Restorative Retreat - Colorado
The absolutely amazing Danielle Herbert will be gracing Salamadhi Ranch for her R and R, Restorative Retreat in Colorado in October. Register sooner than later; this will SELL OUT FAST

Wilderness Survival

A yoga and wilderness survival retreat led by Tom Brown III, son of legendary tracker Tom Brown Jr. 
This is an amazing opportunity to learn the most valuable skills around, living in harmony with nature!! 



Announcing The Lotus Dorm, Miami Yoga's 10 student capacity residential dorm in close walking distance to Brickell HOT Yoga. 
Beginning September 13th, all Teacher Trainings and Certifications in Miami are now available with residential and catering option, and we might even get Salamadhi Ranch's Chef John to visit.
Join us in Miami for our September 13th HOT Power Yoga, October's Mixed Martial Yoga or YogaNutritionist Teacher Training and the residential option is useful for you.
Megan Elizabeth is the contact person who will arrange for check in at The Lotus Dorm.

Mixed Martial Yoga
Brickell HOT Yoga

Join Mixed Martial Yoga Gurus every Sunday at Brickell Hot Yoga for the most powerful yoga class around.

Yoga Teacher Training
Brickell Hot yoga

Brickell Hot Yoga studio will host of teacher training from 5th July, 2014 to 2nd August, 2014. 

- Experience enlightenment and peace while enjoying the learning experience altogether.
- Come and listen to the famous food talk and uplift your level of information

Here is an overview of the curriculum:

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