Saturday, May 16, 2015

Here You Can See Yoga Teacher Training Tips

Yoga Teacher Training – 5 Tips and Guidelines for How to Be a Great Yoga Teacher
Being a great Yoga Teacher is not easy.   Great Yoga teachers express a series of characteristics and skills that allow them to become popular and retain students over the course of  the years.  By examining these characteristics and skills it becomes possible to integrate these traits into our yoga teaching and become an even better teacher.

This article examines some of the most important Tips and Guidelines for being a great Yoga Teacher!
Tip #1 – Be a Yogi and Live Yoga

Being a Yoga Teacher is not about simply having a good career.  Teaching Yoga is not just a regular job like all the rest.  The most important aspect of Great Yoga Teachers is that they live Yoga.  It is OK to be a part time yoga teacher, and full time Yogi… in fact that is ideal!  It is not OK to be a full time yoga teacher while only being a part-time Yogi.  Yoga students can often sense who are the teachers that practice what they teach.

Tip #2 – Teach with Love not Ego 

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