Friday, October 23, 2009


The Raw Food Yogi has a Raw Food-Yoga Sadhana and this is the foundation for his success. My Sadhana is that I practice Astanga Yoga every day except Saturday and that I eat only 100% Raw food. This to me is as much of a spiritual practice as a health regiment, and yet it is surely the healthiest regiment in the world. When I consider my Sadhana, I feel very deep spiritual feelings where the Sadhana is seen as the God’s Personal Vehicle to go and do as a vessel of Natual Law.

And it has been the Sadhana aspect of my practice that is the most important. When it is a spiritual practice, it just feels different than a regular “workout”. It may be possible to skip a “workout” pretty easily but less likely to try to fool the divine universal

Any body can have a Sadhana. What I hope to inspire is that the Sadhana of eating Raw Food and doing vigorous Yoga practice is the most powerful for healing and restoring.

Sadhana does not have to start out as 100% Raw and practicing yoga 2 hours everyday immediately. Actually it is started quite humbly. Just start by eating one banana a day more than you would have eaten, and start with one sun salutation everyday. This Sadhana would take about 1 minute and a half. Yet it is just as spiritually powerful as any other. Then the next week two extra bananas and two sun salutations. In a few months, taking it very slowly, you can evolve your Sadhana so that you only eat fruit before noon and you do 30 minutes of Yoga daily. This is powerful stuff. All you have to do is start.

To consider your daily actions to be spiritual acts delivers great strength. Sadhana is a personal practice or discipline done without attachment to the fruits of the actions.

Sadhana is the vehicle. You do it everyday!

Sadhana is a Sankrit word for “Daily Spiritual Discipline or Practice,” and is the foundation to the practice of Yoga. All great people have great Sadhanas.

Deepok Chopra, one of the most respected healers in the world, begins each day at 4am with Sitting Meditation and Yoga until 6am and then he writes for 2 hours all the material for his many books, and then does some exercise, ALL BEFORE 9AM. And so he says that he has taken care of his entire being, Mind, Body, Spirit and Livelihood, all before 9am so that everything that happens in the rest of the day is just extra. This is one of the most powerful Sadhanas that I have ever heard of and it is not surprising that it comes from such a successful person.

Not most days, everyday! There are no “I don’t feel like it todays”! It is not a question of “if?” you are gonna practice that day, but rather “when?”.

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