Friday, January 22, 2010

Virtual negativity

New York Times reported yesterday, January 19th, that as amazed as researchers were who conducted this particular study, and when they conducted the same study last year, they thought that it was impossible that their numbers could ever increase in there have now discovered that … discussing its subject called How many hours a day children stand in some sort of portable electrical device or smart phone or computer or cell phone or TV or some kind of device and when these guys’ research found about a year and a half ago is that each child between ages of 6 and 14 spent 6 and a half hours a day on one of those devices, and they have suggested that time that impossible for them to do more than that because that was basically mostly the entire day. Well, this year’s results is that they actually now discovered that children spending, get this, virtually every waking moment of their life in front of some kind of video game, TV, DVD, computers, cell phone, PDA, whatever else is left that catches their attention on some kind of electromagnetic media. So, there’s no wonder why our children are obese, there’s no wonder why our children are depressed, no wonder our children can’t concentrate and their brains can’t function properly and they don’t know how to do anything, really, except to watch TV and play video games. They have never been taught how to meditate, how to concentrate of how to use their mind or how to use their mind in more creative ways and there’s a lot of reasons for that but we have to be careful with this trend and try to reverse it and try to make sure kids go outside and play outdoors and have a chance to do that and a chance to do other exercises like yoga, other things that get a kid outdoors away from the computer, away from the video games, into something that is actually helpful for them and their life and a help in a long term.

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