Sunday, March 2, 2014

YogaNutritionist™ - Yoga and Nutrition Certification

YogaNutritionist™ - Yoga and Nutrition Certification 

July 5th and September 10th in Miami, Florida
August 8th 2014 at Salamadhi Ranch in Colorado

Fred Busch YogaNutritionist™ Certification

Fred Busch YogaNutritionist™ Certification - A Training for Integrative Health and Nutrition for Yoga Teachers. Please note: This training can be taken independently from the Yoga Alliance Certification options.
Objective: To train Yoga Teachers to be a YogaNutritionist™. This is for students wishing to become Teachers and local Authorities on the subject of Food and Nutrition and how it relates Yoga and overall health.

Description: This YogaNutritionist™ Certification contains the most powerful manual ever written about Nutrition and Biology and focuses on fundamental principles of Nutrition, Biology, and how alignment between these principles and ourselves allows us to move towards health and wellbeing in a sustainable and positive feedback enforced way.
Required Readings
The YogaNutritionist™Manual by Dr. Robert Snaidach
The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell
Sugar Blues by William Duffy
A Clear and Definite Path by Fred Busch