Friday, August 24, 2012

Rae Indigo Joins Fred Busch for Awesome Teacher Training Programs

Rae Indigo
Amazing news! Rae Indigo will be co-faculty at the Fred Busch Teacher Training in New York! Fred will teach the first 3 weeks and Rae will teach the deepest teachings, administer the exams and close the training! Register NOW! You’ll definitely want to see what transformation really looks and feels like - and this is your perfect opportunity.

Rae Indigo giving Pablo Lucero a hands-on adjustment.
What does Rae Indigo joining Fred Busch’s Teacher Training Program mean to you? It means a totally rounded Teacher Training Program implementing the spirit of Shiva (Fred) and Shakti (Rae) which fulfils the learning process by presenting the same basic principles from both a male and female perspective. You will experience the dynamics of working with two yogic masters first-hand and reap benefits generally unattainable under the tutelage of either one alone.

This perfectly balanced program will will give you the tools, confidence, and knowledge to teach a high impact, inspiring power yoga class in the traditions of astanga vinyasa yoga & raja yoga synthesized with the practice of Iyengar yoga, infused with the nectar from other styles.

To earn Teacher Certification (either 200 Hour or 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Programs) you will be prudently challenged - mentally, physically and emotionally while you’ll learn the fundamentals of teaching yoga that go beyond asana and enable students to transform and enrich their lives. So join Fred and Rae in New York at Yoga Nanda in Garden City as they share the yoga teaching techniques and deep spiritual inspiration that have made Fred so popular around the world.

Artful instruction from Fred Busch
For more information and to register please visit: or contact Fred by email - or phone - 305.606.2169. Fred is also available to address your questions, concerns and/or for application & registration assistance.

Be sure to visit Fred and Rae’s websites...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher Training in Malta concludes w/Celebration Dinner

Celebration Dinner for Teacher Training in Malta with Balazs Yogi LifeCoach Malta and Rae Indigo and Fred Busch... and the best students in the world! Get ready Malta and Europe for some amazing Yogis to hit the streets! — with Rae Indigo and others. Check out Rae's updated website - click on:

Photo: Celebration Dinner for Teacher Training in Malta with Balazs Yogi LifeCoach Malta and Rae Indigo and Fred Busch... and the best students in the world!  Get ready Malta and Europe for some amazing Yogis to hit the streets!

Testimonial from student Carman Cutajar: "Thank you Fred and Rae for this teacher training you have given us. You are awesome :) will be forever grateful for the knowledge you had given us .... have received so much . I truly recommend this teacher training to anyone who would like to seriously study yoga. It is such a strong foundation. Thank you Balazs for bringing these amazing teachers to us !!!"

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Awaken Passion in Your Life with a Colorado Yoga Retreat

Are you feeling the urge to escape from the frantic pace of your daily routine and just get away from it all? Salamadhi Ranch Mountain Retreat Center is the ideal place to do just that while taking your yoga practice to the next level. And if you’re a beginner it’s also a great way to be introduced to the benefits of starting a regular yoga practice.

Salamadhi Ranch Mountain Retreat Center
 In addition to world class yoga instruction and programming conducted in an atmosphere where a natural “rocky mountain high” is constantly available, you may chose to hike trail systems covering over 55 acres, to detox your body while your mind is being cleared in the invigorating mountain air, to learn how to prepare and enjoy awesome plant based meals or join in many other activities and training programs that are available, depending on the retreat you choose and the teacher(s) in residence.

About the instructors:

Fred Busch: A master yoga teacher (one of South Florida's premier instructors) and a humble student of Yoga, Fred is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga and author of “A Clear and Definite Path” and "The Lower Back Bible". He is the Founder and Director of Miami Yogashala (opened in 2001) and Brickell Hot Yoga, and is the Director of Teacher Training internationally at Yoga Shalas in Colorado, New York, NY - London, England - Lima, Peru - Bogota, Colombia - Malta, Europe. Fred is widely known for his artful skills in modifying a student's practice according to their individual needs, personal levels, physical condition and their athletic background. His regular clients include yoga teachers, celebrities, businessmen, athletes as well as those just starting out. His comprehensive approach to yoga lays a strong foundation for beginners, and for those who are more adept he refines and deepens their practice. One pointed attention, intelligent use of healing sequences and holistic knowledge of healthy eating are the primary tools this adept uses as he untiringly devotes himself to a healthy planet and the attainment of optimal health and fitness for its inhabitants.

Rae Indigo: A yogic athlete and instructor experienced in inspiring athletes, martial artists, beginner yogis, dancers, military personnel and the elderly, with special attention to healing sequences for people in recovery. Rae is an ERYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher w/500 hours of training), an International Fitness Association Personal Trainer with Aerobics Certification, an Instructor for American Nutrition Institute and a Martial Artist with over 15 years of cumulative teaching experience; she specializes in alignment and corrective techniques that allow students to advance their physical health and understanding of asana, develop yogic focus and find inner awareness. It is her goal as a yoga teacher to make the study of this ancient art something that is understandable, memorable, and available to the modern student arriving with nothing more than the courage to unroll their mat, turn inward and begin practice.

Pablo Lucero: Born in Argentina, Pablo is a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher and humble student of Yoga philosophy. Pablo has completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Fred Busch (among others) and his yoga techniques are a synchronized Vinyasa redesigned to give your whole body a complete physical workout and achieve a sense of vast space within, allowing for all your inherent goodness to expand from that space while physically perspiring and detoxifying the body. Pablo is grounded in the traditional wisdom of yoga meditation and utilizes cutting edge teacher training methods to guide his students.

Victoria Brunacci: Raised in Brazil, Victoria has been on the path of yoga for many years, and received her certification in Argentina with Yogakai. She recently returned from an extended journey across India where she studied the Ashtanga system, at Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Yoga Shala. While in India she also got certified as a Reiki Master level III and trained in Acupressure and Emotional Freedom therapy in Mysore. In Thailand she got certified on Thai Massage and Reflexology. She just completed her training in the Radiant Child Level III with Shakta Kaur Khalsa and aspires to teach children the gift of yoga. Today, she experiments with Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga, but she is committed to sharing her love of Bhakti yoga with her students, bringing them closer to the awareness of their supreme higher selves. She is also an animal activist vegetarian and by honoring Ahimsa she encourages non-violence to all sentient beings. Victoria is passionate about yoga and believes that the most important truth to remember is to be aware of the energy that surrounds us, always in connection with the Heart center.

List of upcoming retreats:

• October 4th-7th: Fred Busch and Rae Indigo – Hot Yoga
• October 18th-21h: Pablo Lucero
• November 8th-11th: Claudia Bustillos

By registering for one of these retreats today; you too can get passionately reconnected to your own joyful potential. While on retreat in Colorado’s fresh mountain air and in the company of these skillful instructors you’ll find the enthusiasm to love life is contagious and spiritually uplifting.

After all, the ultimate goal of yoga is to wake you up to who you really are; and by going on retreat and surrounding yourself with like-minded people who choose to follow the yogic path produces great passion, and no-one can change or grow without passion.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Put Some “Gusto” in Your Life with a Yoga Retreat!

Yoga Instructor Rae Indigo - Colorado Retreat
Have you ever dreamed of stepping out of your daily routine and retreating to a place where you’re offered delicious, healthy food and someone leads you in daily yoga and meditation practice? Where you’re in the company of other like-minded/like-hearted seekers of truth, love and beauty?   
Have you ever wondered what might happen to you and to your life if you would just make the time to retreat to a place like that? Well, get out of your daily routine for a while and give yourself the chance to have a life changing experience. Once you’re on a yoga retreat (or yoga holiday, as they’re sometimes called) all your regular daily obstacles will be gone and your day to day hassles will be put on hold, while you’re hooked up to a program that offers solutions for when you go back. You’ll return rejuvenated and recharged and with a whole new attitude, plus you’ll be feeling energy you haven’t felt since you were a kid.
There are many reasons people go on a yoga retreat:
·         Deepening an existing practice
·         Restarting a practice that was dropped
·         Testing the waters (if you’re new to Yoga)
·         Finding a new direction in life
·         Meeting new, exciting people

What kind of people go on Yoga retreats?:
·         Some are young; others are elderly (and all in between).
·         Some are loose and flexible, while others are a stiff as a board.
·         Some may be exhausted or at a crossroads in their life.
·         Some simply want a chance to get away from it all.
·         Others want to take care of just themselves for a change.
There are times on a Yoga retreat when adventurous activities like hiking through beautiful landscapes are offered and other times when silence is observed while doing cooperative communal service. There may be new dietary experiences to taste and enjoy, learning to practice “Ahimsa” (non-injury to others) while enjoying plant based foods - both raw and cooked. There may be a time for cleansing and giving the body a break from un-healthy habits.

Fred Busch - Director of Teacher Training
On some retreats you’ll be surrounded by beautiful settings, while on others you may focus on sensual pleasures like massage, energetic healing or bodywork. A Yoga retreat may involve early morning meditation to stop the constant chatter of the mind. Also, there’s Vipassana (insight meditation) for those interested in self-reflection or looking for a more spiritual experience. There may be instruction which will help you learn Pranayama and other advanced breathing methods.

Stress is known to cause an emotional imbalance in someone who would normally be a level-headed person. Dealing on a daily basis with uptight and offensive people, handling unwanted responsibilities, the anxiety and road rage experienced while driving are just a few of the situations that wear us down. The emotional benefits of a Yoga retreat are huge because they offer a break from all this tension and distress! Just imagine the feeling of peace and being reconnected to the earth and all things natural, while harmonizing your mind, body and emotions through yoga asana and breathing.

It has been proven that stress is a contributing factor in 70% of the world diseases as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many doctors are now realizing the benefits of yoga and by attending a yoga retreat; techniques will be taught which will lessen the likelihood of any type of stress related illness. You’ll be deepening the "intelligence" of your body, teaching it to respond in new ways to stressful situations.

Tip: Knowing exactly what kind of experience you’re looking for before signing up will help ensure you pick the retreat perfect for your needs. Selecting retreat with a time frame suited to your schedule is also important; whether it’s a day retreat, a few days, a week, or even longer. And, perhaps most importantly, it is always recommended that the retreat you select is lead by certified yoga instructors who are prepared to work with you at your skill level. Spending intimate time with an experienced yoga teacher is one of the most potent opportunities for change available today; being a mixture of instruction and inspiration, it will guide you toward being a more authentic and powerful human being.

In conclusion: Yoga retreats are the latest trend in yoga where you will be able to gain many profound benefits beyond those found when participating in a few hours of yoga sessions or classes. Those who attend such retreats and are guided by a yoga master, report experiencing a silent, inward revolution; one that produces a conscious growth and outward “evolution” of their body and mind. Contrary to the general belief that yoga is limited to an individualistic practice, a yoga retreat allows you the opportunity to explore the social aspect of yoga. Plus, the closeness to nature and having the time and opportunity to re-examine your motivations, goals, and beliefs helps you to become re-united with yourself and the awesome person you really are, both when you’re alone and in the company of others.

*Note: Upcoming start dates for the next Colorado Retreats with with certified instructors:
October 4th-7th: Fred Busch and Rae Indigo – Hot Yoga
October 11th-14th: Victoria Brunacci
October 18th-21h: Pablo Lucero
November 8th-11th: Claudia Bustillos
Click on Salamadhi Ranch Mountain Retreat Center for more.