Friday, April 29, 2011

Solar Panels on Roads

I just saw on CNN last night a very smart thing! Man had invented an asphalt surface for roads which was embedded with solar panels and led lights. This road surface could collect enough energy to power the cities of the country! It is a very good idea. Let us raise awareness about this solution to those who have vision for good solutions to big challenges.

Summer 4 Week Teacher Training Programs for Power Yoga Instructor Course and Immersion

All Summer we are offering the highly effective 4 Week Intensive Teacher Training which is a life transforming opportunity. Pick a Month this summer and make it the best decision you have ever made. Consistently we are told that students thought the program was going to be good and useful, but are blown away by the depth and quality of the experience and that it is more than they ever could have imagined. This 4 week intensive training in Yoga and Mediation is not just for future yoga teachers, but is designed to be transformational for all who wish to attend.

June 11- Miami with Fred Busch and Allaine Stricklen - 200 and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance

July 9th -Miami with Fred Busch - 200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance

August 6th- Malta with Fred Busch - 200 Hour Yoga Alliance

September 9th - Miami with Fred Busch - 200 Hour Yoga Alliance

Tuition - $2550 - 200 Hours USA Progams (European Trainings different tuition)

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Environmental laws being attacked with unseen fury, let us fight in support of them with even more furious resolve!

As i read the papers over the last weeks i have observed a very strong trend in both US and European Governments to begin to scrap or just neuter almost every environmental protection law on the books.

Laws that have been working to maintain drinking water quality, air quality, river and forest land integrity are being attacked in the name of not wanting to put undo stress on businesses in this time of economic malaise. How short sighted can we be?

We are willing to allow our leaders to discuss the dismantling of over 30 years of environmental protections? I hope we make these Republican politicians pay a price with their jobs for attacking the planet and its ability to clean itself from the mess we make.

Our natural lands and quality of air and water need to be protected even more today, not less. Please lets keep the pressure up to make sure that the budget cuts don't undercut the most important things, protecting the integrity and cleanliness and longevity of our natural forests and parks.