods
Jnana Yoga (Wisdom and Knowledge):
Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy of non-dualism.

Asana Alignment and Posture Clinic Breakdown including:
The do’s and don’t’s; variations; sequencing fundamentals; verbal tips; use of props; order of instruction; body diagnostics; and visual recognition of problems for the following categories:
Sun Salutations
Standing Poses
Seated Poses
Back Bends
Arm Balances

Teaching Methodology and Critique enabling Student Teachers how to teach:
Vinyasa Flow sequences
Power Yoga
Healing Sequences
Easy-does-it Yoga
Special Needs Yoga for various populations
Private lessons
Corporate Yoga
Pranayama (yoga of breathing)

The Yoga Diet:
A full study with Author and Renown expert Fred Busch

Yoga Assists and Adjustments including:
Light touch assisting
Intention in touch
Partner yoga
Yoga massage

Community Building:
Join a unique community that is physically, socially and spiritually supportive

The Business of Teaching Yoga including:
How to run a Yoga studio
How to organize a weekly class schedule
How to find work in Spa’s, Condominiums and Gyms
How to cultivate private clients
How to create a unique niche
How much to Charge
How to build a Resume
References and Insurance
Yogic Philosophy - A study of the metaphysical principles of Yoga including:
The Nadis (esoteric nerve channels)
The Aura and subtle bodies
Bio-energetics and vibration
Ayurveda (the dosha’s)

Physical Anatomy:
Bodily Systems

And an overview of HATHA YOGA (Asana Styles) in today’s Western World. This training will compare and contrast today’s Hatha Yoga culture by analyzing the Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, Vinyasa, Power, Sivananda, Kripalu, Jivamukti, Restorative and Yin Styles of Hatha Yoga.

“Fred: There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and all the knowledge you have passed on to me. I am forever grateful for all of your words of wisdom which I again use daily in my own classes. And I apply all of the sequences and incredible techniques each and every day!” ……………….quote from Student

Fred Busch will be teaching March 1-21 and April 19-25
For More Information Contact:

Amelie or Vicky at

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dates for Advanced (Level 2) Yoga Teacher Training on South Beach 2009

Module 1 -----January 15- Feb 5
Module 2-----February 5- Feb 25


Module 1-----September 17-October 8
Module 2----- October 8- October 29


Monday, November 10, 2008

Advanced Teacher Training in South Beach with Fred Busch

Advanced Teacher Training with Fred Busch
South Beach, Florida 2009

The Level II Teacher Training will have two modules. Candidates are required to have complete a Yoga Alliance Registered 200 or 500 hour program to be eligible .

Each module will be three weeks in duration and will meet for 30 Hours Per Week for a total of 90 Hours per Module. Successful completion of the Level II Advanced Teacher Training will require the following: Completion of all Hours of Both Modules, Special Project, Practical Exam, Written Exam.

Module 1 will be offered January and September. Module 2 will be offered in February and October. Thus this course can be completed in 2 months or 10 Months as a person can choose to do Module 1 in January and Module 2 in either February or October. We can assist in locating apartments on South Beach on a monthly basis.

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9am-1pm and 3pm-8pm/ Monday and Wednesday 5pm-8pm/ Sunday 10:30am-5pm Tuition $1950 per Module ($3900 Total/ $650 per week)

Module 1-

Course Subject Lesson Intention
Intermediate Anatomy- Muscle Attachments To learn every muscle and attachment point in the body.
Intermediate Asana- Personal Practice Development To help you develop your personal practice to the highest level possible.
Intermediate Sanskrit- Sanskrit Proficiency
To teach you how to read and write in Sanskrit proficiently.
Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers Swedish Massage Techniques for relaxation.
To provide experience with body work and handling students bodies intelligently.
Intermediate Sanskrit- Mantras To learn to read, chant and write several sacred mantras in Sanskrit.
Special Research Project Research subject of your choice relating to yoga. To teach you how to research yoga topics.

Module II will review the information presented in Module I and will also include the following new curriculum:

Course Subject Lesson Intention
Pranayama The safe Pranayamas To provide some basic safe pranayama exercises for most people.
Yoga Anatomy Nervous System, Immune System, Digestive System, Endocrine System To provide detailed overviews of the many systems operating in the human body.
Teaching Techniques Sequencing Options To provide lessons in creating different sequences for different intentions.
Teaching Techniques Adjustments for all poses Hands on experience with adjusting a variety of poses.
Yoga Philosophy Book Report on Ramayana or Mahabharata Give you the opportunity to read one of the greatest epics ever written.
Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers Shiatsu, Thai Massage Hands on experience doing bodywork from the east.
Teaching Techniques Private Yoga Classes Techniques for individual cases and situations.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Power Yoga and Injuries

Sometimes when we get injured in Yoga we are told to take time off and just wait for it to heal.
The truth is that we almost never want to take a day off of yoga per se, but we do want to take a few days off of aggravating the situation. Simply changing your yoga sequencing to emphasize other aspects of your practice more, will allow it to heal. The body does not heal unless it is exercising, generally speaking.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Modern Medicine would rather manage disease than cure it.

It is far more profitable for Medicine to manage a disease than it is to prevent it or cure it. This is why Cancer treatment has become what it is today. I don't like to infer negative plots but this one is clear as day. They string people along with the treatments that take a long time to kill but that cost a lot of money. While on chemotherapy they demand that people eat twinkies and other garbage food so that the body can not resist the chemotherapy. There is little logic in the approach but there sure are billions of dollars going into the medical establishments pockets. Prevention is always better than cure! There is a cure for cancer. Cancer can be cured with the perfect combination of fasting, eating perfectly, meditation, rest, and grace. People like Brian Clemens at the Hippocrates Institute have been doing it for years. May God bless them!
My book will also help... go to and check it out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Food Talk to Benefit Haiti THIS WEEKEND!

October 18 & 19, 2009.

Saturday 2:30pm at Brickell Yogashala
Sunday 2:30pm at Miami Yogashala

$50 Donation to CARE or any organization who is aiding Haiti in its recovery from the Hurricanes is the Tuition

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yoga Retreats on South Beach

South Beach Yoga Retreat with Fred Busch
December 11th-14th
April 19th-24th

Royal Palm Resort and Miami Yogashala on South Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida.
Miami Yogashala on South Beach is a large open aired yoga studio located directly across the street from the ocean. Royal Palm Resort is located on the ocean just a few blocks from the studio so a car rental is not necessary. South Beach is a world famous international destination and we look forward to seeing you in Sunny Miami Beach.

This program caters to all levels of student ranging from those trying yoga for the first time to those with over 20 years' experience. While this yoga vacation retreat is just that - a vacation- you are part of a program with a specific structure and class times. In addition Fred Busch will work with individuals on advanced options for postures, new breathing techniques or perhaps a specific mantra or meditation.

December 11th Thursday Night- 6:15pm-9pm (optional)
December 12th Friday 9am-6pm
December 13th Saturday 8:30am-6pm
December 14th Sunday 8:30am-4pm

Below prices are for 3 Nights accomodations
(Dec 11th-13th Nights) and departure on Sunday the 14th.
This is flexible and if you want to stay longer or shorter this can be arranged.


$1250 including 3 nights at Royal Palm Resort plus Lunch
$650 if you will not require accommodations includes Lunch

South Beach in Miami has world class beaches and a beautiful Art Deco architecture.
Live a week eating good food, swimming in the Caribbean sea part of the Atlantic Ocean, and studying Yoga and Meditation with Fred Busch.
Fred Busch Power Yoga and Meditation programs offer the opportunity to begin your transformation toward a healthier and happier you. Fred instructs how to allow your inner bliss and radiance to reveal itself.

Why go on a yoga Retreat?
You might ready to rejuvenate your body and mind from the daily stresses of life. You may be on edge, discouraged, interested in a challenge or just determined to change your lifestyle. You might be a yoga or pilates enthusiast who wants to explore your practice on a deeper level, or simply someone who wants to have a week off just for themselves.

This is a golden opportunity to step out of your daily life and get back in touch with nature and your true self. As the Retreat unfolds, you'll find yourself rejuvenated, rested, replenished, and renewed on more than one level.This program offers a perfect combination of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, relaxation, healthy food, fresh air, amazing sights and inspiring teaching.

Our programs are open to people of any faith, age, background or sexual orientation; be prepared to release mental and emotional energy blocks. After a few days you'll feel your energy start to rise. Going on a yoga retreat energizes the body, while also a means to release pent up stress and anxiety and reconnect with yourself.

After a retreat with us, you will not only feel like you got away from it all, but will also return home with a toolkit of knowledge and healthy patterns that you can apply to your everyday life. The focus of our retreat is a daily yoga practice combined with Meditation techniques. We feel aligned to the philosophy that yoga helps you do anything better. And when you combine Yoga with meditation techniques and information about eating smarter, you have created a powerful synergy that will move your body, mind and soul in the enlightened direction.

For details call 786-280-4069

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Paramamsa Nithyananda

Whenever you get a chance, the sooner the better for your benefit, go to You Tube and look up Nithyananda or Life Bliss.

Paramahamsa Nithananda is an Enlightened Master only 33 years old and is someone i throw the full weight of my support and trust. He is a spectacular and pure light on Earth and i suggest you to see for yourself how REAL this person is as an absolute Master! We have been blessed by his presence. May God be praised.

namaste...fb is his foundation site.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Healing the Wrists in Yoga

Healing the wrists! The most important thing when doing healing sequencing for the wrists is to avoid the particular angle of your wrist that is painful. The angle of the writs in Downward Dog is acceptable. The angle of the wrist in Pushup Position or Plank Position is not. So we will be avoiding Pushup Position wrists as well as anything that puts the wrist in an overly flexed position. So wrists angle Downward Dog, correct. Wrist angle Plank Position, incorrect, meaning aggravating. Okay? So avoid pushups. If you need to do pushups with fists, you can. If you can do pushups with fists, it’s fine. You can also do Cobra Pose with your hands in front to create a gentle angle for your wrists. So avoid pushups, avoid Upper Plank, avoid Vassiestassen, avoid anything that puts your wrist in a 90 degree angle.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sun Salutations in Yoga for Lower Back Pain

The lower back – The worst poses for lower back stuff is forward bending with legs straight either sitting or standing. Exception to this is wide leg forward bends, which are acceptable because the legs are wide. The relationship that you must recognize is between hamstrings, ischial tuberosity, pelvic tilt and sacroiliac ligaments. Thus, avoid all forward bending with straight legs.

In its place, deeply bend your knees while doing any forward bending. In order to lengthen your hamstrings, we will employ this pose where we lie on our back and pull on our straight leg. That’s the most effective way to lengthen hamstrings and it does so in a way that is absolutely and totally safe for lower backs. Also note if you have herniated discs, avoid almost all twists unless you are with a very competent teacher and you engage your belly. Please note, it’s very important that you bend your knees during the forward bending as a way to alleviate the stress in the sacroiliac joint, which is a ligament, not a tendon. Okay?

An example of Sun Salutation for lower backs is inhale, your arms above your head. Exhale, forward bend and deeply bend your knees. Inhale, look up, keep your knees bent. Exhale, step your feet back and lower yourself down. Inhale, cobra pose or upward dog. Exhale, Downward Dog.

Fred Busch Interview with Italian Press in 2008

Interviewer: So on June 25, 07. I just kind of got a little inspiration from your Web site and your book that you did brought. And I just wanted to know to start what is your background because this book show the miracle how you transform your life to food to lifestyle to job or to location and stuff. And I just wanna know first of all how did it happen, this change, and what inspire you to change? And when did it happen?

Fred Busch: Yeah. That was the main catalyst for me. I was spiritually aware when I was a kid. I don’t know how, but even when I was 15 and 14, I was reading Lao Tse and Zen Buddhism and things about enlightenment, Taoism. In high school, I was attracted to that stuff.

And then I went and I studied wildlife and all that, and I traveled around the world and kept learning as much as I could about how the world works and all that. And then I got deathly sick?

Interviewer: What it was age when you started to get sick?

Fred Busch: 22. 23. 1998. And that’s how I came very close to dying, and I got very lucky to be saved to speak, as fast as I was, so I basically got very lucky even though I got very sick. I had a very powerful realization about how valuable life is and how precious it is and how sacred it is, and I never forgot that vision because it’s burned into my brain, and I dreamed about being physically fit, and I dreamed about – this is while I was in bed, sweating and wondering whether I was going to survive or not.

I was dreaming about running through the grass; and I was dreaming about what it would be like to be healthy again. I could just feel how lucky I would be if I could get all that back. So although I was treated successfully in Africa, I came back to the States to recover.

And I was very weak, and that’s when I found yoga.

Interviewer: This was ’98 still?

Fred Busch: Yeah. Uh-huh. And as soon as I started doing yoga, I realized how valuable it was, and I started doing it basically every day right away. I wasn’t like a once a week kind of person for a couple of years. It never happened with me. Once I started, I started directly.

And then the yoga brought in the awareness of my body, which I went to a school for healing and massage therapy, and I studied all about the body and anatomy and the science behind the body. And I also studied food and nutrition and what is human food and what is not human food. And I studied all of that very extensively during this time in 98 and 99.

And I put it all into practice because everything I studied made sense to me, the idea of eating food that wasn’t cooked made a lot of sense to me, cause I studied wildlife, and I’ve seen how the world works out in the wild, so everything was common sense to eat food that wasn’t destroyed. So I ate well.

So for seven straight years, I did yoga every single day and ate 100% raw food. And basically, I used myself as the science experiment for what is this gonna do? And every single day I got stronger, and every single day I felt better. And to this day, I feel like I’m getting stronger every single day.

Interviewer: Are you still eating the raw food?

Fred Busch: No.

Interviewer: A little bit –

Fred Busch: Oh, a lot. I’m still eat –

Interviewer: Vegetarian.

Fred Busch: I still eat very very well by average standards, but compared to the 100% raw food, I’ve eased off that only because it was easier in my lifestyle to ease off of it. I can’t pretend that it wasn’t. It’s a little bit more fun to eat some toast once in a while.

Interviewer: But you still don’t touch animal, which is the most important.

Fred Busch: Oh no. No way. Nothing from an animal.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Power Yoga Teacher Training Certification in London- 2009

Date: 1st of March to 3rd May
Price:£2450 (deposit £1000) £2250 if deposit given before 15th December.
Payment received by 1st of February in order to receive books and manuals. The idea being that students have to read the materials before the start of the TT.

- Fred's dates: 1st to 15th

Students will have to book to observe as there will be one spot per class in order not to disturb the clients of the Shala.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Quote by Dr. Robert Snaidach of the Transformation Instititute

“By far the most important cause of ill health in man is his many and habitual dietetic errors of one kind or another, the immediate results of which are not felt and intelligently evaluated. It is the gradual erosion of health by the more or less constant bombardment by erroneous eating practices which, in most cases, is responsible for the destruction of health.” Dr. Robert Snaidach.

You are what you eat

It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of a proper diet. You are your diet. The cliché ‘you are what you eat’ has, for the most part, lost its edge. Let me try to sharpen it again. YOU ARE MADE OUT OF WHAT YOU EAT. The food that you put into your mouth becomes you. The cells that make up the tissues in your eyes and lungs and blood are made from the food that you eat. Your body is making over a million cells a second and the material it uses is the food you eat. Think about that. Right now your body is using the food you ate this morning to create and maintain you. What did you eat for breakfast? Think of your body using something like a Pepsi or a sugary cereal to make up your blood. Think of making a weak cell.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Health is Beauty

Your health plays a larger role in impacting the various aspects of your life than anything else. Happiness, spirituality, your love life, levels of productivity and creativity - everything in your world is colored by your health. If you want to do anything from regulate your sleep patterns to improve your skin tone, the way to start is to get healthy. Being healthy and looking good are the same things so if you want to be more attractive, get healthy. What about depression, emotional problems or difficulty concentrating? The brain is no different than the other organs in your body. It is the emotion center and where your ideas originate, but it is still an organ and when your body suffers from any ailment, your brain is suffering. Your thoughts, your emotions are suffering. So if you want to feel better, get healthy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yoga Bootcamp to Detox and Destress

Recharge, Renew, and Rejuvenate with the Fred Busch Yoga Transformations Bootcamp.
Deeped your practice, strengthen your body, connect to your divine essence, and recharge your battery for spiritual light.

Take one step to God, and he takes 99 steps to you.

August 16th-23rd, 2008
Maya Tulum, Mexico (Fly to Cancun) and then goto EVENTS

Wrist Therapy to heal wrists

Duncan Wong's Wrist Therapy is the most formidable technique for preventing wrist issues or healing wrists. The wrists must be allowed to heal first then the wrist therapy is useful. To let the wrists heal in a yogic context means do not allow the wrist to bend to 90 degrees for a few weeks. Avoid Push-ups and Plank Poses and Vasistasana and anything like Crow that does that to the wrists. When the wrists feel better you can employ the wrist therapy which implies having the wrists point forward-forward, then turning them out to point back-back. This is the cure for what is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Ruckus Society

Check out:

Greetings Ruckus Family,

This has been a busy spring and we have goodies for you to watch and experience with us! We hosted an amazing Tactics Summit, and supported community actions with Klamath River indigenous folks, anti-Chevron activists, and Palestinian solidarity youth.

IP3 met with residents of Kaua'i that work on a plethora of land rights, environmental and sovereignty issues - and while there, took over the air waves with this great, in-depth interview.

We demanded the comprehensive media we need to support our action communities at the National Council on Media Reform.

Not Your Solider partnered with Bay Peace and Fellowship of Reconciliation to host 'Creative Resistance: Our Dreams Will Not be Recruited!' At the event, Sharon (Projects Director) reported her experience in Colombia and the amazing tactics they are using to resist the military. And in the midst of all that, Oakland United just keeps getting better!

We are gearing up for Fall trainings! Make sure your organization, college, or affinity group requests trainings for the rest of this Summer and Fall asap! We offer over 20 trainings in the area of direct action organizing, media, tactics, strategy, election protection and organizational development. Utilize our network of experienced trainers: visit to request trainings!

In order to continue this awesome work we need everyone's support. Donate one time or become a monthly donor ($5-100 a month). Make a donation and make a difference!

Check below for the lastest Videos and Interviews!

Peace and Love,
Celeste, Marty, Hannah, Megan, Sabba, Adrienne & Sharon



Request training and action support. We offer over 20 trainings.

In order to continue this awesome work we need everyone's support. Donate one time or become a monthly donor.


Request training and action support. We offer over 20 trainings.


Donate to Ruckus!

In order to continue this awesome work we need everyone's support. Donate one time or become a monthly don

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yoga Teacher Training in Peru with Fred Busch

Lima Yogashala May 2008

The Teacher Training in Lima was amazing! A great group and a wonderful and enlightening experience for everyone!

Gaby, Craig, Fred, Stella, and Jennifer in the picture shown.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

फ्री तिबेत फ्री Free Tibet Peaceful Protest


Contact: Liliana Rojas

786 355 7816


While Olympic Torch Passes Through the U.S. Tomorrow

What: Friends of Tibet, a local supporters group for the freedom of Tibet, wants to send a message of peace and reconciliation for a Free Tibet.

The protest will consist of a silent meditation.

The group is comprised by local Buddhists, yogis, and friends that admire and respect the ancient teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

Friends of Tibet invite others that want to support the peaceful and silent protest, by writing their message in banners.

Dress Code: white clothing with colorful scarves.

When: Wednesday, April 9, from 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Where: McArthur Causeway. At the entrance of FisherIsland. Miami Beach, Fla

Note to the Video, and photo opportunities available.



Sandra Montenegro

montenegro+public relations


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Read "Skinny Bitch!"

Skinny Bitch is a relatively new book that i know everyone should read.  It is just like my book, A Clear and Definite Path, except that it is better in certain ways.  Skinny Bitch uses a wonderfully irreverent tone that works very well is presenting the blunt message of eating better to look beautiful, feel better, and save the planet.  The Authors use curse words that are funny and their attitude is excellent and summed up as "Learn this stuff, it is for your own good!"  I can not recommend it enough!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

National Yoga Party Endorses Barack Obama

National Yoga Party endorses Barack Obama!

National Yoga Party Charter

National Yoga Party Charter

The National Yoga Party is an association of organized voters who practice Yoga and so share a common understanding of the world and the steps necessary to help make it a better place.
Our Charter is Simple. We seek to be organized and disciplined and ready to vote together.

1) We are loosely aligned Democrats who just want to be more clear about our positions regarding eating animals and not being conscious of our actions and how that effects the world.

2) We suggest the practice of Yoga Poses for great exercise and Yoga Meditation for peace of mind and heart, and the combination of both at the same time as a great practice. We are not affiliated with any religion at all. People of all Faiths can incorporate yoga (scientific) techniques for health and peace of mind.

3) We are environmentally oriented with a deep respect for the earth. We are interested in very concrete actions to mitigate climate change and loss of rainforest and nature everywhere.
We understand that humans try to live in balance with the earth.

4) We are opposed to the idea of biofuels as a solutions to the climate and energy situation as biofuels cause more carbon than they save to make and because they drive prices of staple foods higher where it can't be afforded.

5) We choose to when we can and prefer to not eat meat or fish because we know the multitude of reasons for limiting its intake.

6) We are supporters of the Unions and the people who organize to make a better life for themselves.

7) We believe Exercising Every Day and Eating Smart Help make us smarter and healthier.

8) We Believe that Peace is the highest state for human kind. Battles may have to be fought but peace is the jewel. Unnecessary war is to be stopped and peacekeeping forces increased to bring more peace on Earth.

9) We strongly disagree with all forms of hunting except for survival and whaling as presently practiced by the Japanese Government.

10) We believe that kindness and compassion can be a guiding principle in our dealings with our fellow human beings and have a reverence for life itself.

If you are interested in joining the National Yoga Party email us at

Fred Busch

Jeff Metcalfe

Thursday, January 17, 2008


The foundation of all spiritual sensations is gratitude. First things first. We take everything for granted all the time, until we have a near death experience and we wake up. I have heard it said, and i agree, that a near death experience that you survive is the greatest thing that can happen to a person. It certainly was for me. We have been given the greatest of all, human birth, and each breath is a profound gift. Each breath doesnt have to come to us... and that it does is incredible and mystical. Taking things for granted seems to be the human condition but if you establish yourself in gratitude even for a few moments at a time, a whole world of peace and enlightenment unfolds for you.