Did You Know!!

  • Did you know that many people become doctors because it is such a high paying profession?

It is true that people look at being a doctor the same as other professions. It is for many, a financial decision to become a doctor, however it is not ideal. It may be a bit better if our doctors' primary intention be to maintain well being for us.
Medical advice that does not take into account attention to simple variables like diet and exercise patterns first, and preferring to exacerbate with chemical drugs that have large side effects is NOT the best advice. Doctors should want to never see us and make them obsolete due to their advice and counsel on living intelligently and maintaining our natural health.
Why would an entire class of people who are benefiting from a particular disease like cancer really be interested in the cure or the sure ways to prevent? It seems to me a rather macabre capitalization taking place on the bad advice they or other well meaning doctors are disseminating: bad advice leads to disease, disease leads to the paying of car and boat payments for the doctor.
In China, it used to be that a person would only pay their Doctor on years that they did NOT have to see them.
Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!!

  • Did you know that the Book of Job is a very special part of the Bible?

The Book of Job stands apart from other segments of the Bible and in my humble opinion deserves special attention. The Book of Job is a powerful testament to answering faith, as it is a story about God and the devil discussing the nature of humankind, with the devil discussing that given enough bad circumstances, any human can be brought to lose faith and curse God.
God says, 'You may be able to get all other men to lose faith and curse Me, but not my servant Job!'
I give thanks to Ralph Williams, my professor at University of Michigan; he cried when giving his lecture on the Book of Job back in 1995

  • Did you know that you don't have to be flexible to practice yoga?
Only a few people are flexible before beginning Yoga anyway. Yoga brings range of motion to those whop are strong and tight, and brings stability and strength to those who are overly flexible and weak.
Everybody's body type benefits from Yoga in one or multiple ways! We both become stronger and attain greater range of motion with time as we practice daily with gratitude in our heart for having any body that works well enough to practice yoga. 

  • Did you know that it is impossible to fail as long as you never stop trying?

People speak of success and failure as if they are absolute and that you can simply fail when undertaking an intention, but the only way to fail is to stop trying and as long as you never stop trying, then you can't fail or lose anything.

  • Did you know that there is a difference between common and normal?

Degenerative aging is common but it is certainly not normal. Obesity and cancer are both common now but are from normal for natural humans
Maybe we can see through the commonness to realize that what is before us is actually kind of shocking and certainly not acceptable. Too much cancer and disease everywhere that much is for sure, almost all of it preventable and much of it reversible.

  • Did you know that most yoga teachers give some pretty awful advice when confronted with injured students?
Do you have any injury and were told to 'take time off your yoga practice' or 'just push through it' by your yoga teacher? The fact is that neither one of those approaches will be successful for healing because neither is what we consider a 'healing environment.' What is really needed is to never ever take days off your practice, never aggravating the injury or situation.
There are a couple of yoga styles that are particularly good at causing injuries and particularly poor at healing them.
Many people really appreciate the way Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga at Brickell Hot Yoga and Kendall Hot Yoga is designed to heal injuries while being challenging and emphasizing the bigger picture of Yoga's intention. Join any Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga teacher training and tell them the situation and they will suggest all the variations needed to allow your body to heal

  • Did you know that enlightenment can be rented but never owned?
Indeed, as soon as you try to capture or attach too much or try to take possession of the moment's deep peace, it squishes through your fingers and is gone!
The deep peace and well being associated with enlightenment can be rented by always paying attention with awareness of presence and connection, it cannot be owned for the future. You can have it now...or you can have it now, but enlightenment will never happen in some theoretical later.

  • Did you know that the commandment from the Bible that translates to "Thou shall not kill" does not have any other words or addendum?
As you consider it, do you not realize that God is being very clear that the commandment is to not kill anything at all; it does not say thou shall not kill humans only. Let's not injure or cause pain to things while we are at it.

  • Did you know that cell phones should never be used without the speaker phone?

The inner ear canal represents the only line of access into the brain that is not protected by the bones of the skull. The brain is protected from radiation by the density of the skull bones. However, when a cell phone is placed where radiation is unable to be blocked, we are exposing our very highly calibrated and sensitive brain to unusual and unnatural radiation.
And did you know that when a child under the age of 12 years uses a cell phone without speaker phone, it temporarily disengages the proper functioning of the highly important 'blood brain barrier' which is responsible for filtering all pathogens so they can't enter the brain space. It is wise to use your phones on speaker!

  • Did you know that almost all the Yoga styles practised in the West can be traced to the root of one of the most extraordinary Yogis of all times?
His name is Krisnamacharya

  • Did you know that you are what you eat?
Of course you think you know that but really, what you eat becomes your blood, and your blood becomes your muscles and organs and feeds your brain.
Do you want your brain or muscles or heart to be made out of weak and compromised materials like fried foods and tumors? Remember, we don't eat well to live forever, rather to experience deep peace and well being in all the present moments we are gifted by the Divine. 

  • Did you know that no one YOGA POSE equals yoga?
Indeed, no single Yoga Pose or any yoga poses for that matter equals yoga, which is an expression of consciousness and actions accordingly.
Downward dog is not yoga, hand stand and fancy arm balance poses are not yoga. We all love yoga asana and should practice everyday Asana, but let us never be fooled into thinking that this is they Yoga Practice because it is only the smallest (but still essential for most of us) part.  

  • Did you know that Kung Fu is the root of all Eastern Martial Arts?
Indeed Kung Fu is the basis for almost every other Eastern Martial Art. Did you also know that Kung Fu was founded by a Yogi from India named Bohidharma?  It is amazing to learn how the roots of the ancient systems of Martial Arts are based in Yoga practices from India.

  • Did you know that all is one truth in truth, whether we are talking about health of body or about enlightenment and spirituality
In truth in both cases, it is simply about energy flowing freely without obstacles.  With physiological health and well being, the energy that needs to keep moving without blockage is our blood's flow and our system of digestion. We all know that we are not interested in restrictions in the blood or in being in a state of constipation as those represent having obstacles and those obstacles are clearly affecting reducing our levels of wellness.
A heart attack is a severe restriction of blood flow to the heart, and constipation is said to be 'the root of all disease.' For this, we have to exercise daily and not eat silly foods.
With Yoga and Enlightenment it is the same. We are also instructed by the Masters that we must find the way to remove obstacles to energy flowing, which if flowing, would result into our realization of divinity within us. This is the true intention of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, to help remove the obstacles blocking the energy called Kundalini or Prana from activating the centres of consciousness that bring peace and realizations. In this case, the obstacles are known to be many that Patanjali describes but the most important obstacle is realized to be our misidentifications with the unreal for the real. We think we are our body, we think we are our thinking minds and this causes great suffering.
So it should be a good metaphor to keep in visualization, that whether we are talking health or enlightenment, remove the obstacles and surrender to the natural flow of energy in body and consciousness, and experience how wonderful that is.

  • Did you know that there are many ways of meditating?
Meditation means the transcending or moving beyond ordinary limited consciousness to experience a sense of oneness and deep peace. Many people have very effective ways to achieve this like swimming, hiking, running, surfing, and so on. So many ways exist to quiet the mind and connect with the moment. When gratitude is present in the quiet, you will know you have arrived.

  • Did you know that the reason we eat a bit healthier is not so you will live longer?
Eating healthier or more intelligently is not going to help you live forever. The mortality rate on planet earth is 100%; nobody gets off this planet alive, so the reason to eat smarter is not so you live eternally. The real reason to eat smarter is for the quality of our present moments. By eating with a bit of awareness whenever possible, we create conditions of well being in our bodies and minds so that we can experience the profound bliss and our true nature, which is only found now and not in the future.
So the reason we should eat well is for the present moment, not for some possible lifespan extension. Eating well plus good exercise like yoga is the key to experiencing enlightenment, one sacred moment at a time.

  • Did you know that chlorophyll is the blood of plants? 
Just as blood runs current energetically through our mammalian systems, chlorophyll does that for plants. 
Many people have already studied that chlorophyll and hemoglobin are nearly identical molecules save for the central metal; magnesium vs. iron.
To put it all together, one book everyone should read is called 'Blood Transmutations', which explains eloquently that to build blood very healthy, one would want to eat a lot of chlorophyll rich whole foods; Spirulina, AFA, dark green salad greens, Chlorella...these are very good!

  • Did you know that no animal on this earth, besides us human beings, destroy their food before they eat it? 
No animal on this planet destroys the nutritional component of their food before they consume it. Cooking food negatively affects the nutritional value so much that often eating cooked food provokes an immune system reaction.
When you cook sugar, it is called caramelizing; when you cook fat, it is called rancidity; and when you cook protein, it is called coagulation. In either case, whatever you call it, it means the chemical bonds and electons orbit have been morphed or changed. Any time fire is involved with food, those changes are not for the better. It is best to eat as much food that has not seen fire as possible.

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