Friday, November 30, 2012

Pre-natal Yoga

Want to be a CERTIFIED PRENATAL YOGA Teacher???
Jennifer More is the Master of PRENATAL VINYASA Yoga! 

Join her in this awesome experience 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Illegal Trade of Python Skin

You know it is highly unusual for me to suggest hunting... but the fact is that there are probably more pythons in the everglades right now...eating every native species to extinction... then in all of southeast Asia. We should encourage pythons from the everglades as the environmentally friendly way to use snake skin, maybe it could ease the pressure on the other pythons in the world
I know that this suggestion is amazing coming from me... but fact is fact...and if we don't start eradicating the burmese python from the Everglades... there will be nothing left except snakes because they have no predator in Florida and they are even eating alligators!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Power Yoga London

Welcoming everyone for the Power Yoga Master Class in London. I will stop over on my way to Rishikesh on December 9th in the afternoon.

Get details from the following link:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide W/Fred Busch - Chapters 7 & 8 (VIDEO)

Continuing with this series of how to learn to pronounce the most common Yoga Asanas correctly. Learn many Sanskrit root words that can be used to understand more Mantras and sacred texts. These videos were shot live at Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in South America.

Chapter 7 of 12

Chapter 8 of 12

Stay tuned, more to come...

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Be Careful with Drugs you take!!

The unreported part of this sad story of people dying from tainted steroid injections is that the reason many of those people were taking those steroids is they were desperate to alleviate their back pain.

Please everybody realize that you do not need to go through extreme (and extremely dangerous) procedures or take pharmaceuticals. My book the Lower Back Bible offers a very simple, safe and effective approach that really works!

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Hemp: Upside and Downside to it

Everyone knows that hemp is one of the most versatile and potentially profitable means to begin to solve some of the planets most pernicious challenges!

From fuel to paper to plastics... hemp can do it all!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A fact about obesity

If obesity is the number one cause for the unsustainable rise in health care costs...and one of the primary causes of obesity has been scientifically called out like this ... then it stands to reason... like the tobacco industry... that they should be taxed as a vice and as a burden to public health.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Yogis and Yoga Instructors

There is a difference between being a professional Yoga instructor and being a Yogi who teaches yoga professionally. The difference between the two can be sensed by the glow in a teachers eye and their command of a room. Once we have a steady practice and are a Yogi or Yogini, then being a Yoga teacher means an ability to transfer that frequency of equanimity and peace within the context of a very safe and yet challenging Asana class that includes a closing meditation.

Pigs are true omnivores...not people

There are carnivores, herbivores, omnivores and then there are fruibivores. Often we humans are told that we are omnivores, because we eat omnivorously and that we eat anything. 
Check out the link below, then make a decision if you would like to be called an omnivore.

South Beach Vacation Rental - Miami Beach

South Beach Vacation Rental in Miami

Looking for a private condo for rent for your South Beach Vacation?   We rent our condo on South Beach to selected guests who are interested in a great 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom Condo with the best view of the ocean, you are welcome to contact us to check for availability.

Our condo is the perfect South Beach Vacation Rental and has a free parking spot included!

If you are interested in a vacation in Miami Beach and want to stay in the comfort of a private condo with a full kitchen, pool, located directly on the Ocean.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that enzymes are the key to health?

"All animals, including humans, predigest their food in a separate, upper portion of the stomach sometimes called the food-enzyme stomach. 

The upper portion of the human stomach is this reservoir wherein amylase (from the ptyalin of the saliva) and other exogenous food enzymes (from the food or from supplements) carry out their di
gestive actions without muscular peristaltic motion. This, of course, implies that the human stomach is naturally designed to allow food the necessary time to slowly digest within the food’s own internal enzymes.

But since cooked foods no longer contain their own internal enzymes, the food-enzymes stomach is robbed of most of its digestive purposes.

This puts a tremendous strain on other digestive organs, enlarges the liver and the pancreas, and sets the stage for a dark parade of modern degenerative diseases that work invisibly over many years." Karl Abrams

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Please note our Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule change
on Thursday and Friday

This Thursday, November 22, we will be open for MORNING classes only.

On Friday, November 23, we will be open

We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with much love, family and gratitude!

The rest of the weekend we will have our normal schedule.
Thank you for all your support everybody!!!!!
We are truly grateful for such an amazing community of family and friends!

Claudia, Fred and the entire Brickell Hot Yoga Family

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide W/Fred Busch - Chapters 5 & 6 (VIDEO)

Continuing with this series of how to learn to pronounce the most common Yoga Asanas correctly. Learn many Sanskrit root words that can be used to understand more Mantras and sacred texts. These videos were shot live at Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Training in South America.

Chapter 5 of 12

Chapter 6 0f 12

Stay tuned, more to come...

For Chapters 1 & 2 click HERE

For Chapters 3 & 4 click HERE

Friday, November 16, 2012

Yoga Bogota - Colombia Yoga - Fred Busch Power Yoga

Yoga Bogota y Power Yoga Colombia Cursos para Profesores de Yoga con Fred Busch. Fred Busch tienen cursos y certificaciones registrada por yoga alianza. Fred Busch Power Yoga esta en Bogota, Colombia ; Lima, Peru ; Guayaquil, Ecuador, ; Miami, Florida ; New York, New York

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Food for thought from the famous food talk

All meat is equal, and a dead body is a dead body. When we mention meat, in its explanation should include fish, turkey, chicken, cow, goat and other human beings. It doesn't really matter the species because what we am speaking about now is what happens when we eat something that is not appropriate for our physiology as humans, and what are the actual physiological results when we eat in what is called violation to our biological design.

What happens when you take dead meat or dead flesh from any source or any type of animal and you put it into a digestive system designed like ours? First of all besides being absolutely disgusting, beyond comprehension, nasty and rotting, meat has one quality, it has no fibre. My favorite yoga teacher said one time, go home one time and turn on your refrigerator into a refrigerator again instead of what it is now which is a morgue. A cold store house for dead bodies is called a morgue, it's not a refrigerator.

If you have heard before, we need fibre for regularity. Well the reason is, your intestinal system kind of looks like a snake, and exactly the same way that a snake functions through something called parastoltic muscular action, which means like concentric circles that move and that's how a snake moves that's also how our intestinal track moves stuff through it; it is called parastolsis. What is required for parastolsis is something to hold onto, something to grab or grip, otherwise it can't move anything through it. What it is grabbing or gripping is fibre. That is why if something like rotting meat gets stuck in there, well some very simple obvious things are going to start happening.
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