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Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide W/Fred Busch - Chapters 3 & 4 (VIDEO)

Continue to learn how to pronounce the most common Yoga Asanas correctly. Learn many Sanskrit root words that can be used to understand more Mantras and sacred texts. These videos were shot live at Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in South America.

Chapter 3 of 12

Chapter 4 of 12

For Chapters 1 & 2 click HERE

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide W/Fred Busch - Chapters 1 & 2 (VIDEO)

Learn how to pronounce the most common Yoga Asanas correctly. Learn many Sanskrit root words that can be used to understand more Mantras and sacred texts. These videos were shot live at Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in South America.

Chapter 1 of 12

Chapter 2 of 12

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Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, INDIA with FRED BUSCH and NATALIE D'ONOFRIO

NAMASTE! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. We have had a date change for our INDIA YOGA RETREAT now 12/10/2012-12/20/2012. Which means you have even more time to prepare, plan, save and COME with us. You don't want to miss this life changing experience led by Fred, Natalie and our dear friend Amit. Check out our blog from our last retreat to see highlights, photos, videos, and stories; http://therupeeman.tumblr.com


Rishikesh - aerial view
Dates Decem...ber 10th- December 20th 2012. Plenty of time for you to plan though we do plan on selling out.
Brief Details:

12/10/2012 arrive in Delhi, India

12/11/2012 depart to Rishikesh by private car

12/11/2012-12/19/2012 Check into hotel in  The Rainforest House (www.rainforest-house.com) You will experience daily yoga, visit to waterfalls, the Ganga River, Shivanada ashram, Vasishta Gufta cave where the Hindu sage and yogi Vasishta did his sadhana ages ago, Rajaji National Park, sunrises, sunsets, hikes, and a life changing experience.

12/19/2012 depart back Delhi, India by private car

12/20/2012 departure back to country of origin.

Price: $2250. We have extended our discounted price: pay in full by JULY 1st 2012 and pay $2000.

Includes: pick up to and from airport, 9 nights of hotels (double occupancy and shared bed), breakfast included in Delhi, 2 meals a day included in Rishikesh at the rainforest hotel, daily yoga classes, and group day adventures.

Does not include: tips, meals other then what is stated, any extra activities you may want to do while in Rishikesh, and international air flight.

To reserve your spot Contact:

Fred Busch fbusch911@gmail.com
Natalie D'onofrio therupeeman@gmail.com   

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yoga Nanda Update 10/24/12 w/Fred Busch (VIDEO)

Teaching about Patanjali and his sutras in New York at Yoga Nanda. Mayara and I are so much enjoying being food tourists visiting all these amazing vegetarian restaurants in manhattan! Tonight is Candle 79 recommended by Jules! — with Mayara Light.

Photo: Teaching about Patanjali and his sutras in New York at Yoga Nanda.  Mayara and I are so much enjoying being food tourists visiting all these amazing vegetarian restaurants in manhattan! Tonight is Candle 79 recommended by Jules!  

Patanjali is the father of Yoga and the author of the Yoga Sutras. Inside the Yoga Sutras are contained the 8 Limbs Path translated into Sanskrit is Ashtanga Yoga. In this video from 2010 Fred explains about the contribution Patanjali makes to Yoga and the historical context with which the Sutras were written.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The frightening scourge of GMO's...

We are doing many experimental things these days. We are not unlike lab rats actually. Between our cell phone radiation trials that we are all involuntarily participating in or this scourge called GMOS!

Click on Picture below to read article "Buying the Vote on G.M.O.’s" - published in the NY Times 10/23/12...

Did you know? That your true nature is bliss

Did you know? Did you know that the Masters tell us that your true nature is bliss and well being. Like the sun is always shining your true nature is always shining. But the metaphor continues to explain that sometimes there are obstacles between you and your perception/realization of this true nature.

Just like clouds pass between the sun and the earth and during those moments one can not perce...ive the sun, for us our thoughts are the obstacles between us and our realization of deep peace. There are other obstacles as well related to thinking mind like deep misidentifications and habit patterns, but whatever obstacles are identified one must first visualize that as soon as those obstacles have been clear that the work is over and the experience of Yoga will reveal itself without effort.

For this reason the energy in the universe that removes obstacles is to be revered as the main force providing us with the means to fulfill our intentions and experience our true nature. This energy that is the remover of obstacles is called Ganesh.

New York teacher training at Yoga Nanda (Video)

New York teacher training at Yoga Nanda — with Fred Busch & Mayara Light.
Photo: New York teacher training at Yoga Nanda
Hands on instruction at Yoga Nanda
Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Are you a Bikram Yoga™ Teacher interested in learning mor
Hot Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training with Fred Busch

Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Instructor Course that also is ideal for personal practice and self development. Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Accredited Program for both 200 Hour and 500 Hour Hot Yoga Certifications.

This is a professional training course that will lay the foundations and present all skills required to become an outstanding Yogi who teaches Hot Power Yoga and Hot Vinyasa Yoga.

We emphasize yoga philosophy and yoga therapy creating a well rounded Hot Yoga Teacher ready to help students with different backgrounds and abilities.

http://www.miamiyoga.com/hot_yoga_teacher_training.html - Miami Yoga
http://www.yoga-nanda.com - New York Yoga School

for more info contact fredb@miamiyoga.com

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Detox Programs and Wellness Keys with Fred Busch (VIDEO)

In this video Fred Busch, master of Yoga and Nutrition, discusses The American Nutrition Institute's Detox program and some very potent keys to success in weight loss and stress relief.

Fred is the co-founder of The American Nutrition Institute and leads Trainings and Certifications around the world!

Special note for those about to begin a detox program - Don't let those nasty symptoms discourage you!
Healing Crisis, aka; The Herxheimer Reaction - Feeling worse before feeling better
The Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, sinus problems, general malaise, sweating, chills, dizziness, nausea or other symptoms.
This is a normal — and even healthy — reaction that indicates that toxins, parasites, fungus, viruses, bacteria or other pathogens are being effectively killed off and/or in the process of being eliminated. The biggest problem with the Herxheimer reaction is that people break the cleanse that is causing the reaction, and thus discontinue the very treatment that is helping to make them better. Although the process may not make you feel particularly good, the Herxheimer Reaction is actually a sign that healing is taking place and toxins are being broken-up and circulated for elimination.
Defining the Herxheimer Reaction?
The Herxheimer Reaction is an immune system reaction to the toxins (endotoxins) that are released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off, and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough. Simply stated, it is a reaction that occurs when the body is detoxifying and the released toxins intensify current symptoms or create their own symptoms. The important thing to note is that worsening symptoms do not indicate failure of the cleanse in question; in fact, it's usually just the opposite.
The severity of the Herx reaction is often an indicator of just how much toxicity there was in the body to begin with and is an indicator of the effectiveness of the cleanse. It is actually a sign that the body is restoring itself to good health.
The reaction times, if indeed there is any reaction at all, are strictly dependent on the individual doing the cleanse. Duration of the reaction also varies widely, from an hour or a few hours to days or even a week in extremely rare cases.

A few suggestions to lessen the discomfort of the Herxheimer Reaction
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine if possible.
  • Minimize excercise and get plenty of rest whenever symptoms are severe.
  • Keep the bowels, lungs, skin and urinary tract clean and clear.
  • Take Epsom salt baths and/ or steam baths and saunas. 
The most important advice in relation to the Herxheimer Reaction is to “bear with the process”. The reaction is usually over within a few hours up to a few days and is well worth the cleansing and healing results. Plus, it is a sure sign that the cleanse is doing its job and working to help restore your body to a state of vibrant and natural health!

Keep this in mind and "bear with the process"
*A word of caution... Although rare, any serious symptoms such as cardiac irregularity; breathing difficulties due to chest, lung or throat constriction; significant swelling; or other severe symptoms should be given immediate medical attention.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yoga in your workspace with Fred Busch - Part 2 (VIDEO)

Standing Yoga Poses for your Work Space - continued from Part 1

In this short video Fred shows us that even small bits of Yoga done throughout the day at work will have incredible effects on your circulation and mental clarity and energy. Fred Busch explains a few very simple but invigorating standing poses that anyone can practice and benefit from while at work.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yoga in your workspace with Fred Busch - Part 1 (VIDEO)

Yoga in your workspace - at your desk! The most important thing you can do at your job is to micro-exercise. Take small breaks to stretch and strengthen your muscles. This keeps your mind clear and your body feeling energized. In this short video Fred demonstrates how to use Yoga awareness at work during a short 5 minute break.

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon...

For more info about Fred Busch Retreats and Teacher Trainings visit http://www.fredbusch.com/

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did You Know? Probiotic Bacteria is Necessary for Optimal Health

Did you know? Did you know that when the ‘cat is away the mice will play’? The average length of the entire human intestine can range from 7.5 to 8.5 meters (25 to 28 feet) with a surface area over ten times greater than the skin surface, all of which is supposed to be TEEMING with BILLIONS of beneficial micro flora collectively called “probiotics”. These symbionts are responsible for keeping the surface areas of our intestines occupied so that nothing unwanted can come, take root and flourish.

When we drink alcohol or take drugs (especially antibiotics) of any kind these beneficial bacteria are wiped out and thus a huge range of molecular compounds they were supposed to produce for us don’t get made and the territory is left unguarded and vulnerable to infestation. ANTIbiotics are, after all, the antithesis of PRObiotics!

It’s also very important to understand that both beneficial "friendly" and harmful "unfriendly" micro organisms inhabit the human intestinal tract simultaneously. They enjoy a complex symbiotic relationship with each other. In fact, in many cases each contributes to the overall function and health of the intestinal tract, while keeping the other in check at the same time.

Of course, when under undisturbed conditions, the balance of "friendly" micro organisms to "unfriendly" micro organisms remains remarkably stable. Intestinal function runs smoothly, with digestion and metabolism operating at peak levels, providing essential enzymes, nutrients and chemicals to the rest of the body.

So when this balance in the intestinal tract is maintained healthful conditions prevail. It is only when the ecology of the gastrointestinal tract becomes disturbed or otherwise altered that the balance of friendly/unfriendly micro organisms becomes disrupted, and then serious health problems often occur. Most common causes of these disturbances are antibiotic usage, excessive sugar or alcohol consumption, stress and even drinking chlorinated or fluorinated water.

When the ecological balance of the human gastrointestinal tract becomes disrupted, beneficial micro organisms can no longer flourish in required numbers to hold the harmful ones in check. What's more, malicious toxin producing bacteria and fungi begin to take over, further threatening the ecology of the gastrointestinal tract.

Any diet high in red meats, concentrated proteins or rich, fatty foods will dramatically alter the acid/alkaline balance of the intestines, leading to the overgrowth of the disease causing, putrefactive bacteria that eventually will overcome the beneficial bacteria and open the door to a host of serious health problems.

Furthermore, colonies of putrefactive bacteria often discharge highly toxic by-products while reacting with foods in the digestive tract. This reaction could further upset the ecology of the gastrointestinal tract and slowly poison the bloodstream and subsequently the entire body. The end result is the onset of chronic degenerative diseases.

The Lower Back Bible by Fred Busch

Do you have severe lower back pain that will not go away?  Have you been told that surgery is your best or only option?  Fred Busch is a world renowned authority on eliminating lower back pain through the use of his unique yoga program.

Visit the Amazon webpage and order now, click on book cover image below...

The Lower Back Bible

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Meningitis Outbreak could have been prevented - there is a natural way to eliminate back pain

The unreported part of this sad story (BBC News) of people dying from tainted steroid injections is that the reason many of those people were taking those steroids is they were desperate to alleviate their back pain.
Please everybody, realize that you do not need to go through extreme (and extremely dangerous) procedures or take pharmaceuticals. My book the Lower Back Bible offers a very simple, safe and effective approach that really works!

Click on image below to view entire article...

Undated photo of the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus

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Dairy lecture with Fred Busch - Have you weaned yourself from dairy? (VIDEO)

If you're like most Americans, you've been raised on cow's milk and probably continue to think that it's a healthy food that's a staple for a well balanced diet. Well, it's time to reconsider.

In the following nine minute video Fred explains how dairy products are not ideal for human beings. He uses examples to illustrate why it is unnatural for adult mammals to continue to consume dairy foods. In this yoga teacher training clip, Fred also explains how certain truths are not apparent.


It seems that whenever the subject about why you should NOT have dairy products, people bring out all their defensive tactics in support of milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc..
But a little research will show that milk and dairy products are not the health foods we’ve been told they are. Here's a list of 11 reasons to stop consuming them:
  1. Cow’s milk is intended for baby cows. We’re the only species (other than those we are domesticating) that drinks milk after infancy. And, we’re definitely the only ones drinking the milk of a different species.
  2. Hormones. Not only are the naturally-present hormones in cow’s milk stronger than human hormones, the animals are routinely given steroids and other hormones to plump them up and increase milk production. These hormones can negatively impact humans’ delicate hormonal balance.
  3. Most cows are fed inappropriate food. Commercial feed for cows contains all sorts of ingredients that include: genetically-modified (GM) corn, GM soy, animal products, chicken manure, cottonseed, pesticides, and antibiotics.
  4. Dairy products, when metabolized, are acid-forming. Our bodies are constantly striving for biochemical balance to keep our blood at 7.365 pH. Eating excessive acid-forming products can cause our bodies to overuse some of its acid-balancing mechanisms, one of which is the bones. Alkaline calcium is stored in the bones and released to combat excessive acidity in the body. Over time, bones can become fragile.
  5. Research shows that the countries whose citizens consume the most dairy products have the HIGHEST incidence of osteoporosis.
  6. Most dairy cows live in confined, inhumane conditions, never seeing the pastures of green grass they were intended to eat.
  7. Most dairy products are pasteurized to kill potentially-harmful bacteria. During the pasteurization process, vitamins, proteins, and enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes assist with the digestion process. When they are destroyed through pasteurization, milk becomes harder to digest, therefore putting a strain on our bodies’ enzyme systems.
  8. Dairy products are mucous-forming. They can contribute to respiratory disorders. When I remove dairy and sugar from the diets of my clients, they stop experiencing hay fever and seasonal allergies.
  9. Research links dairy products with arthritis. In one study on rabbits, scientist Richard Panush was able to PRODUCE inflamed joints in the animals by switching their water to milk. In another study, scientists observed more than a 50% reduction in the pain and swelling of arthritis when participants eliminated milk and dairy products from their diet.
  10. Most milk is homogenized, which denatures the milk’s proteins, making it harder to digest. Many peoples’ bodies react to these proteins as though they are “foreign invaders” causing their immune systems to overreact. Research also links homogenized milk to heart disease.
  11. Pesticides in cow feed find their way into milk and dairy products that we consume.
If you're still not convinced that you'll live a longer and healthier life by eliminating dairy watch the following 77 minute documentary film "The Perils of Dairy":

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mammograms - Are they Safe? Why all the hype?

"Schedule your mammogram during MAMMOPALOOZA and enter to win an Apple® iPad® 2."

This is an ad I just saw. Is it not odd to anyone else that rather than addressing the root cause of breast cancer and eradicating it... we prefer to have a MAMMOPALOOZA.

Read what Dr. Andrew Weil has to say in this Q & A...

AND, this from Dr. Mercola, click on: Your Greatest Weapon Against Breast Cancer (Not Mammograms)

Did you know? Balance is basically strength!

Did you know? Did you know that there is not a magical skill called Balance?

Do you believe that you ‘don’t have good balance’? Fact is that there is no magical (or mythical) skill called balance that some people have and others don’t. Balance does not really exist in that way. What it is... is strength. Because you have the strength to do it is the reason why you are able to stand on leg, not because you were born with ‘good balance’. The best way to put it simply is: Balance = Strength and Strength is simply a function of practice. Guard against having unrealistic and unfair expectations of your body to perform poses that you have not practiced everyday for months. And of course keep your eyes fixed (or still) and keep breathing. ☺

Friday, October 12, 2012

Update - Great news from Fred

Just scheduled! I will be teaching a Power Yoga Master Class in London on my way to Rishikesh! Details coming soon! Check out The House of Yoga in London with Director Jason Pooley!

Visit the studio - The House of Yoga
Hot power vinyasa yoga studio in Putney

The House of Yoga in London with Director Jason Pooley
The House of Yoga's hot vinyasa power yoga studio in Putney is fully fitted with a state of the art infrared heating system and an air filtered ventilation system which constantly filters fresh air.

Dont snack on Nuts! And eat only Almonds (VIDEO).

In the following video Fred explains why not to snack on nuts in general, and why to eat only almonds if you eat nuts. Fred explains the acid and alkaline effects that eating nuts have and thus why to avoid all but the almond. Fred also explains why women want to be careful to not overuse soy milk. This is excerpted from Fred Busch's Famous Food Talk in South Beach.

Almonds are nutrient-dense (eat small quantities only), moderately alkaline-forming nuts. They provide more calcium than any other nut, and this high calcium content coupled with high magnesium content is what makes almonds alkaline-forming.
Because almonds are about 60 percent fat, they’re also high in calories; a 1 oz. serving contains just over 170 calories, of which 102 calories are from heart-healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Almonds are an excellent source of protein, potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin E, and a good source of antioxidant flavonoids. Almonds also help reduce LDL cholesterol levels and offer protection against heart disease, but please always eat them raw and only in moderation.

Cautionary note: Nuts rich in asparagine, such as almonds, have the potential to harm your health and fitness when roasted. Sticking to raw nuts remains the safest method to avoid such problems.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Potent Quote and famous food talk from Fred Busch (VIDEO)

"The key theme with the food topic is that eating more intelligently is not difficult, and that people don’t have to eat 100% different or change in any kind of major way; in fact, if they just change a little bit at a time, that is called a positive feedback cycle, and it is has snowball effect. So if only one time someone were going to grab a candy bar but instead they grab an apple or a banana and that only happened once in the next 55 years, don't think that is insignificant. One of the big mistakes that we all make in our life is assuming if we are not doing it all the way, why do it at all, and that is one of those mental traps where we are not able to do anything that's anything intelligent because we just think that if we don't do it so perfectly, we better just skip it. The fact is, if we just do very small things, it makes a huge difference, not a small difference. It's positive feedback cycle, you do one smart thing, it makes you stronger mentally and physically, giving you the potential to do another smart thing later on, and it builds up like a snow ball and eventually it just becomes very easy to act more intelligently.

"The body works in a way that it is constantly using a vast majority of its vitality or the vast majority of its energy is dedicated into the digestive system and the organs of simulation, intestines and stomach, basically absorbing 70% of your energy in your daily life. The reason is, we are all eating food that we are not biologically adapted to eat. And so we end up living a lifestyle where most of our energy is being diverted down a different stream not really being used for our own benefit. Your organs repair themselves when you eat less. When you don't eat, your body begins to detox and cleanse itself."

Highly recommended that you set aside some time to watch the following video...

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, INDIA with FRED BUSCH and NATALIE D'ONOFRIO

10 Spots filled as of today... 5 more left! We will be in Rishikesh which is the spiritual heart of India and is on the Ganges River as she flows from the Himilayas. We will be doing lots of Yoga both with Natalie D'onofrio and myself, as...well as at the local Rishikesh Ashrams.

Did you know that in 1939 Swami Sivananda dedicated a temple to World Peace and instructed his students to play harmonium and chant mantra 24 hours a day... one each hour replaced by the next disciple.... and that even to this day Swami Sivananda's disciples continue to chant in the temple as they have been continuously since then!

Rishikesh is magical!

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, INDIA with FRED BUSCH and NATALIE D'ONOFRIO
Fred & Natalie
Announcement Details:

NAMASTE! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. We have had a date change for our INDIA YOGA RETREAT now 12/10/2012-12/20/2012. Which means you have even more time to prepare, plan, save and COME with us. You don't want to miss this life changing experience led by Fred, Natalie and our dear friend Amit. Check out our blog from our last retreat to see highlights, photos, videos, and stories http://therupeeman.tumblr.com/

Dates December 10th - December 20th 2012. Plenty of time for you to plan though we do plan on selling out.
Brief Details:
  • 12/10/2012 arrive in Delhi, India
  • 12/11/2012 depart to Rishikesh by private car
  • 12/11/2012-12/19/2012 Check into hotel in Rishikesh The Rainforest House (http://www.rainforest-house.com/) You will experience daily yoga, visit to waterfalls, the Ganga River, Shivanada ashram, Vasishta Gufta cave where the Hindu sage and yogi Vasishta did his sadhana ages ago, Rajaji National Park, sunrises, sunsets, hikes, and a life changing experience.
  • 12/19/2012 depart back Delhi, India by private car
  • 12/20/2012 departure back to country of origin.
Price: $2250. We have extended our discounted price: pay in full by JULY 1st 2012 and pay $2000.
Includes: pick up to and from airport, 9 nights of hotels (double occupancy and shared bed), breakfast included in Delhi, 2 meals a day included in Rishikesh at the rainforest hotel, daily yoga classes, and group day adventures.
Does not include: tips, meals other then what is stated, any extra activities you may want to do while in Rishikesh, and international air flight.
To reserve your spot Contact:
Natalie D'onofrio therupeeman@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In the "Hood" at Salamadhi Ranch

The deck of Salamadhi Ranch on an amazing Colorado morning! What a cool Hoodie!
Photo: The deck of Salamadhi Ranch on an amazing Colorado morning! What a cool Hoodie!

More Photos from the Salamadhi Ranch retreat click HERE

Obesity not a problem? - Think Again...

So you think taxing garbage foods is a bad idea huh? Obesity in this country is not affecting your health care costs huh?
Radical action may be required action to stop this epidemic according to global health experts!

Obesity is a problem in low, middle and high income countries

Body fat being measured using callipers.
Obesity is a problem in low, middle and high income countries
From the article: "Governments had been too slow to act on the 'obesity crisis'."
"There is more willingness to invest in drugs and surgery than dealing with the underlying causes."

Author Nick Triggle also compared the tactics of the food industry - in terms of getting peopl...e addicted to their products and in blocking attempts to discourage consumption - to those of tobacco firms in previous decades.' - the FAT tax is coming.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-14669203

ANNOUNCEMENT...Spots Still Open for Teacher Training at Yoga-nanda in New York!


Fred just booked his flight to New York! Saturday starts the Teacher Training at Yoga-nanda in New York! There are still some spots!

When: October 13 at 9:00 am until November 11 at 5:30pm. Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Nanda in Garden City! Yoga Alliance 200/300/500. Hot Yoga / Power Yoga / Vinyasa.

For all information and to register please visit: http://www.yoga-nanda.com/
or email fredb@miamiyoga.com

Did you know? - The Greatest trick of the Devil...

Did you know that 'the greatest trick the devil ever played is convincing the world he does not exist?' This means that if we are not aware of the source of the problem it is not possible to address the issue. If you are convinced that the source of the issue does not even exist...then you are unlikely to cast responsibility in the right direction.

And equally as important ...is the realization that until something does indeed have a name... it can not be targeted. This is the reason why all things are now called medical conditions with specific medical names. Once a specific medical name is given to a specific medical condition... even in the cases of things that are totally innocuous... then the pharmaceutical industry can market a chemical that 'targets' that condition. It is a big industry of naming conditions so they can be used to create multi billion dollar drugs to counteract conditions that are more easily and effectively remedied using other means.

These two metaphors in juxtaposition are a tremendous wisdom helpful for navigating the world.

Always keep in mind: The biggest lie that the devil is selling the world is that he doesn’t exist. After that the devil's working on helping you to lose faith in love, in the power of work and the belief in that you can be healthy, happy and whole. 
Don't be deceived

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ahimsa and Yoga Samadhi (VIDEO)

In the video that follows, Fred Busch explains during his power yoga teacher training in Miami Beach, how a person cannot fully understand the power and truth of Ahimsa until after they have attained Samadhi. The very first Yama, which is the first limb, is not possible to realize until after enlightenment.
First a brief explanation...

Ahimsa (Compassion for all living things)

The word ahimsa literally means not to injure or show cruelty to any creature or any person in any way whatsoever. Ahimsa is, however, more than just lack of violence as adapted in yoga. It means kindness, friendliness, and thoughtful consideration of other people and things. It also has to do with our duties and responsibilities too. Ahimsa implies that in every situation we should adopt a considerate attitude and do no harm.

Samadhi (Union with the Divine)

The final step in the eight-fold path of Yoga is the attainment of Samadhi. Samadhi means "to bring together, to merge." In the state of samadhi the body and senses are at rest, as if asleep, yet the faculty of mind and reason are alert, as if awake; one goes beyond consciousness. During samadhi, we realize what it is to be an identity without differences, and how a liberated soul can enjoy pure awareness of this pure identity. The conscious mind drops back into that unconscious oblivion from which it first emerged.

Thus, samadhi refers to union or true Yoga. There is an ending to the separation that is created by the "I" and "mine" of our illusory perceptions of reality. The mind does not distinguish between self and non-self, or between the object contemplated and the process of contemplation. The mind and the intellect have stopped and there is only the experience of consciousness, truth and unutterable joy.

The achievement of samadhi is a difficult task. For this reason the Yoga Sutra suggests the practice of asanas and pranayama as preparation for dharana (Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness), because these influence mental activities and create space in the crowded schedule of the mind. Once dharana has occurred, dhyana (Meditation) and samadhi can follow.

These eight limbs (steps) of yoga indicate a logical pathway that leads to the attainment of physical, ethical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual health. Yoga does not seek to change the individual; rather, it allows the natural state of total health and integration in each of us to become a reality.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rhomboids, Trapezius at Yoga Anatomy class with Fred Busch (VIDEO)

How many of us remember their mom yelling: “stand up straight”? Good posture is possible even without your mom’s guilt trip. One way to accomplish this is stretching and strengthening the muscles around and between your shoulder blades.

In this video presentation Fred explains the relationship between these muscles, the shoulder blades and your posture.

For most people, proper posture in the shoulder area eludes them. But on many occasions when you’re able to get in touch and straighten up properly, you probably have briefly had a taste of that “sweet spot” of balance and stability. Although for much of the time, you probably slump over or you go to the other extreme and adapt a stiff military type posture, thrusting your chest up and forward while wrenching your shoulder blades back toward your spine. But we have all experienced times when our shoulder blade alignment is natural and relaxed, when none of the supporting muscles are contracted and tense or overstretched and weak; and then you feel amazing.

The challenge, of course, is first in finding and then in maintaining that posture. But it's worth all the effort; not only will you look better when you’re standing up straight, but you'll also experience fewer aches and pains in your neck and back region and you'll then be able to practice yoga asana more easily. When you spend too much time looking like a Marine at attention, you’ll notice the tightness in the muscles between your shoulder blades and that can make it harder to raise your arms over your head, whether you're reaching up high for that box on the top shelf or pressing back into the downward-facing dog pose, or reaching for the sun as in the tree pose. When your tendency is to slump, you will probably have a difficult time doing backbends and you’ll notice a limited range of motion in your shoulders.

In addition to the role they play in maintaining proper posture, the shoulder blades (scapulae) act as the foundation for your arms. The stability and mobility of your shoulder blades depends almost entirely on the muscles that are attached to them. Fifteen muscles attach to each shoulder blade, and their actions are obscure, so it’s best to focus on just two opposing muscle groups that are crucial for both good posture and complete shoulder function: the adductor group, which pull your shoulder blades toward your spine, and the abductor group, which draw them away from it.

If you find standing “at attention" is your default position, you need to re-educate the muscles that adduct your scapulae (the trapezius and the rhomboids) to relax and soften.

The trapezius muscles lie just under the skin and run from the base of the skull and the spine out to the shoulder blades, covering most of your middle and upper back. The middle trapezius muscles, whose fibers run horizontally from the upper/middle-back vertebrae to the inner edge of the scapula, does most of the work of pulling the shoulder blades toward the spine. It gets help from the upper and lower parts of the trapezius: Along with pulling the shoulder blade toward the spine, the upper trap lifts it, while the lower trap pulls it down. But those actions usually cancel each other out, so when the whole muscle contracts it pulls the shoulder blade toward the spine. Immediately beneath the trapezius lies the rhomboid. Running between the upper-back vertebrae and the inner edge of the scapula, this muscle exerts an upward pull as well as a strong adduction.

Several yoga poses can help you stretch your trapezius and rhomboids. While assuming the cat pose (Marjaryasana) or the child's pose (Balasana), you can breathe into the space between your shoulder blades to relax and lengthen these muscle groups. In the eagle pose (Garudasana), you'll feel both shoulder blades pull away from the spine, especially when you lift your elbows and your breastbone. After you unwind your arms, envision opening a space for your heart and lungs, not just from the expansion of your chest, but also by widening the space between your shoulder blades.

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Non Duality, Vedanta, Teacher Training Miami W/Fred Busch (VIDEO)

Following this video in which Fred explains in layman's terms the basic philosophy of Advaita Vendanta and Jnana Yoga (the yoga of self realization), is a lengthy series of Q & A's with Sri Ramana Maharshi, who many consider to be the best example of a truly enlightened master who ever lived - even though the Maharshi has never made any claims about himself.

First the video...

Now on to the interview with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Note: This is a lengthy read - after all, the very nature of non-dual self realization is beyond human understanding, but it examines all the aspects of human questioning in regard to "who am I" (self discovery and realization) in detail...

Sri Ramana Maharshi
 Jnani (Self-realised)

The following Q & A with Ramans Maharshi has been edited by David Godman

Question: Does a jnani have Sankalpas (desires)?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The main qualities of the ordinary mind are Tamas (sloth, inertia) and Rajas (passion, excitement); hence it is full of egoistic desires and weaknesses. But the jnani’s mind is Suddhi-Sattva (pure harmony) and formless, functioning in the subtle Vijnanmayakosha (the sheath of knowledge), through which he keeps contact with the world. His desires are therefore also pure.

Question: What is the relation between the pure consciousness realised by the jnani and the ‘I am’-ness, which is accepted as the primary datum of experience?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The undifferentiated consciousness of pure being is the Heart or Hridayam, which is what you really are. From the Heart arises the ‘I am’-ness as the primary datum of one’s experience. By itself it is completely pure (suddha-sattva) in character. It is in this form of pristine purity (suddha-sattva-swarupa), uncontaminated by Rajas and Tamas (activity and inertia, that the ‘I’ appears to subsist in the jnani.

Question:In the jnani the ego subsists in the pure form and therefore it appears as something real. Am I right?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The existence of the ego in any form, either in the jnani or ajnani, is itself an experience. But to the ajnani who is deluded into thinking that the waking state and the world are real, the ego also appears to be real. Since he sees the jnani act like other individuals, he feels constrained to posit some notion of individuality with reference to the jnani also.

Question: How then does the Aham-Vritti (‘I’ thought, the sense of individuality) function in the jnani?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: It does not function in him at all. The jnani’s real nature is the Heart itself, because he is one and identical with the undifferentiated, pure consciousness referred to by the Upanishads as the Prajnana (full consciousness). Prajnana is truly Brahman, the absolute, and there is no Brahman other than Prajnana.

Question: I am trying to understand the jnani’s point of view about the world. Is the world perceived after Self-realisation?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Why worry about the world and what happens to it after Self-realisation? First realise the Self. What does it matter if the world is perceived or not? Do you gain anything to help you in your quest by the non-perception of the world during sleep? Conversely, what would you lose now by the perception of the world? It is quite immaterial to the jnani or ajnani if he perceives the world or not. It is seen by both, but their view-points differ.

Question: If the jnani and the ajnani perceive the world in like manner, where is the difference between them?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Seeing the world, the jnani sees the Self which is the substratum of all that is seen; the ajnani, whether he sees the world or not, is ignorant of his true being, the Self.

Take the instance of moving pictures on the screen in the cinema-show. What is there in front of you before the play begins? Merely the screen. On that screen you see the entire show, and for all appearances the pictures are real. But go and try to take hold of them. What do you take hold of? Merely the screen on which the pictures appeared. After the play, when the pictures disappear, what remains? The screen again.

So with the Self. That alone exists, the pictures come and go. If you hold on to the Self, you will not be deceived by the appearance of the pictures. Nor does it matter at all if the pictures appear or disappear. Ignoring the Self the ajnani thinks the world is real, just as ignoring the screen he sees merely the pictures, as if they existed apart from it. If one knows that without the seer there is nothing to be seen, just as there are no pictures without the screen, one is not deluded. The jnani knows that the screen and the pictures are only the Self. With the pictures the Self is in its manifest form; without the pictures it remains in the unmanifest form. To the jnani it is quite immaterial if the Self is in the one form or the other. He is always the Self. But the ajnani seeing the jnani active gets confounded.

Question: Does Bhagavan see the world as part and parcel of himself? How does he see the world?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The Self alone is and nothing else. However, it is differentiated owing to ignorance. Differentiation is threefold:

1. Of the same kind

2. Of a different kind; and

3. As parts in itself

The world is not another Self similar to the Self. It is not different from the Self; nor is it part of the Self.

Question: Is not the world reflected on the Self?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: For reflection there must be object and an image. But the self does not admit of these differences.

Question: What is the difference between the Baddha and the Mukta, the bound man and the one liberated?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The ordinary man lives in the brain unaware of himself in the Heart. The jnana-siddha (jnani) lives in the Heart. When he moves about and deals with men and things, he knows that what he sees is not separate from the one supreme reality, the Brahman which he realised in the Heart as his own Self, the real.

Question: What about the ordinary man?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: I have just said that he sees things outside himself. He is separate from the world, from his own deeper truth, from the truth that supports him and what he sees. The man who has realised the supreme truth of his own existence realises that it is the one supreme reality that is there behind him, behind the world. In fact, he is aware of the one, as the real, the Self in all selves, in all things, eternal and immutable, in all that is impermanent and mutable.

Question: Does a jnani have dreams?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Yes, he does dream, but he knows it to be a dream, in the same way as he knows the waking state to be a dream. You may call them dream number one and dream number two. The jnani being established in the fourth state-Turiya, the supreme reality- he detachedly witnesses the three other states, waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep, as pictures superimposed on it.

For those who experience waking, dream and sleep, the state of wakeful sleep, which is beyond those three states, is named Turiya (the fourth). But since that Turiya alone exists and since the seeming three states do not exist, know for certain that turiya is itself turiyatitta (that which transcends the fourth).

Question: For the jnani then, there is no distinction between the three states of mind?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: How can there be, when the mind itself is dissolved and lost in the light of consciousness?

For the jnani all the three states are equally unreal. But the ajnani is unable to comprehend this, because for him the standard of reality is the waking state, whereas for the jnani the standard is reality itself. This reality of pure consciousness is eternal by its nature and therefore subsists equally during what you call waking, dreaming and sleep. To him who is one with that reality there is neither the mind nor its three states and, therefore, neither introversion nor extroversion.

His is the ever waking state, because he is awake to the eternal Self; his is the ever dreaming state, because to him the world is no better than a repeatedly presented dream phenomenon; his is the ever sleeping state, because he is at all times without the ‘body-am I’ consciousness.

Question: Is there no Dehatma Buddhi (I-am-the-body idea) for the jnani? If, for instance, Sri Bhagavan is bitten by an insect, is there no sensation?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: There is the sensation and there is also the dehatma buddhi. The latter is common to both jnani and ajnani with this difference, that the ajnani thinks only the body is myself, whereas the jnani knows all is of the Self, or all this is Brahman. If there be pain let it be. It is also part of the Self. The Self is Poorna (perfect).

After transcending dehatma buddhi one becomes a jnani. In the absence of that idea there cannot be either Kartritva (doership) or Karta (doer). So a jnani has no karma (that is, a jnani performs no actions). That is his experience. Otherwise he is not a jnani. However, the ajnani identifies the jnani with his body, which the jnani does not do.

Question: I see you doing things. How can you say that you never perform actions?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The radio sings and speaks, but if you open it you will find no one inside. Similarly, my existence is like the space; though this body speaks like the radio, there is no one inside as a doer.

Question: I find this hard to understand. Could you please elaborate on this?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Various illustrations are given in books to enable us to understand how the jnani can live and act without the mind, although living and acting require the use of the mind. The potter’s wheel goes on turning round even after the potter has ceased to turn it because the pot is finished. In the same way, the electric fan goes on revolving for some minutes after we switch off the current. Prarabdha (predestined Karma) which created the body will make it go through whatever activities it was meant for. But the jnani goes through all these activities without the notion that he is the doer of them. It is hard to understand how this is possible. The illustration generally given is that the jnani performs actions in some such way as a child that is roused from sleep to eat eats but does not remember next morning that it ate. It has to be remembered that all these explanations are not for the jnani. He knows and has no doubts. He knows that he is not the body and he knows that he is not doing anything even though his body may be engaged in some activity. These explanations are for the onlookers who think of the jnani as one with a body and cannot help identifying him with his body.

Questioner:It is said that the shock of realisation is so great that the body cannot survive it.

Sri Ramana Maharshi: There are various controversies or schools of thought as to whether a jnani can continue to live in his physical body after realisation. Some hold that one who dies cannot be a jnani because his body must vanish into thin air, or some such thing. They put forward all sorts of funny notions. If a man at once leaves his body when he realises the Self, I wonder how any knowledge of the Self or the state of realisation can come down to other men. And that would mean that all those who have given us the fruits of their Self-realisation in books cannot be considered jnanis because they went on living after realisation. And if it is held that a man cannot be considered a jnani so long as he performs actions in the world (and action is impossible without the mind), then not only the great sages who carried on various kinds of work after attaining jnana must be considered ajnanis but the gods also, and Iswara (the supreme personal God) himself, since he continues looking after the world. The fact is that any amount of action can be performed, and performed quite well, by the jnani, without his identifying himself with it in any way or ever imagining that he is the doer. Some power acts through his body and uses his body to get the work done.

Question: Is a jnani capable of or likely to commit sins?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: An ajnani sees someone as a jnani and identifies him with the body. Because he does not know the Self and mistakes his body for the Self, he extends the same mistake to the state of the jnani. The jnani is therefore considered to be the physical frame.

Again, since the ajnani, though he is not the doer, imagines himself to be the doer and considers the actions of the body his own, he thinks the ajnani to be similarly acting when the body is active. But the jnani himself knows the truth and is not confounded. The state of a jnani cannot be determined by the ajnani and therefore the question troubles only the ajnani and never arises for the jnani. If he is a doer he must determine the nature of the actions. The Self cannot be the doer. Find out who is the doer and the Self is revealed.

Question: So it amounts to this. To see a jnani is not to understand him. You see the jnani’s body and not his jnana. One must therefore be a jnani to know a jnani.

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The jnani sees no one as an ajnani. All are only jnanis in his sight. In the ignorant state one superimposes one’s ignorance on a jnani and mistakes him for a doer. In the state of jnana, the jnani sees nothing separate from the Self. The Self is all shining and only pure jnana. So there is no ajnana in his sight. There is an illustration for this kind of illusion or superimposition.

Two friends went to sleep side by side. One of them dreamt that both of them had gone on a long journey and that they had had strange experiences. On waking up he recapitulated them and asked his friend if it was not so. The other one simply ridiculed him saying that it was only his dream and could not affect the other.

So it is with the ajnani who superimposes his illusory ideas on others.

Question: You have said that the jnani can be and is active, and deals with men and things. I have no doubt about it now. But you say at the same time that he sees no differences; to him all is one, he is always in the consciousness. If so, how does he deal with differences, with men, with things, which are surely different?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: He sees these differences as but appearances, he sees them as not separate from the true, the real, with which he is one.

Question: The jnani seems to be more accurate in his expressions, he appreciates the differences better than the ordinary man. If sugar is sweet and wormwood is bitter to me, he too seems to realise it so. In fact, all forms, all sounds, all tastes, etc., are the same to him as they are to others. If so, how can it be said that these are mere appearances? Do they not form part of his life experience?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: I have said that equality is the true sign of jnana. The very term equality implies the existence of differences. It is a unity that the jnani perceives in all differences, which I call equality. Equality does not mean ignorance of distinctions. When you have the realisation you can see that these differences are very superficial, that they are not at all substantial or permanent, and what is essential in all these appearances is the one truth, the real. That I call unity. You referred to sound, taste, form, smell, etc. True, the jnani appreciates the distinctions, but he always perceives and experiences the one reality in all of them. That is why he has no preferences. Whether he moves about, or talks, or acts, it is all the one reality in which he acts or moves or talks. He has nothing apart from the one supreme truth.

Question: They say that the jnani conducts himself with absolute equality towards all?

Sri Ramana Maharshi:Yes.

"Friendship, kindness, happiness and such other bhavas (attitudes) become natural to them. Affection towards the good, kindness towards the helpless, happiness in doing good deeds, forgiveness towards the wicked, all such things are natural characteristics of the jnani." (Patanjali, Yoga Sutras, 1:37).

You ask about jnanis: they are the same in any state or condition, as they know the reality, the truth. In their daily routine of taking food, moving about and all the rest, they, the jnanis, act only for others. Not a single action is done for themselves. I have already told you many times just as there are people whose profession is to mourn for a fee, so also the jnanis do things for the sake of others with detachment, without themselves being affected by them.

The jnani weeps with the weeping, laughs with the laughing, plays with the playful, sings with those who sing, keeping time to the song. What does he lose? His presence is like a pure, transparent mirror. It reflects the image exactly as it is. But the jnani, who is only a mirror, is unaffected by actions. How can a mirror, or the stand on which it is mounted, be affected by the reflection? Nothing affects them, as they are mere supports. On the other hand, the actors in the world – the doers of all acts, the ajnanis- must decide for themselves what song and what action is for the welfare of the world, what is in accordance with the sastras (scriptures), and what is practicable.

Questioner: There are said to be Sadeha Mukta (liberated while still in the body) and Videha Mukta (liberated at the time of death).

Sri Ramana Maharshi: There is no liberation, and where are Muktas?

Question: Do not Hindu sastras speak of mukti (liberation)?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Mukti is synonymous with the Self. Jivan Mukti (liberated while still in the body) and Videha Mukti are all for the ignorant. The jnani is not conscious of Mukti or Bandha (bondage). Bondage, liberation and orders of Mukti are all said for an ajnani in order that ignorance might be shaken off. There is only Mukti and nothing else.

Question: It is all right from the standpoint of Bhagavan. But what about us?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The difference ‘he’ and ‘I’ are the obstacles to jnana.

Question: You once said: ‘The liberated man is free indeed to act as he pleases, and when he leaves the mortal coil, he attains absolution, but returns not to this birth which is actually death.’

This statement gives the impression that although the jnani takes no birth again on this plane, he may continue to work on subtler planes, if he so chooses. Is there any desire left in him to choose?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: No that was not my intention.

Questioner: Further, an Indian philosopher, in one of his books, interpreting Sankara, says that there is no such thing as Videha Mukti, for after his death, the Mukta takes a body of light in which he remains till the whole of humanity becomes liberated.

Sri Ramana Maharshi: That cannot be Sankara’s view. In verse 566 of Vivekachudamani he says that after the dissolution of the physical sheath the liberated man becomes like ‘water poured into water and oil into oil’. It is a state in which there is neither bondage nor liberation. Taking another body means throwing a veil, however subtle, upon reality, which is bondage. Liberation is absolute and irrevocable.

Question: How can we say that the jnani is not in two planes? He moves about with us in the world and sees the various objects we see. It is not as if he does not see them. For instance he walks along. He sees the path he is treading. Suppose there is a chair or table placed across that path; he sees it, avoids it and goes round. So, have we not to admit he sees the world and the objects there, while of course he sees the Self?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: You say the jnani sees the path, treads it, comes across obstacles, avoids them, etc. In whose eyesight is all this, in the jnani’s or in yours? He sees only the Self and all in the Self.

Question: Are there no illustrations given in our books to explain this sahaj (natural) state clearly to us?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: There are. For instance you see a reflection in the mirror and the mirror. You know the mirror to be the reality and the picture in it a mere reflection. Is it necessary that to see the mirror we should cease to see the reflection in it?

Question: What are the fundamental tests for discovering men of great spirituality, since some are reported to behave like insane people?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The jnani’s mind is known only to the jnani. One must be a jnani oneself in order to understand another jnani. However, the peace of mind which permeates the saint’s atmosphere is the only means by which the seeker understands the greatness of the saint.

His words or actions or appearance are no indication of his greatness, for they are ordinarily beyond the comprehension of common people.

Question: Why is it said in the scriptures that the sage is like a child?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: A child and a jnani are similar in a way. Incidents interest a child only so long as they last. It ceases to think of them after they have passed away. So then, it is apparent that they do not leave any impression on the child and it is not affected by them mentally. So it is with a jnani.

Question: You are Bhagavan. So you should know when I shall get jnana. Tell me when I shall be a jnani?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: If I am Bhagavan there is no one besides the Self- therefore no jnani or ajnani. If otherwise, I am as good as you are and know as much as yourself. Either way I cannot answer your question.

Coming here some people do not ask about themselves. They ask: ‘Does the jivan muktas see the world? Is he affected by Karma? What is liberation after being disembodied or while alive in the body? Should the body of the sage resolve itself in light or disappear from view in any other manner? Can he be liberated though the body is left behind as a corpse?

Their questions are endless. Why worry oneself in so many ways? Does liberation consist in knowing these things?

Therefore I say to them, leave liberation alone. Is there bondage? Know this. See yourself first and foremost.

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Sun Salutation - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (VIDEOS)

Since ancient times yogis taught that each of us replicates the entire universe, embodying stars, planets, rivers, seas, mountains, fields, the moon and the sun. Our outer sun, they asserted, is in reality a token of our own "inner sun," which corresponds to our subtle, or spiritual heart. Herein lies the seat of consciousness and higher wisdom (jnana) and, in some traditions, the domicile of the embodied self (jivatman).

Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, is a common sequence of both hatha and ashtanga yoga asanas, practiced to warm-up the body at the beginning of yoga practice, whether in a class or at home. Embracing the ancient yogic tradition of prayer and prostration to the sun, this series (performed dynamically) pays homage to the life-giving power of our sun’s energy while preparing the body for subsequent asanas. There are many variations of Sun Salutation, which generally include 12 progressive poses. The Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series begins with Surya Namaskara “A” and “B” (or Sun Salutations A and B), which are traditionally repeated five times each. Surya Namaskara “A” consists of nine movements and Suyra Namaskara “B” consists of 17 movements, all in conjunction with the breath.

Sun Salutation strengthens and stretches the entire body, keeping the spine flexible while enhancing endurance, increasing energy, improving circulation and balancing the spirit. The following video is an introduction and brief tutorial on Sun Salutation “A”...

Sun Salutation “B” extends the flow of first sun salutation. As shown in the following video, the Sun Salutation “B” sequence is longer and includes additional standing postures such as Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I) and Utkatasana (Chair Pose)...

Both these video presentations of Sun Salutation as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the Ashanga Vinyasa Yoga system are also taught in the Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training.

For more on the subject of yoga, from beginner’s instruction to all levels of teacher training and certification visit the following sites...
www.fredbusch.com (Fred Busch's Website - Director of Teacher Training)
www.miamiyoga.com (Miami Yoga's Main Site)
www.brickellyoga.com (Brickell Hot Yoga Studio Site)
www.salamadhi.com (Fred's retreat center Colorado

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Sick looking Vegans - Why do vegans not look healthy? (VIDEO)

Following plant based diet is a great step towards long term vibrant energy and health, but it is far from the only factor. No matter what you eat, a sedentary lifestyle is damaging to health and bears responsibility for growing obesity problems.

As Fred explains in the video below, just because someone proclaims themselves to be vegan or vegetarian does not insure that they are a picture of perfect health. Why, you may ask? Well the answers are simple.

Here are a few possible conclusions:
  • Being a vegan or vegetarian is no protection from unhealthy habits such as eating the wrong types of foods. After all French fries and potato chips are generally plant based.
  • Even extremely unhealthy processed, junk and “fake” foods can be vegan or plant based.
  • Overeating is another unhealthy habit which contributes to poor health.
  • Lots of cheese and dairy for vegetarians can lead to a host of health problems.
  • Exposure to toxins in the environment (water, air, industrial life in general) can negatively affect a person’s health regardless of how healthily they eat. In many cases the healthiest people are the most sensitive to environmental toxins, but they don’t always listen to their bodies.
  • Stress - from jobs, toxic relationships and the hustle and bustle of modern life can drain the life energy out of even the most conscientious vegetarian or vegan, causing them to appear debilitated.
  • Plus there’s always the possibility that professed vegans or vegetarians are not being completely honest and are eating foods which they claim not to be? 
Scientific evidence actually shows, that people who consume a plant strong diet and avoid the pitfalls listed above, will naturally look more healthy and more attractive, because the chlorophyll, carotenoids and other vitamins and antioxidants in vegetables makes skin appear healthier in color and makes them look more attractive when measured against tanned skin and a face of a person, who eats considerably less vegetables and face color is close to what is generally considered "normal" (photo).

The middle image shows the face of a natural suit. The left side of the face has been added to sun tan and to the right of carotenoids resulting color.
The middle image shows the face of a person on a "normal" American diet. The left side is the same face with a sun tan, and on the right the vibrant look resulting from a plant based diet.