Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cell Phones and Safety

In this 21st century we are exposed to all sorts of stuff that our ancestors were not. One of these new exposures is to radio waves of all sorts. Particularly relevant to us is cell phone radiation for the following reason:

Your brain is well protected by the thick skull bones. Radiation can not penetrate your brain through your skull very easily. That is good because your brain is a sensitive organ that does not appreciate this kind of outside interference. There is however a doorway directly into the brain that is unprotected by the skull bones: the ear and inner ear pathway to the brain is direct and unobstructed.

So when we press cell phones tightly to our ears we are essentially directing these high energy radio waves into our brain where they reek havoc because they are not welcomed. The inner ear is the pathway and the radiation spilling out of the cell phones thus could not be closer to the most dangerous place they can be: the brain.

IN CHILDREN IT IS EVEN MORE DANGEROUS. Studies i have read showed that the blood-brain barrier of children becomes ineffective while they are using cell phones. Never let a child hold a cell phone to their ears.

There are a couple of ways of mitigating the situation. For one, always employ the speaker phone and hold it far away as possible so you can still hear the person. Also they make little stickers of gold metal mesh that you stick over the ear hole of the phone as the ear hole is where all the radiation leaks out of. Also constantly switch sides of your head as you talk. There is a scary correlation between the recent spate of brain cancers and the use of cell phones through the last 15 years.

Remember that just because you cant see it doesn't mean it is not happening. Waves are real things!

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