Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yoga Retreats on South Beach

South Beach Yoga Retreat with Fred Busch
December 11th-14th
April 19th-24th

Royal Palm Resort and Miami Yogashala on South Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida.
Miami Yogashala on South Beach is a large open aired yoga studio located directly across the street from the ocean. Royal Palm Resort is located on the ocean just a few blocks from the studio so a car rental is not necessary. South Beach is a world famous international destination and we look forward to seeing you in Sunny Miami Beach.

This program caters to all levels of student ranging from those trying yoga for the first time to those with over 20 years' experience. While this yoga vacation retreat is just that - a vacation- you are part of a program with a specific structure and class times. In addition Fred Busch will work with individuals on advanced options for postures, new breathing techniques or perhaps a specific mantra or meditation.

December 11th Thursday Night- 6:15pm-9pm (optional)
December 12th Friday 9am-6pm
December 13th Saturday 8:30am-6pm
December 14th Sunday 8:30am-4pm

Below prices are for 3 Nights accomodations
(Dec 11th-13th Nights) and departure on Sunday the 14th.
This is flexible and if you want to stay longer or shorter this can be arranged.


$1250 including 3 nights at Royal Palm Resort plus Lunch
$650 if you will not require accommodations includes Lunch

South Beach in Miami has world class beaches and a beautiful Art Deco architecture.
Live a week eating good food, swimming in the Caribbean sea part of the Atlantic Ocean, and studying Yoga and Meditation with Fred Busch.
Fred Busch Power Yoga and Meditation programs offer the opportunity to begin your transformation toward a healthier and happier you. Fred instructs how to allow your inner bliss and radiance to reveal itself.

Why go on a yoga Retreat?
You might ready to rejuvenate your body and mind from the daily stresses of life. You may be on edge, discouraged, interested in a challenge or just determined to change your lifestyle. You might be a yoga or pilates enthusiast who wants to explore your practice on a deeper level, or simply someone who wants to have a week off just for themselves.

This is a golden opportunity to step out of your daily life and get back in touch with nature and your true self. As the Retreat unfolds, you'll find yourself rejuvenated, rested, replenished, and renewed on more than one level.This program offers a perfect combination of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, relaxation, healthy food, fresh air, amazing sights and inspiring teaching.

Our programs are open to people of any faith, age, background or sexual orientation; be prepared to release mental and emotional energy blocks. After a few days you'll feel your energy start to rise. Going on a yoga retreat energizes the body, while also a means to release pent up stress and anxiety and reconnect with yourself.

After a retreat with us, you will not only feel like you got away from it all, but will also return home with a toolkit of knowledge and healthy patterns that you can apply to your everyday life. The focus of our retreat is a daily yoga practice combined with Meditation techniques. We feel aligned to the philosophy that yoga helps you do anything better. And when you combine Yoga with meditation techniques and information about eating smarter, you have created a powerful synergy that will move your body, mind and soul in the enlightened direction.

For details call 786-280-4069

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Paramamsa Nithyananda

Whenever you get a chance, the sooner the better for your benefit, go to You Tube and look up Nithyananda or Life Bliss.

Paramahamsa Nithananda is an Enlightened Master only 33 years old and is someone i throw the full weight of my support and trust. He is a spectacular and pure light on Earth and i suggest you to see for yourself how REAL this person is as an absolute Master! We have been blessed by his presence. May God be praised.

namaste...fb is his foundation site.