Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teacher Training Guayaquil starts Nov. 8th 2010

I am so excited to meet the great group developing at Samadhi Centro de Yoga in Guayaquil Ecuador for my first 200 Hour Teacher Training conducted in Ecuador. There still may be a space or two left if for details or email or call 305 606 2169

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Ecuador with Fred Busch, Andrea Goldbaum, andAlex Landazuri

Begins Nov 8th 201o
Samadhi Centro de Yoga

Great News! A new way to kill chickens!

i just heard the news that 2 large commercial chicken slaughterhouses are going to employ a different way of killing their chickens. Generally they grab the chicken and hold it upside down and while it is resisting and feeling the stress of death, they cut its neck and let them run around bleeding and suffering for a while before they eventually die.

what a great evolution of humanity that 2 chicken producers will now use a new technique... gas the birds with carbon dioxide until they pass out... once unconscious they hang them up on a string and slit their throats while they are sleeping.

it is less barbaric... but only slightly and now it seems even more like a concentration camp then before.

if people are so interested in chickens and other animals not suffering, why are we killing them?
why do we pretend to care about these birds or other innocent animals when we are just killing them anyway.

it would be best to not depend on animal proteins which are inherently cancerous, and move to a more logical plant based diet where we don't have to kill chickens at all.