Monday, May 21, 2012

Importance of Detox (VIDEO)

Most energy in life is used in what is being called "digestion." It is being used to try and break down the stuff that you eat, because most of what we eat is not food. So since, in our regular life, 80% of our energy is dedicated to just trying to sort out the offensive stuff that we are putting into our body, generally, our bodies on have 20% of energy to actually open its eyes and think, function, and heal itself. 
When you limit the amount of calories that your body is taking, you limit the amount of energy that your body has to expend on digesting stuff that is not food, you limit the amount of energy that you have to waste every day. When you do that for a couple of days, you free up a large reservoir of energy that was formally being wasted on trying to "digest the food." Once you create an environment where you are getting everything you need, vitamins, minerals, sugar, all that stuff, you get it all, but you are not getting anything extra and you are not getting anything that is difficult for your body to deal with, and so in doing that, you are creating an environment where your body now has a lot of extra energy. 
The body works exactly the same way as cleaning a house when one has the time; it is given the energy to perform the cleaning. 'Cleaning of my house' is called the detox. All kinds of stuff accumulate in your cells, all kinds of stuff are in different pockets of your body and your body just didn't really have the energy to deal with it because you were distracting it by doing everything else. So without having the energy to deal with it, it just stays there and it keeps your vibration low, and keeps you kind of feeling a little weird and not connected to God and not stable minded, anxious, all the little symptoms that happen from having toxicity in your body. This is what happens and they are very subtle these effects. There is a general feeling of anxiety, a general this or that. You have energy in your body that is not helping you. You free up this energy, your body says, ‘thank you, now I am ready to do some work.’ It gets in there and starts getting this garbage out of the cells. The intelligence in your body starts cleaning itself.
That is what a detox is, and the question is, what do you do at that point? Any detox is the part where they are going to fast you; meaning no food, if you really want to be aggressive, no food, and no water, lay in bed. That is a real detox; that is the most aggressive one of all. 

Let us have a clean system in our bodies !!!!