Monday, September 29, 2014

Yoga is Great For KIDS Tool We have KIDS YOGA at our Fred Busch You Can Join Us

Hey EVERYBODY...Yoga is great for KIDS too! We have KIDS YOGA at our Fred Busch Kendall HOT Yoga Location! It is not too late to register your kids for this semester! Any questions contact director of Kids Yoga and star teacher Christy MacDonell or myself! Mondays and Wednesdays 4-4:45pm!

Here You Can See So much fun! Amazing group!

Great day today! So much fun Amazing group.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You Can Join Sunday Morning Yoga With Fred Busch

Sunday morning yoga with Fred Busch, can you tell which one of these kids is doing his or her own thing? Yoga is what you make it, that's what makes yoga so amazing BE YOURSELF!
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LaTRicia "TR"

Join Our YogaNutrition Uniiversity This Weekend Here in Miami

Learning to cook Vegetarian and the reasons to be eating more in that direction... can be some of the most valuable info you ever learn  Join us for an amazing YogaNutrition™ Uniiversity weekend here in Miami in October and let us show you how easy and delicious it is!!! Liz Grant and Erika Cruzare co-teaching this Mini-Course!!!

You Can See Difference Between Different Expressions of Triangle Pose Trikonasana

It is not easy to accomplish for several reasons but here we see during Teacher Training the difference between different expressions of Triangle Pose Trikonasana

Friday, September 26, 2014

Yoga Teacher Training and YogaNutritionist

GUAYAQUIL! Very pleased again to announce that i will be RETURNING to GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR and am being hosted by the amazing Laura Dulcey and her studio Anahata Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training and YogaNutritionist™ Certification begins January 31st!!!
For application or information message me here or

Awesome Radio Station

Miami has a new and really awesome RADIO STATION!!! i just found it and i have to say it is awesome!!! Finally some good tunes on the RADIO in MIami!!!
107.9... they call it Shake 108  That is a pretty cool number for a station...108!!!

Closing of an amazing Yoga Month.

We have just announced... in honor of the closing of an amazing Yoga Month...that we have 3 Yearly Unlimited Passes available for each studio (Brickell and Kendall locations)... for $1200 each. That is a very steep savings and historically these yearly pass discounts are sold out within first day or contact us asap if interested at 305.856.1387

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I just learned some great new chairyoga and yogatherapy skills from one of my amazing students!!! Yoga is for everyone and especially valuable to those confined to chairs...and "getting your leg behind your head" or "handstand" are two of the least important yoga intentions .

Did you know? That Sunscreen may cause skin Cancer? - Sunscreen and Skin Cancer

Sunscreen and Skin Cancer

Did you know? Did you know that sunscreen may be one of the leading causes of skin cancer? Indeed it is fascinating that sunscreen is a product people utilize to prevent cancers...the only true and intelligent sun blocking is done by clothing and hats worn at all times.

Rubbing cooked chemicals into the skin so that they can be baked/cooked into your skin by the actually by some observers seen as a potential cause of skin cancer.

Without question it is very unwise to expose ourselves to undo levels of solar radiation... but the solution is with long sleeves and hats and not sunscreen 

Anything that enters your skin enters your blood... so that means it is similar to eating it. If you would not eat that sunblock...don't put it on your skin.
Love you all have a great day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vegetarian 101 - Mini-Course Weekend at YogaNutrition™ University for Nutrition and Yoga Programs - Miami, Florida

Introducing YogaNutrition™ University and our Miami Based Food 101 Programs!!!
Vegetarian 101, Raw Food 101, Weight Loss 101, Anti-Aging Secrets 101 and more!
Mini-Courses developed by Fred Busch take place from Friday evening to Sunday evening with residential and non-residential options! Programs include ALL MEALS for the entire weekend and FREE YOGA at Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga - Brickell HOT Yoga!
October 24th- 26th, 2015 ---
Join us for our first program 'Vegetarian 101' being led by certified YogaNutritionists™ and expert chefs Liz Grant and Erika Cruz!
Learn the reasons behind and the cooking skills to be able to implement a bit more Vegetarian food into your and your family's diet!
Full Weekend Program only $345! From out of town? or want a little escape from your Miami abode?...join us at the LOTUS DORM and tuition INCLUDING LODGING is only $495!
WE are very proud to offer these programs to help people learn how to prepare smart and delicious foods in line with intention to eat a bit more of a plant based diet!!!
For an application or questions contact!!! Only 8 residential spaces available so register now!
For information visit our official site