Friday, August 17, 2007

Everything in the Material World is Relative

In the material world everything is relative! Relativity is a inherent to the world of materiality, not just an attribute. Everything is relative. What you think of as problems for sure are relative!

You think you have a problem? Can you eat? Do you have a place to sleep at night? Are you dying of a disease presently? Then no, you really don't have a problem. We all give too much weight to situations that don't resemble problems, and we often let our minds cycle around in thoughts of self-pity or anger. Our small situations are not problems. Problems are war and disease, not things that are more aptly just smaller annoyances. Most of the time, what is seen as a problem in our society can be turned into an opportunity to learn something and make a change if necessary. Most of the time, calling something a problem is not required, and only creates the problem. Read Eckart Tolle's THE POWER OF NOW if you have not.

Putting a positive or negative charge on anything is not required.

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