Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yoga Safari - New Years Power Yoga Retreat with Fred Busch - Africa Yoga Project Benefit

I am having trouble putting into words just what kind of life changing experience it is when one goes to Africa for the first time. It is not like other place i promise. Africa feels different, more primal, more powerful. Being able to spend time and share experiences with each other as a group and with Maraka Ewoi, Joseph Mboya, and Kwame Nyongo.

Mbobya, Kwame and I all agree that Maraka Ewoi may be possibly one of the greatest men we have ever known. I have known all these guys for over 15 Years and they are our guides!

The way it feels when you are on an actual safari is also something challenging to express. There is a silence out there that is awe inspiring. Sometimes the sounds are just sublime, like listening to the leaves rip off a tree as an elephant pulls down to eat them. Eagles calling from the trees and the grass blows and makes a gentle swaying sound in the wind.

As someone interested in yoga and maybe some bit of social change, it would be hard to go to Kenya with a better group! We travel with our own vegetarian chef named Hadington who has worked in Europe and now lives back home in Nairobi. He is a master chef and caters to all our wishes!

We are visiting and supporting by delivering yoga mats to Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi founded by Paige Elenson. We will get a tour of where they are teaching and maybe even get a sample class with a local teacher!

Our base-camp is in the bush like you can't believe! This lodge was built with money from UNESCO because the owners of this land are native Maasai Warriors who decided to conserve their VAST expanses of land and dedicate to wildlife conservation on private land. This trip and our staying at their lodge (hot showers--nice bathrooms-- nice cabins---not much else except the coolest place you have ever been in your life) is directly supporting their conservation efforts.

So if you want to travel in a way where you have the greatest time in your life with amazing people, with Yoga and amazing vegetarian food, with the ability to really support an amazing organization, and with the ability to help wildlife conservation in Kenya...well then this trip is for you!

you can see the page for our event on facebook:

I hope i have enticed you! If i am able to sway you to come somehow with us, i have a very strong feeling you will thank me.

if you are pretty interested please email me to or just hit 'reply' and leave a phone number and i will call you myself!



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