Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yoga for Veterans in Miami and South Florida

Attention Yoga Teachers:
We will be having a FREE workshop shortly at Brickell Hot Yoga to train teachers how to teach Yoga to VETERANS who have returned from duty in Iraq and Afganistan. Studios that want to participate can email me and i will put you in touch with the director of the fledgling organization... David Frankel is his name!

I will announce the time and date of the workshop and then this will be a springboard for the program beginning at Brickell Studio as well as sending teachers to the V.A.

this is all volunteer...pure karma yoga... and these guys deserve to have some peace and meditation, some yoga, in their lives. they have risked their life and many are very injured and traumatized... so if you have a drive to help Veterans and their families by teaching them yoga... email me to

i am the number one culprit of someone who lives a life without thinking about these guys out there in war...this is one way we can all step up and do our share to help these men and women reintegrate and relax a bit

the organization that i am supporting is called CONNECTED WARRIORS

email me to if you want to get on my list of possible teachers for this


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