The best teacher

Dear Fred,

It's been a while since the last time we practiced Yoga, it seems like yesterday. For me, it was an honor to become your student, I learnt so much. At the beginning, I was anxious about learning the techniques of asana, but as days passed, that feeling sometimes became sadness because I realized how far I was from  enlightenment and how poor my heart was out of love. Other times I was angry because I had no time, my focus was in my own world, time work and so on. Those days were really hard for me.
I now understand that all those feelings were part of my transformation into being a better person, and that I have to do the teacher training. There are moments when your words come into my life and guide me in my daily labor; when I feel happy, sad or angry, there you are talking to me. You gave me the opportunity to learn about Yoga history and philosophy, I now can't stop reading and I research to know more about them. It feels like magic and I know that it is God, through you, who makes me a better person everyday.
I remember the first time I saw your eyes, I saw the whole universe in them. I can't explain what I felt, it was like looking into a deep space full of God, I love to see your eyes.
Thank you for all these things, thank you for showing me the path of love, forgiveness, consciousness, for being grateful...for bringing Yoga into my life...


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