Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 500

Allaine Stricklen Teaching in Miami at Brickell Hot Yoga
Allaine Stricklen and Fred Busch are Co-Faculty
Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 500 Hour
Receive the best teaching from two of Miami's
most senior internationally acclaimed Yoga Masters
Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Trainings with Allaine Stricklen in Miami! Yoga Alliance 200 and 500 Hour Certifications

Monday, June 27, 2011

Diabetes Rate Doubles Worldwide

The Rate of Diabetes has doubled over the past 25 years. It is an epidemic and shows no sign or abating. Actually the opposite, it seems like it is spreading to ever younger children who become obese and ineffective in life before the age of 10.

We have the answers to cure diabetes and stop the epidemic. We must eat less refined sugar, refined flour, refined rice, less sodas, less fried foods, less empty calories. We need to eat more green foods, more fruits, more simple vegetarian foods.

We should immediately tax all sugar foods like we do for cigarettes simply to factor in the impact that diabetes related health care costs have on the overall health care budget. We can solve this one! It is simple! Tax sugar and educate people and make it harder for companies to poison people with junk foods... especially children.

Obese woman


The number of adults with diabetes in the world has more than doubled since 1980, a study in the Lancet says.

Researchers from Imperial College London and Harvard University in the US analysed data from 2.7m people across the world, using statistical techniques to project a worldwide figure.

The total number of people with all forms of the disease - which can be fatal - has risen from 153m to 347m.

The authors called for better detection and treatment to combat the rise.

Its authors said 70% of the rise was down to people living longer.

The rise has been most pronounced in the Pacific Islands. In the Marshall Islands a third of all women have the condition.

Majid Ezzati, of Imperial College London, said: "Diabetes is becoming more common almost everywhere in the world.

"Unless we develop better programmes for detecting people with elevated blood sugar and helping them to control their weight, diabetes will continue to impose a major burden on health systems around the world."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yoga for Veterans in Miami and South Florida

Attention Yoga Teachers:
We will be having a FREE workshop shortly at Brickell Hot Yoga to train teachers how to teach Yoga to VETERANS who have returned from duty in Iraq and Afganistan. Studios that want to participate can email me and i will put you in touch with the director of the fledgling organization... David Frankel is his name!

I will announce the time and date of the workshop and then this will be a springboard for the program beginning at Brickell Studio as well as sending teachers to the V.A.

this is all volunteer...pure karma yoga... and these guys deserve to have some peace and meditation, some yoga, in their lives. they have risked their life and many are very injured and traumatized... so if you have a drive to help Veterans and their families by teaching them yoga... email me to fredb@miamiyoga.com

i am the number one culprit of someone who lives a life without thinking about these guys out there in war...this is one way we can all step up and do our share to help these men and women reintegrate and relax a bit

the organization that i am supporting is called CONNECTED WARRIORS

email me to fredb@miamiyoga.com if you want to get on my list of possible teachers for this

Warnings coming to cigarette packs finally!

Finally the USA is catching up with Europe on the labelling of cigarettes boxes!

Next should be similar warnings on sugar!

U.S. Releases Graphic Images to Deter Smokers

Nine images — one of a corpse and another of a man with a tracheotomy opening in his neck — are to appear on cigarette packages next year.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why do we breathe deep in Yoga?

The reason why we breathe deep in yoga is not because it is correct. The reason we breathe with awareness and deeply is because when our attention is yoked to the breath, the mind can begin to still. We are not interested in a still mind because it is the right technique, but rather because when the mind is still it is inherently blissful.

It is what Patanjali says, Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodah - Yoga is found in the present moment when the fluctuations of the mind (thinking mind activity) have been suspended.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Allaine Stricklen's Teacher Training at Brickell HOT Yoga

It is such a pleasure and honor to be co-teaching the Power Yoga Teacher Training with Allaine Stricklen here in Miami. Everyone in Miami knows that Allaine is the senior most teacher and her mastery of yoga is being exuded at all times! These few pics were taken during Allaine's most recent training hours as part of the 200 and 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certifications offered with Fred Busch at Brickell Hot Yoga in Miami, Florida.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Power Yoga Europe Teacher Training with Fred Busch in Malta

I will be conducting the first ever Power Yoga Teacher Training in Malta on August 6th, 2011!
I am very excited to be hosted by Jungle Spirit Malta and this is a great chance for students from Europe to experience the Teacher Training Program that has been instrumental in changing people's lives on many levels.

Yoga Instructor Course - Fred Busch Power Yoga Europe Teacher Training in Malta

for info contact fredb@miamiyoga.com

Yoga Teacher Training Instructor Course - Miami - Starting for Summer

The next dates for the Fred Busch Power Yoga and Allaine Stricklen Gentle Therapeutics Yoga Combined Teacher Training Instructor Course are JULY 9th and SEPTEMBER 10th, 2011 and January 14th, 2012.

Yoga Alliance 200 and 500 Hour Level Accreditation in Miami, Florida with Fred Busch and Allaine Stricklen

for info email fredb@miamiyoga.com

Some of the topic covered include:

An unique and detailed introduction to sanskrit, including the sacred sanskrit alphabet

Yoga Philosophy
1. Raja Yoga (The Royal Path):
* Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Eight Limb Path.

2. Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)
* Philosophy and Practice.

3. Bhakti Yoga (Devotional Love)
* Chanting, Dieties, Gurus, and the Hindu Scriptures and Gods.

4. Jnana Yoga (Wisdom and Knowledge)
*Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy of non-dualsim.

Asana Alignment and Posture Clinic Breakdown

Learn the do's and dont's, variations, sequencing fundamentals, verbal tips, use of props, order of instruction, body diagnostics, and visual recognition of problems for the following categories:
- Sun Salutations
- Standing Poses
- Seated Poses
- Back Bends
- Inversions
- Arm Balances
- Relaxation

Teaching Methodology and Critique:
-YOU will be able to teach:
- Vinyasa Flow sequences
- Power Yoga
- Healing sequences
- Easy does it yoga
- Special needs yoga for various populations
- Private Lessons
- Corporate Yoga
- Pranayama
- Meditation

Yoga Assists and Adjustments

To include light touch assisting, grounding, intention in touch, partner yoga, aroma therapy, and yoga massage.

The Yoga Diet
Study with author and renown food expert Fred Busch. Learn the secrets about food that become the keys to Yoga and spiritual growth.

Community Building
Join a unique community that will support you physically, socially and spiritually.

The Business of Teaching Yoga
You will learn how to run a yoga studio, organize a weekly class schedule, find work in spas, condos, and gyms, cultivate private clients, create your own niche, insurance, resume building, references, and how much to charge.

Overview of Hatha Yoga

(Asana Styles) in the Western World Today. We will compare and contrast todays hatha yoga culture by analyzing the Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, Vinyasa, Power, Sivananda, Kripalu, Jivamukti, Restorative, and Yin styles of hatha yoga.

Yogic Physiology
Study the metaphysical principles of yoga including the chakras, the nadis (esoteric nerve channels), the aura and subtle bodies, bio-energetics and vibration, and ayurveda (the doshas.)

Physical Anatomy
10 hours of instruction on classic bodily systems, anatomical terms, bio-mechanics, and contra-indications, all with specific references to asana practice

I'm Teaching Sundays 10:30am for next 6 Sundays

Hey Everybody! I will teaching at my studio Brickell Hot Yoga for the next 6 Sundays at 10:30am!
Hope to see you there!

to get on my list to receive text messages about other public classes as they come up please email me your phone number to fredb@miamiyoga.com


Thursday, June 9, 2011

USDA Finally Repeals the Food Pyramid

NY Times Reports that USDA has repealed and replaced the 'Food Pyramid' guideline to what constitutes a healthy meal. It is good that it has been replaced by something slightly better and easier to understand. Now it is represented as a plate of food with the size proportions visually scaled to priority. The good thing is that fruits and vegetables are seen as a foundation and more than 50%.

Obesity and eating habits are obviously directly linked and the obesity epidemic in the USA show no sign of abating. We must all realize that so many problems can all get solved if you relinquish our dependence on animal foods. Not only will we become a healthier and happier species overall, we also can solve deforestation, global warming, and many other environmental threats that our habits have created.

Remember that the single most important thing you can do to stop global warming or slow it, is to become a vegan. It is that simple. Healthy Person, Healthy Planet is how this thing works i believe.

USDA to reshape how we see dietary nutrition

The decades-old food pyramid is on the way out. It is expected to be replaced with a plate-shaped icon that experts say better depicts the balance of food groups recommended in a healthful diet.