Sunday, December 20, 2009

Medical Maladies

New York Times today had an article saying holding doctors accountable for medical errors saying that as many as 98,000 people die every year just because they went into some hospital. So that mistakes made by doctors are killing 98,000 people every year and hospitals making hospitalization by itself is very risky enterprise. One of my favorite book is called Confessions of a Medical Heretic and in that book he explains that hospitals are like war zones and they are to be avoided at all cost. What today’s article speaks to is saying that instead of blaming the system, it’s time to make the doctors responsible for their own mistakes. It means that they have to get overburdened by insurance and legal claims and it doesn’t mean that they need to take responsibility for their own mistakes and be more aware and be less invasive and more preventive doctors who do realize that they are not healing people, that they are simply required to create the conditions for healing people and that the less medications, the less surgery and the less intrusiveness would be better. So that they stop making all these mistakes and killing innocent people who have no idea in what they’re getting into when they go into a hospital.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Years Resolutions must start before New Year

New Years Resolutions MUST start before New Years! Or just start them today!
As we are blessed to begin a new year, it is important to realize that some very small and simple changes in your life will have profound and dramatic effect on your health and wellbeing. Eat a little smarter, exercise a bit more often, and learn to become the master of your mind... and watch and see how fulfilling life can be. In fact fulfillment is seen to be your true nature.

Begin the new Year with a resolute determination to exercise very day. That will begin the powerful positive feedback cycle whereby you will get stronger every day and your Will-Power will naturally increase and express itself in more intelligent choices throughout your life.

Daily exercise is one of the most dramatic changes you can make in your life. In short, exercising strengthens your body, burns excess calories and promotes good circulation in all of its flowing systems. It’s the first and most important step to getting healthier and happier and it’s really not so hard to pick up.

Virtually any type of physical activity is good for your body so if you are exercising at all you are off to a great start. However, certain exercise practices are infinitely more beneficial than others. The best exercise, the exercise you should be doing daily requires the following:

It is vigorous (assuming it is safe and the right pace for you and your body). It is the sustained, vigorous workout that exercises the heart. And as it strengthens the heart, it sends blood through the filter organs more rapidly cleansing and detoxifying it. Sustained vigorous activity can unburden us of previously un-eliminated waste and toxins. Because poisons are almost fully responsible for disease, lack of energy, and degeneration, the multitude of benefits that accrue go far beyond keeping us fit.

It involves the entire body. Every part of your body needs daily exercise. Unlike your car and your shoes and a lot of other things in our lives, our body improves as we use it. When it is underused it actually deteriorates. Hips that are underused now become brittle later and break later. Muscles that rarely engaged become flaccid, skin sags and systems become blocked. So the exercise you are doing everyday needs to engage the entire body. Strong biceps are great, a strong heart and bones to go with them are even better.

Like I said, virtually any type of exercise - assuming it is safe – is good for you but the exercise practice to which you will be introduced over the next few pages is great for you. The Power Yoga sequence that I teach is one of the best ways to attain all the critical components of an exercise I just described. One more thing: it can lead to spiritual enlightenment. I’m serious. Yoga involves an intense mental/spiritual element that is accessible to everyone who practices regularly. You will begin to notice it yourself as you practice but I will address this further later.

Why do I say happier? Because if any of the functions of the internal organs like digestion or excretion are impaired, the brain will also be impaired. The brain is the organ of the mind. An impaired brain equals depression. There is an inseparable relationship between the mind and the body. If there is an imbalance in one, they will both suffer. This is why the value of exercise can never be overemphasized. Exercise can decrease nervous tension as it vitalizes the body, balancing the mind-body dynamic. Vigorous activity literally eliminates the internal conditions that give rise to qualms, worries and stress.

In order to feel physically well, emotionally balanced and spiritually aligned, we MUST exercise everyday. That is just how it is. No animals in nature take a day off of being themselves.

Vigorous activity strengthens the nerves and steadies them so you are less likely to feel edginess or nervousness. The body secretes noradrenaline and norepinephrin after sustained vigorous activity. This provides a perpetual feeling of well being.

Almost everything we make in life deteriorates with use. Edges dull; paint chips; motors fail. It is a paradox, but what nature makes, bodies are the opposite to a degree. With use, they improve. With exercise, they perform longer and better. This is because movement is essential to good health. Like all organisms, our bodies are made up of free flowing systems. Life is literally flowing through us. Movement is an underlying principle of our digestive, our reproductive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is required, as that is the design.

In the digestive system, the blocking of the flow is called constipation. It is very common and very unhealthy to be blocked. We need to get moving and get everything moving.

It amazes me how often blockages in our flowing systems are overlooked or their effects are blamed on some other ‘problem. In our society, many of us are more vigilant when it comes to maintaining the free flowing system in our cars than the ones in our bodies despite the fact that most of us are more prone to constipation than to a clogged fuel line. A blockage in any of your bodily systems is a serious health emergency. Keeping our systems flowing freely is essential to good health and it can be achieved through regular, vigorous exercise.

When you exercise, you also build strength. A comprehensive exercise program strengthens the entire body and encourages the coordination of various muscle groups. Rarely do we depend on just one muscle group for anything. Strength is more appropriately determined by how well our muscle groups work together.

Although exercise does help us “look good” regular exercise promotes good health in a deeper way too. Like other muscles, the heart can be strengthened or weakened depending on the degree to which it is used. The more blood your heart pumps to the aorta, the stronger and more efficient it gets. Your bones are the same way. Many of us perceive our bones as inactive and lifeless, but our skeletal system is as alive as any other part of your body. Exercising it builds bone strength and density. Even the nerves are strengthened with exercise, becoming steadier.

Author Fred Busch is the owner/director of Miami Yogashala
Fred leads international Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Time is Now

As the leaders of the world and coping the need to discuss the global climate accord and the potential to have one, we certainly stand at a fork in the roads. So many people that are finally realizing that we need to take responsibility for what's happening in the carbon and climate related issue and how absolutely devastating it really is going to be when the time has come. Most of us are probably, including myself, much more willing to talk than we are to act. This is something that has to change, we need to take serious responsibility and serious initiative and bold action and we need to give our politicians a reason to do that. A famous story where an aid to the president or a lobbyist to the president explain people's will that changes happen and the convince the president and finally comes to, "You know what, I agree with you. Now go out there and make me do it." So, it's up to us to speak our voice and to explain that we want a binding climate accord out of this meeting. We don't have another three years to debate this stuff, we don't have any more time. Time has come already and we need to have accomplished this ten years ago. We can't wait another ten years, we got to do everything in our power to step up and embrace all of the different ways of creating energy that are not going to produce more and more carbons to the environment and in some cases, hopefully, to draw it out to the planting more trees, and the sustaining of the forest and the preservation of the rain forest. We need to work hard, we need to start working hard now, we need to draw support to what is need in coping these days to support a binding climate accord.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So, it's not just that we save money through the strategies of prevention and intelligence in lifestyle and intelligence and means of keeping our health. It's that, our quality of life becomes so greatly improved, i mean, is there any argument or are there even any discussion that the best strategy is to not get cancer? Not just for the government, not just for the budgetary considerations but for the person. I mean, is there even a thought that weren't we would not be improving people's lives drastically by helping them prevent for themselves some of these most heinous diseases, these epidemics, these plagues in our society which are caused by our own unconsciousness, we have an opportunity to be radically effective in the improvement of the health of the country by instigating some very simple programs involving education and food in the schools and making sure that sodas and fried foods are not available in the schools and making sure that everyone understands the truth about animal foods and not letting the industry practices for profit the way of our information or education. This is the problem, just like the pharmaceutical and chemical companies, their quest for profit interferes with our information as they feed us half-truths and complete lies and they say that the food industry also operates by sharing, feeding us propaganda more or less half-truth that makes us feel that we are going to require milk, to require meat in order to get some kind of nutrient. This stuff is so false that it has to be identified. the time has come, we're really like a herd falling off the cliff and it's not necessary for us to fall off the cliff, we've seen that the trajectory that most people is heading is not ideal. Getting cancer so young, getting heart attacks so young, diabetes so young, being so obese, these things does not need to follow the herd over the cliff. the government and the people themselves can begin to take responsibility for the simple things in our lives that we can do and prevent our lives from getting an early diagnosis.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009


So I always wonder why Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and we celebrate our gratitude by killing a whole bunch of turkeys. It doesn’t seem to need to be a way of expressing gratitude to gorge ourselves and overeat and express gluttony. It would appear to me, in fact, that the opposite of gratitude, that that’s abuse of God’s great gift to us, which is health and which is life, and killing a bunch of turkeys and overeating and being unconscious are they an expression of gratitude, seems very strange to me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Good Transition Formula

So, if the time has come for change then the first thing to consider is the transition time. For some people it is easier to just go 100% raw immediately and they are able to do, but most people coming from a standard American diet (SAD) or even a standard “cheese and eggs” vegetarian need a transition time and it needs to be long.

In concrete terms we can consider three aspects in our lives and how this law is expressed. In terms of eating food, you can either be healing yourself or hurting yourself.
In terms of physical strength and exercises, you can either be getting weaker or getting stronger. And in terms of mentality, you can either be thinking positive thoughts, or negative destructive thoughts.

The reason why yoga is so important a part of this transition and lifestyle is that it assures the most efficient elimination of the poisons releasing into your bloodstream as the body ejects them in its re-assertion of it’s own domain which relied upon sufficient energy to enable.

So start doing a powerful Astanga or Power Yoga class 3 times a week. So matter what kind of diet you have now, you can start to do yoga 3 times a week. So the first month of a transition time might have no dietary implications at all and simply involves the physical practice of yoga. This will build initial strength and energy reserves, as you begin to sleep better.

The next month eliminate flesh foods and rejoice in that decision, it is not a deprivation but a gift to ourselves and the planet. Begin to eat as much fruit as you can and try to eat fruit when hungry instead of other “snacks”. Next month is time to eliminate dairy foods.
Always take it slow, it could be a year instead of a month, or it could be a week instead of a month, it is up to you and where you are at and thus what your needs are now.

Now begin to do some yoga 4-5 times a week and see if you can do it everyday.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


First things first, you do not turn into something that it’s not. That people are spiritual by their very nature. They are human beings so you’re already there. All you have to do is let them see for themselves what they already are so there’s nothing has to be created, it’s the first thing to be understand. It won’t be like, “all I got to create this sentences so that I can make you understand”, no. The whole point of this is that there’s no understanding involve. I can never convince you intellectually anything spiritually because it doesn’t operate on that level. Truth is not always operating on the level of intellectualization. First things first, relax. Spiritual part it needs to be easy going. Now, how do you do it? You realize that the spiritual part is already what you’re talking about with the breath. By telling someone to breathe perfectly or to breathe with an even inch on their breath, you’re giving them the opportunity to balance their mind and to still their mind then the spiritual part, brushes in like a wave - it just emerges. Because all you got to do is say feel the stillness in your mind and feel how good that feels. You want them to experience that stuff for themselves but don’t make it more than that it is. As far as spiritual things are concern, I’ll give you some hints. Feel gratitude, you could say that a hundred times. And I want you to mean it. When you say feel gratitude, you’re feeling it and intensely. And almost so intensely that you almost can’t even talk, that kind of gratitude. Like almost I couldn’t start crying, because I have seen the gifts that I have been giving and how incredible this is and how mystical, you have to begin to connect to that gratitude for yourself. The part of teacher sharing for you, cultivate it because it’s blissful. And again that’s the spiritual part. The gratitude is the spiritual part. You don’t have to say believe in God all you have to do is say feel gratitude wherever you want, feel it to wherever you want. Just feel it because it’s transformational. But don’t take my word for it. Always add things like that “don’t take my word for it”, feel it for yourself. These are people want to hear. They want to hear that you’re giving them the opportunity to experience it not just trying to talk to them and make them believe it. My whole thing is not believe anything I say, I don’t want you to believe anything I say. Is what I say doesn’t make sense? It doesn’t feel right? It doesn’t feel intelligent for you? Don’t do it. Because why would you do it? But go ahead and experience what it is like to have an even breath. It is still your mind. Feel what that’s it feels like even for a few moments.
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