Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fred Busch's Mixed Martial Yoga™ - Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Module

Fred Busch's Mixed Martial Yoga™ 

Mixed Martial Yoga™ is made for everyone who wants the best possible workout with the most powerful and beneficial aspects from both the Yoga and Martial Arts systems in one complete experience.  Benefits of Yoga Meditation and Body Strength with Range of Motion  and Benefits of Martial Arts Conditioning and Kicking, Punching and Blocking sequences.   In Mixed Martial Yoga™ we channel our Inner Light Warrior to prepare for the only battle worth waging... the battle against unconsciousness, in other words, darkness.  

Mixed Martial Yoga™ is a perfect combination of challenging Fred Busch Power Yoga with Chi Kung and Cardio-based martial arts Kicking and Punching sequences! Yes it is designed to help us all express our Inner Warrior!

Tuition - $2950

To register or for an application email or call 305 606 2169

Fred Busch Healing Sequences™ Certification - Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Healing Sequences, Anatomy and Massage Therapy for Yoga

500 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Module

Specialized Certification: Certified Practitioner -Fred Busch Healing Sequences

Objective: To become the most effective Healing Yoga Teacher with a powerful background in Anatomy and a strong foundation in the many modalities of bodywork and an expert in Injury Rehabilitation.

Bodywork Styles Instructed in the Training:
Thai Yoga Massage
Shiatsu for Yoga
Trapezius Relaxation Work
Energetic and Remote Healing

100 Hour Projects
Bodywork Log – 15 Hours
Healing Sequences Manual
Faculty Directed Project

            This Certification is perfect for students wanting to focus on healing, bodywork, and anatomy.  Since all of these subjects converge in a holistic understanding when studied in an intense and integrated way the knowledge and experience is assimilated well.  Learn and become Certified in Fred Busch Healing Sequences and practice how to apply them in everyday and exceptional cases. In this training you will learn the major muscle groups and their attachment points and be experiencing and practicing different styles of Bodywork.

Tuition $2950

Become a YogaNutritionist™ - Certification in Fred Busch's YogaNutrition™

Fred Busch YogaNutritionist™ Certification

Objective: To train Yoga Teachers to be a YogaNutritionist™.  This is for students wishing to become Teachers and local Authorities on the subject of Food and Nutrition and how it relates to Yoga and overall health. 

Specialized Certification – Certified Fred Busch YogaNutritionist

Description: This YogaNutritionist™ Certification contains the most powerful manual ever written about Nutrition and Biology and focuses on fundamental principles of Nutrition, Biology, and how alignment between these principles and ourselves allows us to move towards health and wellbeing in a sustainable and positive feedback enforced way. 

Required Readings
The YogaNutritionist™ Manual by Dr. Robert Snaidach
The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell
Sugar Blues by William Duffy
A Clear and Definite Path by Fred Busch

100 Hour Project
Presentation - Slide Show ‘ Food 101’

The 3 Pillars - Exercise, Food, Awareness
Raw vs Cooked

For more information or for application please email: or call 305 606 2169