Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rise! - Global Mala Project

Hey Everyone---Keep your eyes open for the event at Miami Yogashala. Namaste. Pass this one along!!! fb

Join the Global Mala Project- a call to the worldwide yoga community to come together in the powerful metaphor of the mala or sacred circle.

We have 108 days or less then 4 months until the Fall Equinox and UN International Peace Day. On September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, people from many faiths and backgrounds will come together for a two-fold purpose:

* aligning one's personal consciousness as a positive force for change internally and communally and
* taking real action towards that living peace and that which we can prevent: Global Warming, AIDS, and Poverty.

If you are interested in participating click here for a PDF of how studios can get involved. Or email us at

This newsletter is filled with information of what is happening in over 45 cities around the world so that it can easily be forwarded – as the grassroots voice has always been the fastest network around.

Please join the worldwide global mala now and on Sept. 21st-23rd - each one of us is a sacred light upon the mala of collective consciousness.

For the Earth,

Shiva Rea
Global Mala Founder/Catalyst

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Discussing with people how to raise their own children is always a touchy subject, but, i wonder why it so acceptable to feed our children such garbage. Why do we let our kids eat such things as sugary candies (diabetes and A.D.D.), fried foods (cancer and heart disease), and meats (cancer and heart disease). I just don't understand i guess why if you love your children would you not make certain that what they eat is at least decent. The garbage we are feeding our children is creating the fattest generation on earth. We are all fat now. Fat seems to be normal. It is fine for an adult to do whatever they want. If an adult wants to make a 'conscious' decision and eat wierd foods and get fat fine! We are all free to do what we want. But children don't have the luxury of choice and are forced to eat whatever you feed them. Feed them decently if possible. Obesity in childhood is devastating for the body.

The fantastic part is that kids are so resilient that as soon as you feed them somewhat intelligently they heal and transform much faster than adults. More Fruit less garbage candy... More Greens less Fried foods.... Less meat.... those are good starters, but study the subject yourself please!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

For Granted

As humans we seem to be designed to take things for granted, or as granted. We take our lives and our breath as if it had to happen this way. As if our most recent breath HAD to come. Every breath is a gift. Don't assume things are going to always be as they are, the time for gratitude is now. The greatest block to gratitude is taking things that are miraculous for granted. Like how miraculous it is that you were given a human birth, or that you can see and hear. Or how miraculous it is that earth is a living planet in the universe. Stay with the mystical so that you can see through the mundane illusions and reside in the grounded peace that comes with surrender and gratitude.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Many people think fish is an exception and that fish is actually healthful. Fish is flesh too. But just as importantly, fish are wild animals part of a natural ecosystem. We are destroying the worlds oceans with fierce overfishing for fish for Sushi restaurants. I always say do whatever you want, just know what you are doing. If you think that fish is healthful, research it more carefully. We need to protect the oceans with all our energy and the way to start is to eat less seafood. It is good for us anyway to avoid fish because our bodies really appreciate it when we eliminate flesh foods (carcasses). We need to respect the earth and our bodies at the same time so everyone and everything wins.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Make the Connections

Remember to make the connections to everything. Eating cattle or other animals means supporting the industry which is responsible for destruction of rainforest and use of croplands for cattle-feed. There is no good reason to eat animals. Enivronmentally, Spiritually, Phsychologically, Physiologically, and Energetically speaking it is unwise to eat animal corpses. The idea that animals corpes are healthful is highly suspect. Watch what you eat. You are what you eat. Stop circulating death energy in your blood and you will likely feel a spiritual realization.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ruckus Society- Positive Change on Earth

Join the Ruckus Society or support them somehow... they are the ground troops and the generals for the battle to save the planet and bring peace on earth. Fred

The Ruckus Society is joining thousands of organizers, activists and radical thinkers at the first ever US Social Forum, June 27-July 1 in Atlanta, GA. You just have to come with us!

There are a lot of ways you can be there:

1. Come to the Forum!

Join the caravans of people coming from all over the country and witness the unveiling of the American movement for real change. In addition to trainings by the Ruckus Society, there will be workshops on every aspect of the movement you could wish to explore, discussions with cutting edge thinkers, food and merchandise from socially responsible vendors, a soccer tournament, and a youth program packed with parties! Sign up for more updates on the Ruckus Society's presence at the US Social Forum.

2. Support the Forum!

We are bringing delegations from both the Indigenous Peoples' Power Project and the Not Your Soldier project to share their successful models of running long-term community-based action campaigns. We need your help to give the amazing young people from IP3 and NYS, located all over the country, this opportunity to train and network.

As you know, Ruckus trainers volunteer their time to support movement building with amazing skills - nonviolence, climbing, blockades, art in action, and more. We've secured trainers who are willing to drop everything and go, we just need your help to get them there!

Support Ruckus participants and trainers so they can get to the US Social Forum!

3. Promote the Forum!

There are still people who don't even know it is happening! If you have a platform as a writer, blogger or artist, put a USSF banner on your page! Spread the word that the forum is happening, and the folks should do all they can to be there. This moment in history requires our participation, and for us to participate in a way the rest of the world can relate to, our social forum, shows us to be truly engaged in a process of change larger than our borders. So get to the forum!

4. Volunteer at the Forum!

There's a youth camp, childcare, translators, health support, media resource center, logistics - all of which will run smoother with the help of folks like y'all. Email if you want to volunteer, and we'll put you in the right place!

There's so many ways to participate - don't let this historic first ever US Social Forum pass you by! This event is really being pulled together by tons of amazing grassroots people and lots of sweat. If another world is possible, another US is necessary. We can't do it without you!


Adrienne, Hannah, Marty, Megan & Satya
The Ruckus Society

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

One action at a time.

Your body is an energetic vessel. Energy can leak from a vessel if you are not careful and conscious. Talk is a big way to leak energy out of your vessel, through the hole called your mouth.
Talk is cheap. Actions speak. If you have a good idea, don't talk too much about it, just do it. If you can do something good, do it quietly. Small things are big. We all need to do the small things whenever we can. Everything you do is between you and God, don't seek recognition for it's own sake. Talk is the way to drain your energy from the tasks at hand. I find myself sometimes not doing something i feel is important, and i find that if i talk about it is less likely to get done.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Welcome to the Fred Busch Power Blog

Hey Everyone, welcome to the Powerblog, where i will share my thoughts if i feel they are worth sharing. I hope to cultivate a community of awareness and compassion. I hope that this project is beneficial to you and you will continue to check in. Namaste