Monday, October 17, 2011

Cell Phone Radiation Underestimated according to LA TIMES

As i always say energy is real whether you can see it or not. This radiation is effecting us even though our eyes don't perceive it! Always use speaker phone and dont sleep in the same room as your phone and don't keep in your pockets near your reproductive organs!

LA TIMES Reports:
"Measuring radiation exposure using current FCC guidelines underestimates how much radiation most people receive from their cellphones, researchers said Monday in a study published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine.

The authors of the study, including several members of Environmental Health Trust, a nonprofit organization devoted to identifying and controlling environmental health risks, pointed to several reasons why. One is that the current assessment method bases evaluations of how much radiation people are exposed to from their phones on measurements taken using a quite large, liquid-filled plastic model of the adult human head (known as the Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin, or SAM). Smaller people -- 97% of the population, the authors wrote -- will have higher proportional exposure than what is assessed. Children receive twice as much microwave radiation to the head from phones as adults, the study estimated, and 10 times the amount to bone marrow.

Also, current assessments don't examine exposure to parts of the body other than the head, the study noted. Even when a phone is stowed away in a pocket, it continues emitting radiation that could pose a health concern.

The authors reviewed examples of research demonstrating negative effects of cellphone use, including recent epidemiological studies suggesting correlations between cellphone use and brain cancer. (Whether microwave radiation from cellphones can damage DNA and cause cancer is a subject of debate; click here to read a National Cancer Institute fact sheet on the subject.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vitamins linked with higher death risk in older women

In my talks I mention that vitamins and minerals that are not found chelated into a living cell... that are not found in whole foods in other words, are not usable by the body.  I use the word 'insulting' to describe the effect it has on the body. Here the BBC is explaining a bit of overdue evidence along these lines:

Vitamins linked with higher death risk in older women 

vitamin tablets 
When it comes to vitamins, it appears you could have too much of a good thing, say researchers who report a link between their use and higher death rates among older women.  Experts have suspected for some time that supplements may only be beneficial if a person is deficient in a nutrient.  And excess may even harm, as the study in Archives of Internal Medicine finds.All of the women, in their 50s and 60s, were generally well nourished yet many had decided to take supplements.  Multivitamins, folic acid, vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron in particular appeared to increase mortality risk.  The researchers believe consumers are buying supplements with no evidence that they will provide any benefit.
Harms v gains
They are quick to stress that their study relied on the 38,000 US women who took part in it recalling what vitamins and minerals they had taken over the previous two decades. And it is difficult to control for all other factors, like general physical health, that might have influenced the findings.But they say their findings suggest that supplements should only be used if there is a strong medically-based cause for doing so because of the potential to cause harm.  "Based on existing evidence, we see little justification for the general and widespread use of dietary supplements," Dr Jaakko Mursu of the University of Eastern Finland and his research colleagues said.

Less is more
In the study, iron tablets were strongly linked with a small (2.4%) increased death risk, as were many other supplements. The link with iron was dose-dependent, meaning the more of it the individual took, the higher their risk was.  Conversely, calcium supplements appeared to reduce death risk. However, the researchers say this finding needs more investigation and they do not recommend that people take calcium unless advised to by a doctor in order to treat a deficiency. Drs Christian Gluud and Goran Bjelakovic, who review research for the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to evaluate best evidence, said: "We think the paradigm 'The more the better' is wrong."  They say dietary supplementation has shifted from preventing deficiency to trying to promote wellness and prevent diseases, and caution: "We believe that for all micronutrients, risks are associated with insufficient and too-large intake."  Helen Bond of the British Dietetic Association said some people, like the elderly, might need to take certain supplements. For example, vitamin D is recommended for people over the age of 65.   But she said that generally, people should be able to get all the vitamins and minerals they needed from a healthy, balanced diet. She said some took supplements as an insurance policy, wrongly assuming that they could do no harm. "But too much can be toxic and it is easy to inadvertently take more than the recommended daily amount."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yoga Safari - New Years Power Yoga Retreat with Fred Busch - Africa Yoga Project Benefit

I am having trouble putting into words just what kind of life changing experience it is when one goes to Africa for the first time. It is not like other place i promise. Africa feels different, more primal, more powerful. Being able to spend time and share experiences with each other as a group and with Maraka Ewoi, Joseph Mboya, and Kwame Nyongo.

Mbobya, Kwame and I all agree that Maraka Ewoi may be possibly one of the greatest men we have ever known. I have known all these guys for over 15 Years and they are our guides!

The way it feels when you are on an actual safari is also something challenging to express. There is a silence out there that is awe inspiring. Sometimes the sounds are just sublime, like listening to the leaves rip off a tree as an elephant pulls down to eat them. Eagles calling from the trees and the grass blows and makes a gentle swaying sound in the wind.

As someone interested in yoga and maybe some bit of social change, it would be hard to go to Kenya with a better group! We travel with our own vegetarian chef named Hadington who has worked in Europe and now lives back home in Nairobi. He is a master chef and caters to all our wishes!

We are visiting and supporting by delivering yoga mats to Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi founded by Paige Elenson. We will get a tour of where they are teaching and maybe even get a sample class with a local teacher!

Our base-camp is in the bush like you can't believe! This lodge was built with money from UNESCO because the owners of this land are native Maasai Warriors who decided to conserve their VAST expanses of land and dedicate to wildlife conservation on private land. This trip and our staying at their lodge (hot showers--nice bathrooms-- nice cabins---not much else except the coolest place you have ever been in your life) is directly supporting their conservation efforts.

So if you want to travel in a way where you have the greatest time in your life with amazing people, with Yoga and amazing vegetarian food, with the ability to really support an amazing organization, and with the ability to help wildlife conservation in Kenya...well then this trip is for you!

you can see the page for our event on facebook:

I hope i have enticed you! If i am able to sway you to come somehow with us, i have a very strong feeling you will thank me.

if you are pretty interested please email me to or just hit 'reply' and leave a phone number and i will call you myself!



Saturday, October 1, 2011

Food Tax for Fatty Food in Denmark! Hooray!

This is possible the most effective solution! Tax the fast food and tax the sugar like we are taxing the alcohol and cigarettes. What is the difference really? They are all causing the same undo strain on the health care network and are the seeds to disease and early death!

I hope the United States begins to tax fat and sugar also! It is a very powerful idea whose time has come!

Al Jazeera Reports today:

Denmark has imposed a fat tax in attempt to limit the population's intake of fatty foods, becoming the first country to take such a measure.

The new tax will be levied on all products that include saturated fats - from butter and milk to pizzas, oils, meats and pre-cooked foods.

The measure, designed by the outgoing government and announced on Saturday, will add 16 kroner [$2.87] per kg of saturated fats in a product.

Consumers over the past week hoarded butter, meat and milk to avoid the immediate price increase.

"We have had to stock up with tonnes of butter and margarine in order to be able to supply outlets," Soeren Joergensen of Arla Distribution told the AFP news agency.

Christian Jensen of an independent local Copenhagen supermarket said: "It has been a chaotic week with a lot of empty shelves. People have been filling their freezers.

"But actually I don't think the tax will make that much difference. If people want to buy a cake, they will buy it. But right now they're saving money."

Bureaucratic nightmare

Denmark's Confederation of Industries (DI) said that the new costing system was a bureaucratic nightmare for producers and outlets.

"The way that this has been put together is an administrative nightmare, and I doubt whether it will give better health. It's more just a tax," Gitte Hestehave, DI foodstuffs spokeswoman, told AFP, adding that the costs of levying the tax would be passed on to consumers.

Hestehave said that setting prices on domestically produced or imported goods was complicated, as it required declarations from producers both as to how much saturated fat was in the product itself, and used in its preparation.

Computer systems all had to be adjusted, adding many man-hours to administrative tasks for producers and sellers.

"Products that include other products that include saturated fats also have to have new prices worked out. Imported goods require a declaration from the producers abroad on exactly how much saturated fat has been used in production," Hestehave said.

"As far as we have been able to determine, Denmark is the first country in the world to introduce a fat tax, but we know that other countries are following us closely and have their own plans," she said.

EU studying tax

Some experts, however, say that the new Danish tax may not last long.

Jeppe Rosenmejer, an EU legal expert of the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, said the EU was studying the tax as there may be a competition issue.

While producers in Denmark have to pay the tax at source, for imported goods it is calculated by the distributor.

"This can mean that imported goods will be cheaper than domestically produced items," Rosenmejer told the national Jyllands-Posten daily.

A Danish producer will have to pay the tax on all of the saturated fat used, including for example what a product is fried in, he said. An importer may only be paying according to what is actually in the finished product.

"Hopefully the tax will be short-lived," Rosenmejer said.

The right-wing government that decided on the tax was superceded by a centre-left administration in elections last month.