Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Kenya Yoga Safari - Fred Busch Yoga Retreat Day 1

Day 1 of AFRICA YOGA SAFARI has been perfect! Arrived this morning and made it to Shimei house which is so nice! Had a great day at the Nairobi National Park to give everyone a small taste of what is in store when we go on our 7 day Safari that departs kesho kutwa...(the day after tomorw - in Swahili). I love Kenya so much. I am so happy to connect with our AMAZING group. What a blessing!

Kenya Yoga Safari - New Years Retreat 2011 - 2012
with Fred Busch

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The American Nutrition Institute - An Intergrative Health and Nutrition Certification

Raw Food and Vegan Eating Masters Cynthia Olmstead and Fred Busch are on the board of Directors and faculty for The American Nutrition Institute

The American Nutrition Instiute is a Raw Food and Vegan Food training and mastery program. Ready to learn the skills required to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed? The American Nutrition Institute offers 6-Day intensive Courses and online training programs for Culinary Arts and the art of instructing 'The Famous Food Talk' to future students and clients.

Located in Miami, Florida, The American Nutrition Institute certifies students who complete requirements for graduation. 

6 Day Intensive
Morinings - Lectures with Fred Busch and Cynthia Olmstead
Afternoons - Raw Food and Vegan Foods Culinary Arts Training with Cynthia Olmstead.
Get ready to put on a chef's hat and get your hands 'dirty' with this hands - on culinary arts training school. 

6 Months Online Program with Fred Busch
Once a week online lecture live with Fred Busch. Fred will deliver lecture live and students willl be able to chat questions. All students have access to Fred Busch through email or skype to answer questions throughought the program. This program is designed to instruct the next generation of healers and food masters who are ready to get out there and teach.
This training requires the following of a specific dietary regimen as instructed throughout the course after personal interview to determine best diet and approach on individual basis.

Studying nutrition at the American Nutrtition Institute provides a powerful way to help clients and students to grow in their physical and spiritual paths. We provide an integrative approach to nutrition. If you are a yoga teacher than nothing is more valuable than a certificate in Nutrition from the American Nutrition Institute. 

The American Nutrition Institute offers certification in Presentation of Lecture, and Preparation in Culinary Arts skills for Raw Food and cooked Vegan Food as a means to prevent disease and obesity in America and around the world.

One of the primary missions of the American Nutrition Institute is to fight the war against Childhood Obesity. Childhood obesity is a scurge of society that will cost us in diminished quality of life for the children into their adulthood, and in the massive healthcare costs associated with the managment of obesity. 

Join us for an introductory weekend Detox program called Game Changer. 

Register for our powerful Life Changer , a 6 Day Intensive Course teaching the key skills for self mastery and succes in whatever food path you choose. ,Once you have completed Life Changer, you may apply to our advanced Teacher Training Life Saver course, a 6 Day Instensive training instructing the skills to chef for people who have cancer, diabetes, gluten free, vegan, raw, detox, obesity and more. Complete the 2 Weeks of Training and recieve your Natural Healing and Chefing Certificate.

Register for our 6 Month Comprehensive Teacher Training for 'The Famous Food Talk'
Study under Fred Busch as he instructs you in how to deliver the most powerful talk on food ever created. Includes text book, homework, individual research, and dietary requirements. This training is only for serious motivated and commited people who are ready to use themselves as the example for what they teach.

Semester for American Nutrition Institute begins April 2012, registration open. 
305.606.2169 or email