Sunday, April 29, 2012

Refined Sugars

White refined sugar is known to be the same as cocaine. It is so bad for you; you never want to touch it, ever. Not all sugars are equal.

People don't realize that sugar that comes in an apple, although it is called sugar, is extremely different than sugar that comes in a piece of cake. Once you cook sugar, it is completely different. Anything that is refined is taken out of context. If you took sugar cane, and juiced it and drank the sugar cane, that is good for you, because that is a whole food kind of a product, where all the minerals are in the sugar, everything that is supposed to come as a complete package with the sugar to balance it out comes. That is the same way an apple works, you eat an apple, you get good fruit sugar, and you also get all these vitamins, all these minerals, the rest of the package, and the body assimilates all things together.

When you refine the sugar, you cook it, and then you take just the sucrose part, just the white refined part; it destabilizes your body intensely.

Blood pH is very narrow latitude, a very narrow stream; the same thing applies with blood sugar. Your blood sugar levels have also to be maintained at a very specific level. One of the problems with all of our society is that our blood sugar level is out of whack, that is the diabetes epidemic that we are in the middle of. White refined sugar changes your blood sugar level so quickly that it is almost impossible for you to sort it out, it is really difficult. White refined sugar might be one of the worst things you can put in your body besides fried foods. Simply avoid it at all costs. There are a lot of wonderful alternatives. There is agave nectar, there is maple syrup if you needed it, and anything that is coming as kind of a whole food, not a refined product is going to be fine.

Do not be fooled into thinking that honey is healthy. Honey is not healthy. Honey behaves exactly the same as white refined sugar when it comes to your blood sugar levels. It is just exactly the same. So as destructive as white sugar is, honey is the same thing. 
Why is honey that way? Because honey is what is called a pre-digested sugar. There are other pre-digested sugars on earth like alcohol. The speed with which alcohol hits your blood stream, honey does the same thing. Honey and white refined sugar are very similar. White refined sugar may be one of the worst things that we can eat; it should be avoided at all costs. There are plenty of alternatives for all of this stuff, like you can bake easily without using any of this stupid sugar.
Eat healthy people!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

American Nutrition Institute (VIDEO)

American Nutrition Institute offers weekend chef courses, DETOX programs, Master Course, and teacher training! Become a master of your own health. Perfect to heal tiredness, sluggishness, unhealthy eating habits, or simply perfect if you just want to learn more about nutrition! And now with ANI's sponsored retreats, you can enjoy all the benefits of traveling while losing weight! 

Weekend Chef Courses:
Do you want to learn how to cook delicious food that is very good for you? All meals take an hour or less to prepare! Our weekend workshops focus on teaching regular people how to prepare extraordinaire food. Friday night starts with Eat and Greet, a dining experience of all the entrees that are taught during the weekend. Saturday from 11am- 3pm be trained in the recipes of the weekend!

Detox Programs:
Experience the amazing benefits of detox!

Basic 24hr
Weekend 3 day
Advanced 5 day
Master Detox 10 day
30 Day Total Renewal

Master Course:
Health is the natural state of the body.  The ANI Master Course explores health with the most comprehensive course on health and nutrition ever written.  This personal study course includes over 8 Hours of 1 on 1 instruction and a non-binding testing procedure.  Over 70 Lessons that cover the most comprehensive approach to health and wellness ever written.  Graduates of the ANI are eligible to enter the ANI Teacher Training.
- Most Comprehensive Course on Nutrition Ever Written
- Simple and Easy to Understand
- Science of Intelligent Eating
Tuition Includes Course Materials, Video Conference Hours and 5 Day Detox

Teacher Training: 
Would you like to know how to teach other people about living a life of optimal health?  The American Nutrition Institute Teacher Training course takes students through an extensive knowledge base that far exceeds that of most western doctors and nutritionists.  This in-depth educational program on food and our health transforms the understanding of food as fuel for feeling healthy.  The American Nutrition Institute Teacher Training gives students the ability to clearly communicate and spread the information about the role food should have in our lives, and also incorporates ways to make healing with food a sustainable and positive business.
- Teacher Training for Food and Health 
- Become a Master of the Famous Food Talk
- Become an Expert and a Leader of Nutrition
- Communicate Intelligent Eating Professionally
- Running a Business that Heals
- Become an ANI Certified Food Scholar

Sponsored Retreats:
Why is it that all vacations have to be associated with weight gain?

Did you know you can take a vacation, eat better than you ever have in your whole life, and lose weight? With the ANI Retreats, you can enjoy an amazing holiday, and lose a few pounds. All our retreat menus are designed by an ANI Director and each retreat has an optional Restoration Upgrade designed by the directors of the American Nutrition so that you can use this vacation to lose weight, heal yourself and look and feel younger.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Detox Talks (VIDEO)

The intention for detox talks is to give you the technology to live extremely intelligently. Detox is designed to give you a chance to uplift your vibration to give you a chance to vibrate in the higher frequency, see higher truth. But ultimately the real value of this is in the rest of your life and not a short period of time.

Generally speaking, most of your energy in your life is being used in what is being called "digestion." Most of the energy in your life is being used for trying to break down the stuff that you eat, and let's not even call it food, We will just call it stuff, because most of what we eat is not food. So since, in our regular life, 80% of our energy is dedicated to just trying to sort out this offensive stuff that we are putting into our body.

Generally, our bodies on have 20% of its energy to actually open its eyes and think and function, and heal itself. What happens is, when you limit the amount of calories that your body is taking, you limit the amount of energy that your body has to expend on digesting stuff that is not food, you limit the amount of energy that you have to waste every day. When you do that for a few 5 days, you free up a large reservoir of energy that was formally being wasted on trying to "digest the food." Once you create an environment where you are getting everything you need, vitamins, minerals, sugar, all that stuff, you get it all, but you are not getting anything extra and you are not getting anything that is difficult for your body to deal with, and so in doing that, you are creating an environment where your body now has a lot of extra energy.

All kinds of stuff accumulate in your cells, all kinds of stuff are in different pockets of your body and your body just doesn't really have the energy to deal with it because you are distracting it by doing everything else. So without having the energy to deal with it, it just stays there and it keeps your vibration low, and keeps you kind of feeling a little weird and not connected to God and not stable minded, anxious, all the little symptoms that happen from having toxicity in your body.

Let us free our bodies from toxicity so we can experience our full potential.