Monday, June 23, 2008

A Quote by Dr. Robert Snaidach of the Transformation Instititute

“By far the most important cause of ill health in man is his many and habitual dietetic errors of one kind or another, the immediate results of which are not felt and intelligently evaluated. It is the gradual erosion of health by the more or less constant bombardment by erroneous eating practices which, in most cases, is responsible for the destruction of health.” Dr. Robert Snaidach.

You are what you eat

It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of a proper diet. You are your diet. The cliché ‘you are what you eat’ has, for the most part, lost its edge. Let me try to sharpen it again. YOU ARE MADE OUT OF WHAT YOU EAT. The food that you put into your mouth becomes you. The cells that make up the tissues in your eyes and lungs and blood are made from the food that you eat. Your body is making over a million cells a second and the material it uses is the food you eat. Think about that. Right now your body is using the food you ate this morning to create and maintain you. What did you eat for breakfast? Think of your body using something like a Pepsi or a sugary cereal to make up your blood. Think of making a weak cell.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Health is Beauty

Your health plays a larger role in impacting the various aspects of your life than anything else. Happiness, spirituality, your love life, levels of productivity and creativity - everything in your world is colored by your health. If you want to do anything from regulate your sleep patterns to improve your skin tone, the way to start is to get healthy. Being healthy and looking good are the same things so if you want to be more attractive, get healthy. What about depression, emotional problems or difficulty concentrating? The brain is no different than the other organs in your body. It is the emotion center and where your ideas originate, but it is still an organ and when your body suffers from any ailment, your brain is suffering. Your thoughts, your emotions are suffering. So if you want to feel better, get healthy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yoga Bootcamp to Detox and Destress

Recharge, Renew, and Rejuvenate with the Fred Busch Yoga Transformations Bootcamp.
Deeped your practice, strengthen your body, connect to your divine essence, and recharge your battery for spiritual light.

Take one step to God, and he takes 99 steps to you.

August 16th-23rd, 2008
Maya Tulum, Mexico (Fly to Cancun) and then goto EVENTS

Wrist Therapy to heal wrists

Duncan Wong's Wrist Therapy is the most formidable technique for preventing wrist issues or healing wrists. The wrists must be allowed to heal first then the wrist therapy is useful. To let the wrists heal in a yogic context means do not allow the wrist to bend to 90 degrees for a few weeks. Avoid Push-ups and Plank Poses and Vasistasana and anything like Crow that does that to the wrists. When the wrists feel better you can employ the wrist therapy which implies having the wrists point forward-forward, then turning them out to point back-back. This is the cure for what is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Ruckus Society

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Greetings Ruckus Family,

This has been a busy spring and we have goodies for you to watch and experience with us! We hosted an amazing Tactics Summit, and supported community actions with Klamath River indigenous folks, anti-Chevron activists, and Palestinian solidarity youth.

IP3 met with residents of Kaua'i that work on a plethora of land rights, environmental and sovereignty issues - and while there, took over the air waves with this great, in-depth interview.

We demanded the comprehensive media we need to support our action communities at the National Council on Media Reform.

Not Your Solider partnered with Bay Peace and Fellowship of Reconciliation to host 'Creative Resistance: Our Dreams Will Not be Recruited!' At the event, Sharon (Projects Director) reported her experience in Colombia and the amazing tactics they are using to resist the military. And in the midst of all that, Oakland United just keeps getting better!

We are gearing up for Fall trainings! Make sure your organization, college, or affinity group requests trainings for the rest of this Summer and Fall asap! We offer over 20 trainings in the area of direct action organizing, media, tactics, strategy, election protection and organizational development. Utilize our network of experienced trainers: visit to request trainings!

In order to continue this awesome work we need everyone's support. Donate one time or become a monthly donor ($5-100 a month). Make a donation and make a difference!

Check below for the lastest Videos and Interviews!

Peace and Love,
Celeste, Marty, Hannah, Megan, Sabba, Adrienne & Sharon



Request training and action support. We offer over 20 trainings.

In order to continue this awesome work we need everyone's support. Donate one time or become a monthly donor.


Request training and action support. We offer over 20 trainings.


Donate to Ruckus!

In order to continue this awesome work we need everyone's support. Donate one time or become a monthly don

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yoga Teacher Training in Peru with Fred Busch

Lima Yogashala May 2008

The Teacher Training in Lima was amazing! A great group and a wonderful and enlightening experience for everyone!

Gaby, Craig, Fred, Stella, and Jennifer in the picture shown.